Three Stunning Locations for your Dream Italian Wedding - Three Stunning Locations for your Dream Italian Wedding

Three Stunning Locations for your Dream Italian Wedding

Italy as a travel destination is often admired by foreigners who have spent time there or those who wish to discover more and embrace the wonderful culture, famous food and la dolce vita. However, it is also becoming increasingly popular as a place for foreigners to get married with more and more couples choosing to exchange their wedding vows in Italy.

With a wide choice of landscapes available such as beautiful cities, quaint towns, tranquil lakes and a spectacular coastline, couples can easily find a location that reflects their own style for the perfect wedding ceremony. Here are three stunning spots that are sure to make an impression on you and your guests.


Located in the north eastern coast of Italy along the Adriatic Sea, Venice is famed as a city for lovers and romance. It is steeped in architectural history, with its narrow meandering streets and canals. It’s popularity with couples has long been strong, and it has gain notoriety as the location of the weddings of Hollywood and socially elite.

It offers a wide choice of settings from the glamour of one the city’s many 5-star hotels to the grand private villas. Venice is an ideal location to get married. Couples are sure to find somewhere suited to their taste and style. Enlisting the help of a wedding planner in Venice will provide you with some insight into how to create your dream Italian wedding.


One of Venice’s neighbouring cities is Verona, located less than ninety minutes away. It is famously known as the setting to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s house is located just off the Piazza delle Erbe. Here you will find Juliet’s balcony, statue and love letters written by travellers from all over the world which have been tacked to the wall of the courtyard. It would be difficult to find a more romantic setting.

Verona is also filled with picture perfect piazzas and long-standing architectural beauties. As a smaller city it would serve beautifully as a venue for an intimate wedding.

Lake Garda

For those who would prefer a more relaxed setting, away from a busy city, Lake Garda would be the ideal choice. Located approximately 120 kilometres from Venice, Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. The landscape surrounding the lake varies from mountainous in the north to gentle rolling hills and vineyards in the south. Dotted along the banks of the lake are many ancient towns. It is a firm favourite among couples from abroad planning their destination wedding as it too provides ample choice when it comes to venues. You can choose from wonderful spa hotels, historic palazzos and beautiful villas. It would certainly make a great choice for wedding abroad.

If you are considering a wedding in Italy, these are just three locations in the north of the country that would make for a magical setting to be married in. Each one is steeped in history and filled with romantic locations to choose from. Couples will undoubtedly be able to create their dream destination wedding.

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Three Important Tips in Choosing a Reputable SEO Agency to Partner With 38143 - Three Important Tips in Choosing a Reputable SEO Agency to Partner With
Online Marketing

Three Important Tips in Choosing a Reputable SEO Agency to Partner With

In this digital age, almost everything is a click away from being obtained. From searching for a product or service to seeking information, the internet makes it a million times more convenient and easier for you to immediately get what you need no matter where you are in the world. Such technological advancements allow people to transact and build businesses that reach a wider audience.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is defined as a multifaceted and ever-changing process of improving a website to boost organic traffic from trusted search engines. SEO would help your business thrive in its field in both the online and offline world. Because of SEO’s complexities, it should be a no-brainer to get yourself a reliable SEO agency. However, if you are unsure about the factors to consider in choosing the right SEO company for your company, below are some tips to help you find a reputable one.

Consider the contract type of the agency

First of all, you must review the company’s proposed contract along with its terms and conditions. It is important to focus on the regulations that involve cooperation and the circumstances under which it can be terminated. As a client, if a potential agency is willing to adjust the duration of contracts to your expectations and needs, then you could consider that particular factor as a green flag.

Choose an SEO company that unquestionably and legibly defines the conditions under which your contract with them is terminated. Moreover, you might want to avoid contracts that bind you for a long period and reject the option of early termination to avoid the hassle that would most likely come with it.

Identify the strategies, techniques, and approach they utilise

Suppose you are satisfied with the type of proposed contract the agency is offering you. In that case, the next thing to do is to familiarise yourself with the strategies, techniques, and approach they utilise, as these will serve as proof of how effective their services are.

Asking to see the figures of essential SEO performance indicators would be best so you could determine whether the SEO company is right for your business. To give you an idea of the essential indicators of effective SEO services, below is a list of fundamental SEO metrics that are supposed to be tracked:

  • Organic Click Through Rate or CTR
  • Average page loading time
  • Pages per session
  • Bounce rate
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword rankings
  • Organic traffic
  • Leads and sales
  • Rankings

Check the reviews concerning the agency’s services

Given that you have determined your business-related goals, another crucial factor to consider is your compatibility with the SEO company. To see if the SEO company is right for your business, you might want to check the reviews from clients that partnered with the SEO company you are considering.

Before you sign contracts, you must choose a reliable SEO company known for its positive feedback and good reputation.

In a nutshell, because SEO is not a piece of cake, it is important to be selective when choosing an SEO agency. After all, you are putting your money, your website, and your business’ reputation on the line. Therefore, partnering with the right SEO company would significantly help you enhance your website and save you precious time. By considering the three important factors mentioned above, you can easily choose a reputable SEO company to partner with in achieving your business goals.

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digital Traffic 400x300 1 - How to Increase your Traffic three Folds from Outbrain?

How to Increase your Traffic three Folds from Outbrain?

I won’t be going over how to monetize as much in this write up as I will be talking about sending loads of traffic for low cost.

Although, I do have some insider information on how a lot of people are still making a profit with ads in 2020.

So if you want to hear about that, just reach out to me and I can give you some resources to look into and experiment.

I feel it’s too valuable to just be putting out for everyone to see for free so that portion I am leaving out for the time being.

I went from spending about $2000/month or less to over $50,000.

Me being a small guy in the market, I have never even seen that amount of money in my life.

But I racked up a bill in one month somehow for that much.

I ended up figuring out how to pay it through this awesome service.

They gave me $100k credit line for a small percentage interest.

I have no business credit mind you.  Absolutely 0. Since I only needed to cover my cost for the NET period that the ad networks paid out it was and is a perfect solution, they go off of accounts receivable.

This means you have to have proof of revenue and the money is just pending.

For me because I had pending ad revenue they allowed me to take out a loan.

They loan within 24 hours too which is insane. This is another thing I don’t want to blast out here so contact me if you are interested in hearing about it.

In short, the major things that played into me being able to get these results.

Content research with Buzzsumo, Native ad research (not super necessary but helpful), Raising CPC on new campaigns above where I am profitable and then slowly lowering, and Herculous ( Saved me a ton of hours and really the game changer for a few reasons ).

Native ad research and creation

Native ad research and creation

So there are many different sites that give you info on other people’s ads.

The only issue with this is that ads then become super saturated, super-fast, and then die fast.

So sometimes creating your own ad’s is more beneficial.  Few of these sites you can try out Native Ad Buzz, and Adbeat.

If you are new to native advertising, it might be beneficial to buy one on a temporary basis just to get an idea of what ads work and which ones don’t.

You can also use this to generate article ideas. Just another alternative to BuzzSumo article generation.

As I said before, this step isn’t super necessary once you are familiar with each networks guidelines.

Outbrain is super sensitive to adult content. When I say adult content I mean anything pg13 will probably get flagged and denied.

Whether it is the article content itself or the ad.  This makes getting ad’s approved by Outbrain a little bit more difficult than other networks.

Disabling Underperformers

There are 2 factor’s I looked at when disabling under performing ad’s.

These variables may differ for you, however, for me since mostly I publish paginated posts. So here they are:

CTR of campaign/ad (aim for 1% or higher)

Page views this will really vary but usually I try to aim for 7 pages or more.

For ads to really catch fire, you need to have a high CTR on your campaign.

Other ad’s that have less are just taking impressions and bringing down your campaign. So it is important to remove/disable ads that have low CTR.

I keep a close eye on google analytics to see how many pageviews people are getting through per campaign (and even on an ad level).

Under-performance may be different for you.  If an ad was doing really well but had a low page view count I would try to make modifications to the article first to see if I could get the page views higher before just disabling it together, especially if I found an ad with a really high CTR (they are somewhat rare to come by, so when you find them treasure them and make a bunch of the same one in different campaigns.)

There are different tactics to raise page views, but you kind of have to just use your head to develop an article that people are interested in.

Also, ensuring your ads match the content on the article is super important.

You could put a picture of a girls butt, it will get a super high CTR, but if they click onto it and it is an article about kittens they will click off immediately.

Monitoring ROI

Before Herculous I was having to copy and paste my numbers(spending and revenue) into an excel sheet and run my own calculations.

In their ROI section they automatically pull the data for you.  Although it only supports a few networks currently, it has saved me tons of hours logging into every dashboard, running the report to see my spend and revenue, copying and pasting those numbers, etc.

If you monetize with ads, it’s the best thing I have ever found. If you are ecommerce or something else… not really sure what to tell you.

Tracking your ROI is super important, because it’s literally telling you if you are making money or not.

Don’t spend blindly and assume you are ROI positive.  If you go negative lower your CPC and make adjustments.

Focus on better performing articles. Figure out new networks to test for ad revenue. Learn more on how advertising increase ROI.


Hopefully this guide will help a few people.  I spent a few months struggling to learn this stuff. Once I implemented it finally all made sense.

It’s really competitive out there and things are constantly changing.  I will try to keep this guide up to date.

I encourage anyone to reach out with other suggestions and tips that you find that might be helpful.

Or if you want to discuss full disclosure as a kind of “return the favor” type thing I am always open to hearing suggestions myself to what works. I won’t put it on blast if you don’t want me to.

I’m Chaktty, an internet marketer, and agropreneur, i love doing research.

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