Money Saving Gadgets to Gift 400x300 1 - Last-Minute Gift Guide: Top 10 Money-Saving Gadgets to Gift Your Family

Last-Minute Gift Guide: Top 10 Money-Saving Gadgets to Gift Your Family

If your closest friend or a family member or a loved one’s birthday is coming and you want to give them something on their birthday to make their special day super special and are wondering about gift options then trust me there are so many budget-friendly gift options are available on online stores which you can gift your family members and they will definitely love. 

Target vs Walmart

Target and Walmart are low-cost retail stores but Walmart is 20 times larger than Target. Targets are more focused towards their increase in profit margins which is the reason why they post lower cost and earn higher profits.

Top 10 Money-Saving Gadgets to Gift Your Family

Last-Minute Gift Guide

Cable protectors:

Cable protectors are used to protect cables from every type of damage. Cables are like a basic need in today’s life and no doubt cables are very expensive so it is important to protect cables from damages. Cable protectors come in so many different colours and types.

Cable protectors’ price range is about Indian rupees 80 to Indian rupees 350, which is nothing and it is damn much useful. Cable protectors can be purchased from local shops and from e-sites too, some examples of e-sites that provide cable protectors are amazon, flipkart, and snapdeal etc. Customers can also make huge savings by using Amazon promo code on the checkout page.

Smart Watches:

Smartwatches are an ultimate gift option for your loved ones and that too is in the budget which your family is going to love a lot. So many brands have introduced pocket-friendly smartwatches like Noise, Boat, MI, One Plus, and Fastrack.

Smart watches price  range between Indian rupees 1200 to Indian rupees 30,000. And trust me your family members are going to love this gift. And if anyone in your family is fitness freak then MI fitness bands are also an option for you and these bands are very pocket friendly and cost about Indian rupees 500 to 2000. 

Bluetooth Earphones:

Bluetooth earphones are the choice of most people nowadays. Bluetooth earphones come at pocket-friendly prices. There are so many brands that have introduced Bluetooth earphones like one plus, realme, zebra, Samsung, Sony, noise, boat, and JBL.

Bluetooth earphones range between 500 Indian rupees to 3000 indian rupees.  Bluetooth speakers can be purchased from local shops and from e sites too, Some examples of e sites that provide cable protectors are amazon, flipkart, myntra, shopclues and snapdeal etc. 

Ceramic Coffee Mug:

Ceramic coffee mugs are very trending as of now, The uniqueness of this cup is that it keeps your coffee hot for a long time. So if anyone is busy with his/her work and forgets to drink your coffee then this cup is the perfect gift for them. Ceramic coffee mugs range between 100  Indian rupees to 500  Indian rupees.

Ceramic coffee mugs can be customised also which can be a perfect gift for a family member. Additionally, you may also place some flavorful candy inside the mug and add a balloon hoop to make the gift even more special! Use the party store promo code to shop for fabulous decor, party supplies, tableware, etc., at reasonable prices.   

Hair appliances:

Hair appliances like hair straighteners, hairdryers, hair curlers, and hair trimmers are also a perfect gift option for one’s family. Major Hair appliances brands are Vega, Phillips, and nova, etc. Hair appliances come in a price range of  Indian rupees 500 to Indian rupees 5000.

Hair appliances can be purchased from local shops and from e sites too. Some examples of e sites that provide hair appliances are amazon, flipkart, myntra, shopclues, ajio, nykaa and snapdeal etc.

Tripods and ring lights:

Tripods and ring lights are the best budget-friendly gift options for influencers or someone who is much into photography or loves to capture things.

Tripods and ring lights range between 500 Indian rupees to 5000 Indian rupees. . Tripods and ring lights can be purchased from local shops and from e sites too, Some examples of e sites that provides Tripods and ring lights are amazon, flipkart, shopclues, and snapdeal etc.

Photo Frames:

Nowadays there is much craze of pictures among people. Therefore photo frames are truly the best gift options for such people. There are so many photo frames options available but one such is a digital photo frame which is available in Walmarts.

These digital photo frames come with an automatic slideshow and true colours display. And this is a perfect gift for family members that too in budgets and walmart often come with which will make this gift even more pocket friendly. Apart from Walmart digital photo frames can be purchased from local shops and online sites like amazon, flipkart, and paytm mall etc. the price of photo frames is about 500 Indian rupees to 3000 Indian rupees. 

Coffee Maker:

A coffee maker is a perfect gift option for a coffee lover and it also comes at a pocket-friendly price and also seems good while gifting. Coffee maker comes in a price range of 1500 Indian rupees to 5000 Indian rupees, Coffee makers can be purchased from local shops and from e sites too, Some examples of e sites that provides Coffee makers are amazon, flipkart, shopclues, TATA, Croma, Paytm and snapdeal etc. Some coffee maker brands are Philips, Morphy Richards, Prestige, Nescafe and Wonderchef. 

Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth speakers are an ultimate gift option for music lovers and Bluetooth speakers also come in budget. Some of the brands that have bluetooth speakers are JBL, boat,sony,bose and alexa etc. Alexa is a bluetooth speaker by amazon and it is an ultimate gift for a music lover, Bluetooth speakers come in a range of 500  Indian rupees to 3500  Indian rupees.

Apart from Bluetooth speakers Carva is also a great gift for music lovers of the 60s to 90s therefore it is an ultimate gift for your grandparents and parents.  Price of the caravan radio price range  is about 2000 Indian rupees to 3000 Indian rupees and this caravan radio is exclusively available on flipkart for indian customers. 

Eye massager:  

An Eye massage that will play soothing music while blowing air and also offers  gentle heat compression to  one’s  poor screen-ruined eyes after work.

This is a perfect gift for someone who has to work on computers for long hours. Price of an eye massager ranges between 3000 Indian rupees to 5000 Indian rupees. The eye massagers are available on e sites such as amazon, flipkart, croma and snapdeal.

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Backloading Help in Saving the Environment 400x300 1 - How Does Backloading Help in Saving the Environment?

How Does Backloading Help in Saving the Environment?

Moving home interstate can prove to be a costly and time-consuming affair. However, professional removals have come up with a cheaper and more convenient method to carry out interstate transfers, called backloading.

A great and well-established method of moving house for relocating interstate, In the process of backloading, you pay for some occupied space in a truck moving to a location.

It uses the space to transfer your stuff on a return trip. In other words, the process fills up the empty space with your stuff in trucks that are meant to move to your destination.

Backloading Help in Saving


It is an extremely cost-effective alternative as you only need to pay for the space of the moving truck you use. This is because you are essentially sharing the cost with other people moving to the same city.

However, if you require more space than is available on one truck, you need not worry as most removal companies arrange several trucks to split your load. If you are flexible with the day of moving while looking for a backloading service, you can easily find a truck for your move.

Moreover, apart from a more affordable alternative for moving, did you know that backloading also contributes to saving the valuable environment? Let us see how.

Saves Fuel

Instead of booking a truck that will run just for your property, if you opt for sharing extra space on a truck that is already in the same direction, you are helping to cut down on the number of trucks in service. So, if you can move your belongings on a truck that is already set to go in the same direction, you’re helping to save a trip and fuel.

This results in cutting down on fossil fuel use, thus making you more environmentally conscious. You can also save hugely on your fuel costs via backloading, and for interstate moves, this can be huge.

Reduces Carbon Emissions

Since interstate backloading means that there would be fewer trucks on the road, you can immensely cut down on your carbon emissions to reduce your carbon footprint. Backloading is the most economical and eco-friendly option for people who want to minimize their impact on the environment as it promotes less fuel consumption and reduces carbon emissions while securely transporting your furniture and belongings.

Manages Pollution

As you know that while opting for Backloading for interstate transfers, you are actually “sharing trips,” this implies that you are also sharing pollution caused by the burning of fuels.

A solo trip back and forth from your location can have a negative impact on the environment, and with thousands of people moving every year, road pollution can reach alarming levels. Thus, sharing the truck when moving results in a reduced number of vehicles that would burn less fuel, leading to less pollution. Therefore, you are helping to save the environment by Backloading when moving interstate.

Additional Benefits of Backloading

  • Inexpensive Moving Solution

Hiring a moving company can sometimes go overboard with your budget. This is why Backloading seems an ideal moving option. If you do not fill the entire moving truck with your stuff you can share it with other users moving in the same direction, it reduces the cost of your interstate move. This is because you and your stuff do not occupy full space or pay for the moving truck’s total transportation costs.

  • No Advance Booking Required

One of the best benefits of backloading is that you don’t need to book a truck prior to the moving day. You can conveniently transport your stuff even on short notice.

This is because companies have several trucks going interstate and returning. Also, they have extra space to fill most of the time. Therefore, when in a hurry, turn to Backloading to save both time and money.

  • Ensures Safety

You need not worry about your belongings if you transfer them to a truck associated with a reputable and experienced moving company. They assure the highest safety level and are guaranteed to move your things safely to the destined location.

Moreover, some reputed companies even provide goods-in-transit insurance for all the items you load on their truck. This ensures that while sharing a moving truck during Backloading, their service and security quality do not get compromised. It also provides your possessions complete protection against damages throughout the moving journey.


Therefore, Backloading not only allows hassle-free interstate moving but also helps to protect the environment. Since removal trucks can burn a lot of fuel, embracing Backloading is more eco-friendly and has gained popularity over the years. It also helps save on resources as the removal company can make the most out of the fuel by not wasting it by driving an empty truck.


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