Three Stunning Locations for your Dream Italian Wedding - Three Stunning Locations for your Dream Italian Wedding

Three Stunning Locations for your Dream Italian Wedding

Italy as a travel destination is often admired by foreigners who have spent time there or those who wish to discover more and embrace the wonderful culture, famous food and la dolce vita. However, it is also becoming increasingly popular as a place for foreigners to get married with more and more couples choosing to exchange their wedding vows in Italy.

With a wide choice of landscapes available such as beautiful cities, quaint towns, tranquil lakes and a spectacular coastline, couples can easily find a location that reflects their own style for the perfect wedding ceremony. Here are three stunning spots that are sure to make an impression on you and your guests.


Located in the north eastern coast of Italy along the Adriatic Sea, Venice is famed as a city for lovers and romance. It is steeped in architectural history, with its narrow meandering streets and canals. It’s popularity with couples has long been strong, and it has gain notoriety as the location of the weddings of Hollywood and socially elite.

It offers a wide choice of settings from the glamour of one the city’s many 5-star hotels to the grand private villas. Venice is an ideal location to get married. Couples are sure to find somewhere suited to their taste and style. Enlisting the help of a wedding planner in Venice will provide you with some insight into how to create your dream Italian wedding.


One of Venice’s neighbouring cities is Verona, located less than ninety minutes away. It is famously known as the setting to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s house is located just off the Piazza delle Erbe. Here you will find Juliet’s balcony, statue and love letters written by travellers from all over the world which have been tacked to the wall of the courtyard. It would be difficult to find a more romantic setting.

Verona is also filled with picture perfect piazzas and long-standing architectural beauties. As a smaller city it would serve beautifully as a venue for an intimate wedding.

Lake Garda

For those who would prefer a more relaxed setting, away from a busy city, Lake Garda would be the ideal choice. Located approximately 120 kilometres from Venice, Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. The landscape surrounding the lake varies from mountainous in the north to gentle rolling hills and vineyards in the south. Dotted along the banks of the lake are many ancient towns. It is a firm favourite among couples from abroad planning their destination wedding as it too provides ample choice when it comes to venues. You can choose from wonderful spa hotels, historic palazzos and beautiful villas. It would certainly make a great choice for wedding abroad.

If you are considering a wedding in Italy, these are just three locations in the north of the country that would make for a magical setting to be married in. Each one is steeped in history and filled with romantic locations to choose from. Couples will undoubtedly be able to create their dream destination wedding.

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Brighten Up Any Space with Simple But Stunning Floral Arrangements1 - Brighten Up Any Space with Simple But Stunning Floral Arrangements

Brighten Up Any Space with Simple But Stunning Floral Arrangements

One of the best ways to brighten up your room or any space is with the use of flowers. Flowers are one of the most beautiful things that nature has given to us. It’s no news that people are dazzled by flowers. While there is a widespread opinion that you can only use flowers for special events, we believe you can use flowers to enhance your home’s beauty. 

The use of floral arrangements can help to introduce softness and a touch of nature to your space. Additionally, your floral arrangement design is an excellent way to draw attention to the features of your interior. 

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to brighten up your space or you want to bring the season into your home, here are some simple yet stunning floral arrangements that you can consider.

Brighten Up Any Space with Simple But Stunning Floral Arrangements - Brighten Up Any Space with Simple But Stunning Floral Arrangements

Citrus Flower Arrangement

Adding your floral to water infused with slices of orange, lemon, or lime can create a citrus flower arrangement that is pure and clean. Citrus fruit brings freshness and natural texture to centerpieces. However, you need to note some things about this type of flower arrangement. 

First, the citrus fruit acidity can reduce the life of a fresh flower, so it’s advisable to include a floral liner to keep the lower and fruit apart. When designing this floral arrangement, you can use any citrus fruit – sliced, whole, or used. 

Making a citrus flower arrangement is straightforward. Follow this guide to design yours:

  • Place a small vase inside a bigger one. 
  • Add your citrus fruit and water between the two vases.
  • Also, put water in the smaller vase and add flowers. 

Simple Peonies Flower Arrangement

If you need a simple flower arrangement to spice up your dining table, peonies are a perfect choice to consider. To design this type of flower arrangement, you need a vase, flower, and floral tape. Once you have all these, follow the below steps to create the best peony arrangement. 

  • First, fill your vessel or container with water.
  • Use a napkin to dry the edge of your vase so that the tape will stick
  • Use the tape to form a grid around the vase
  • Leave a small opening wide enough to accommodate a stem. 
  • Then add your flowers. You should aim for 4 to 6 flowers per vase.

Hydrangea Flower Arrangement

While other flower arrangements contain different varieties of flowers, this is not the case when designing the hydrangea flower arrangement. The structure has a relaxed look, and they can stand out, so you can make them the center of attraction. 

If you want to make this type of flower arrangement for your room or any space, here are some steps to follow.

  • First, you should prepare your hydrangea stem.
  • Fill your container with water and use tape to make a grid on top of your container. You should space the row (an inch apart).
  • Then make another row grid with the tape, but in the opposite direction. Ensure that the second tape row intersects the first one.
  • Put two hydrangea stems between the grid.
  • Fill in any holes with more hydrangea and ensure that your arrangement is balanced. 

Kitchen Bowl Flower Arrangement

If you want to brighten up your kitchen space, this simple flower arrangement is a perfect choice. You can use a kitchen bowl, so you don’t need to stress yourself looking for a perfect flower vase. To create this design, you need a bowl that can hold water and scotch tape. Follow this step-by-step guide to designing your kitchen bowl flower arrangement:

  • Use the scotch tape to create a grid on the kitchen bowl.
  • Before you add the flowers, pour water into the bowl.
  • Trim each flower – starting with the biggest flowers. 
  • Once you’re done, fill the grid with the main flowers
  • You can fill the remaining hole with other flowers. For example, you can use spring flowers.


Flowers are one of the best gifts of nature, and they offer many benefits. Decorating your home with flowers provides freshness and makes your home more attractive. Some flowering plants such as bromeliads, gerberas, and peace lilies can clean and filter the air in your home. Flowers can do so much for your home and well-being – all you need is a vase, water, and your desired bouquet. 

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