How to Sell Your Luxury Watches on Online1 - How to Sell Your Luxury Watches on Online

How to Sell Your Luxury Watches on Online

There are plenty of benefits to using a resale marketplace to sell your luxury watches. First of all, the resale market is growing at an incredible rate. According to McKinsey & Company, searches for “watch” on their website have risen 73% in the last two years. And, according to a report by Trend Hunter, the pre-owned luxury watch industry will be worth $18 billion in 2018 and $30 billion by 2025. If any want, they can sell their luxury watches easily.

If you have a large collection of expensive watches, you might want to sell them for a higher price. But selling luxury watches can be tricky because they come with a lot of attachments. Many luxury brands hesitate to make their watches available on eBay or specialised sites. If you are considering selling your luxury watch on eBay, consider these points. These tips can make your entire process as painless as possible and help you get rid of your valuable items quickly and easily.

A luxury watch retailer can offer you a high price for your luxury timepiece. This is an advantage for both parties: the consumer and the retailer. The luxury watch brand can also get a higher price for their product. This way, the seller gets a higher price than they would with a private party. This means that the watch buyer can benefit from a larger margin. In addition, there are no hidden fees and you can sell your luxury watch with confidence.

Sell in a specialised site

Unlike other products, luxury watches tend to have a long life. It is not easy to sell them. You can only sell them in a specialised site, a private seller or a trusted third party. But if you have a luxury watch, you can always use a specialized online service that will authenticate the watch. You’ll be able to choose the price based on the condition of the luxury watch.

In the past, there were no online marketplaces to sell luxury watches. But the internet has changed this. A general online marketplace may be a great option if you’re looking for a place to sell your luxury timepiece. But this is not the only way to sell your luxury timepieces. You can also use an omnichannel platform. Some companies have an online auction model, which allows you to choose the best location for your sale.


Another option is to sell your luxury watches through eBay. Although the latter is easier to use than the former, eBay is a great option if you’ve got an excess of luxury timepieces. The site has an extensive database of luxury watches, and a resale marketplace can allow you to sell your luxury timepieces. You’ll be able to sell luxury watches in a matter of days. You’ll be able to earn a lot of money from your watch and not have to worry about bringing in a commission.

Resale market

Using a resale marketplace is a great option if you have the time to take the time. The resale market is a great place for luxury watches, as it allows you to sell them without paying for them. There are several advantages to using a resale marketplace. While the transaction itself will be fast and secure, clients will receive instant payment for their luxury watches. The price they receive is not dependent on the condition of the used luxury watch.

The resale market is a great place to sell luxury timepieces. Most online marketplaces are easy to use, and provide a range of tools for sellers. You’ll be able to find buyers through a reputable online site. A general online marketplace may not have the targeted audience, but they can help you find the right buyer. You can also try a forum to sell pre-owned luxury watches.

Last Thought:

The brick-and-mortar establishments are traditional places to sell used luxury watches. Those who don’t have time to visit a pawn my watch shop can try eBay or Troverie. They are omnichannel platforms and offer 800 new luxury watches from world-class brands. The company was founded by Fred Levin, the former CEO of The NPD Group’s luxury division. It’s also a good option to sell pre-owned luxury watches.

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Why choose a Costa Rica luxury resort for a vacation 38492 1 - Why choose a Costa Rica luxury resort for a vacation?

Why choose a Costa Rica luxury resort for a vacation?

Approximately 1.7 million tourists arrive in Costa Rica every year. This is what makes it the most visited country in Central America. It is known for its beaches, rainforests, biodiverse ecosystem, river valleys, incredible national parks that allow visitors to enjoy some most thrilling activities like canyoning, river rafting, cave tubing and zip-lining. Besides this, it has numerous restaurants, luxe hotels, resorts, bars that make it a fantastic destination for tourists. No matter whether you want to stay in a Costa Rica luxury resort or a five-star/ three-star hotel, you will get a plethora of choices to choose from.


Your tickets are booked. Bags are packed. You are all set to head for a vacation. But wait, have you booked accommodation? If not, you better do it now before stepping out! When it comes to going on a vacation, finding a suitable place to stay is the first thing you should do. Especially if you are heading for a country like Costa Rica, where there is no dearth of luxurious accommodations, finding the most suitable one can be daunting. But many people often find themselves sitting on kinda fence pondering whether to look for a resort or a hotel. If this has been the case with you, read on and find out the best alternative for a superb getaway.


Hotel vs Resort- Which is better?

Resorts are considered as the one-stop solution for your travel needs. At a resort, you can have good food, drinks, spas, a gym, and other entertainment sources all in one place. They offer you a complete holiday package, utmost comfort, luxury and privacy, which is nowhere found. On the other hand, hotels are just lodging facilities. These are built keeping in mind the travellers need and hence usually provide sleeping accommodation and dining only.

Sure, in a hotel you will get extra rooms for conducting conferences or other special events. But if you are on vacation, you will often find yourself leaving the property to get everything you are looking for on holiday. Some hotels might claim they are just like a resort; they offer similar entertainment and recreational amenities, but they would fail to provide you with the same privacy and isolated luxury you enjoy in a resort.


Here are the top three reasons why staying in a resort is better in Costa Rica.


Luxurious stay

Resorts in Costa Rica are known to offer plenty of luxurious provisions to their guests. The moment you arrive here, these resorts will ensure you enjoy the utmost comfort and convenience throughout your stay. You will enjoy a great range of amenities and services in the most luxurious way.



A vacation has to be a ‘Me time’ or a ‘Family time’ (if you are on a family vacation). Right? Resorts make sure it is! So if you are planning a vacation, nothing can be better than a weekend spent well at a peaceful, nerve-soothing resort. Resorts have their own secluded space where there won’t be any disturbing crowd and hence is a place where you can rejuvenate your senses.


Great amenities at one place

From private pools to lush gardens, mouth-watering meals, refreshing drinks, entertainment section, spas, and gyms, resorts come with every possible amenity you may look for on a vacation. In other words, once you are done with your resort bookings, you won’t have to look around for things to do because the resort will already provide you with most of that.


You will find a Costa Rica luxury resort available in the beautiful vistas of a hill station, along with the beaches or amidst rainforest and even in the heart of the city. So depending on the reason you are here and, of course, your budget, you can make your selection and make the most out of your vacation.

Author Name: Mary Kate


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Keep Your Luxury Car in Good Condition for Eventual Resale 400x300 1 - 6 Ways to Keep Your Luxury Car in Good Condition for Eventual Resale

6 Ways to Keep Your Luxury Car in Good Condition for Eventual Resale

A luxury car is beautiful when you bring it home. It’s wonderful to drive.  The questions you need to ask yourself are: how will it drive in three or five years?  And how handsome will it be once you or your family get through with it?  These are important considerations because eventually you will want to sell it.  At that point, you’ll want to get maximum value out of your investment.

There are some key ways you can maintain your luxury car investment and see it pay the biggest dividends on the day you decide to sell it.  Here are the x ways to do that. If you manage to cover all of these angles, you are sure to get the best price when you trade some day.

  • Put it in a Garage

No matter how well made, luxury cars need to be protected from the weather.  Extreme heat is bad for engine parts. A blistering summer sun may fade the exterior or interior.  Rain and snow take their toll.  Winter weather is especially bad with the threat of hail or sleet.  All of these elements are avoided when the car is parked in a garage.  

Each night it is protected is one less night that a bird can leave its mark on the paint job. It limits the opportunity for branches to sweep down and scratch the roof or sides.  It stops raccoons, possums, and other rodents from finding the car and making their own entrance into it.  

Of course, a garage just about guarantees that vandals won’t be able to mess with it and thieves won’t take advantage and try to break into the car.  

In addition to parking it in a garage at night, you should favor covered parking wherever you go.  This is especially true if it’s available at your job, where the car will spend a considerable amount of time. It’s also true for shopping trips and other outings where a multi-tier covered parking lot is available. 

If all else fails, keep a cover in the trunk and use it!  As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • Let the Manufacturer Repair It

Of course, you can’t return it to the factory, but you can bring your new Lexus to your brand dealership.  Their mechanics should be the best equipped to handle maintenance and repairs.  They will use the parts and fluids that are required by the manufacturer to maintain your warranty.  If this is a bit more expensive than you wish it was, just remind yourself that it will pay off in the end.  

Good maintenance like this is also the surest way to keep your vehicle running as well as it did on the day you brought it home.  Keep a record of everything you do for your vehicle. Some day you may want to present proof to a buyer that your luxury vehicle really is in the best possible condition.

  • Keep an Eye on How Many Miles You Drive

Your luxury vehicle is worth more if the mileage stays low.  To get the most when you sell your luxury car, you should try to keep the mileage to around 12,000 miles on average per year.  That means your three-year-old car would have 36,000 miles. Your six-year-old car would have 72,000 miles.  If you find yourself averaging over 15,000 miles per year, you should look for ways to reduce your future mileage. 

For instance, this may mean taking a plane instead of driving cross county. It may mean using a different car for your regular commute.  The goal is to keep your luxury car mileage down.  This approach should also save you money in repairs and maintenance.

  • Clean it Regularly

Of course, you want to keep your luxury vehicle as clean and shiny as possible. This means regular car washes and waxes.  It also means wiping down the interior regularly and having the seats and carpets professionally cleaned. 

As suggested with repair and maintenance, keep your receipts.  That’s sure to impress when you get ready to sell it.  Also, consult your manual and other sources to find the most appropriate cleaners for your car’s surfaces.  

  • Don’t Get a New Paint Job

It seems obvious, but you can’t alter a luxury car in any way. You can’t change the color of the paint, get off-brand off-road accessories, or do anything else that is permanently altering how your car looks or operates.  This also means you can’t add racing stripes or other decorations.  In fact, you shouldn’t use those big magnets promoting your favorite team. You may remove them one day to find tell-tale circles where the magnet used to be.

  • Start Checking Resale Values After the Warranty Expires

Using JD Power and Kelley Blue Book, you should start watching your luxury car’s resale values.  Of course, they will go down, but at a certain point, they tend to level off.  If you know what your car is worth, you are more likely to recognize signs that it is time to sell it.

If you follow these guidelines, you are sure to get a better deal when you go to trade your car.  

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Luxury Holiday Homes Mooloolaba 400x300 1 - How to get Budget To Luxury Holiday Homes Mooloolaba 

How to get Budget To Luxury Holiday Homes Mooloolaba 

Are you planning to rent a luxury vacation home? Look no further since immaculate offers advice on how to find the budget for luxury holiday homes, Mooloolaba. Here are a few things to think about as you begin your hunt for the ideal getaway.

There are so many options available, but with a little insider information, you can select your ideal luxury vacation rental and relax knowing that your vacation will be safe and secure. Check for the reputation of the place, like Barbados Villas are always a safe bet to spend your vacations as they have created a name for themselves serving their customers with the best of amenities.

Whether you’re looking for a summer vacation or a winter retreat, G1 Holidaysget you covered.

It’s simple to say, “I want to go on vacation and rent out a vacation property.” However, you may have a more difficult time finding your ideal getaway. So, where do you start? 

Take a look at the top ideas below and you’ll be on your way to a budget to luxury holiday homes for a fraction of the price. 

Fresh paint job 

Every holiday house could use a lick of paint now and then, but maintaining your decorations can really add to the luxury feel.

You don’t have to replace the color scheme each time, but a fresh coat of paint will brighten the room and keep it appearing like a 5-star hotel. Touch up the paintwork every six months or so, particularly after peak times like summer and Christmas. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall 

If your vacation rental is on the thin side, use strategically placed mirrors to create a feeling of space. Mirrors may practically double the size of a room or make it brighter by reflecting direct sunlight when placed across a window.

This is a terrific alternative if you’re seeking to build a luxurious vacation house on an economy, and it can save you a ton of money over expanding and remodeling a small estate.  If you’re looking for some ideas, stop by Fabulous Home Interiors and browse their extensive collection of wall mirrors. 

Bring the outside in 

Place a variety of trees and plants throughout your home, according to interior designers. Greenery adds a sense of calm and elegance to your home while also making it appear fresher.

Because you won’t be able to water them every day while you have visitors visiting, it’s preferable to go for low-maintenance or even synthetic plants in vacation homes. Most companies now sell very realistic-looking fake plants, which are a terrific way to give the impression of a luxurious vacation home without investing a fortune. 


Try going for a minimal style to give your vacation house a truly opulent vibe. When it comes to creating a high-end design for your home, the old adage “less is more” surely applies.

Cluttered homes might feel claustrophobic and unsanitary, whereas simple, clean layouts offer visitors the impression of staying in a high-end 5-star hotel. Instead of several smaller items that totally occupy the space, pick or two large decorations or statement pieces of wall art per room. A modest throw over the sofa and pillows on the bed may create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere, but don’t go overboard.

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Luxury Custom Home Builder Melbourne 400x300 1 - The Best Home Building Plans by Luxury Custom Home Builder Melbourne
Home Improvement

The Best Home Building Plans by Luxury Custom Home Builder Melbourne

Make sure which patterns and the parameters can be approached and how to get satisfied to enhance your profiles with an instant and reliable source of action plans. Make sure how to get satisfied and how to match with your preferences to proceed through online fast accessibility resources. Proceed through instant and smart feature explorations of plans by Knockdown and Rebuild Builder and make sure how to get satisfied and how to match with your interests levels regarding online fast accessibility resources.

There are massive ranges of ideas and useful strategies which can be got and which can be valuable to proceed through instant and reliable resources. New home building planning can be challenging for home construction builders but having useful inspirations and valued points of interest they can save their costs and time to avail the best available resources to proceed with a reliable source of action plans. Book your free consultation with Luxury Custom Home Builder and proceed with step-by-step integration of plans.

Choose the best and ideal plans to proceed with instant and smart features explorations of ideas can proceed to achieve your objectives. Make sure online custom home building trends which can proceed and which can be got inspired to make sure about smart feature plans, Proceed with step by step integration of plans and find lots of attractive and versatile feature exploration of ideas with unique inspirations.

Proceed through instant and reliable sources and make sure how to get satisfied and which type of planning can proceed to achieve your objectives. To find a high-quality luxury custom builder style can be approached through online instant and reliable sources. Builder spends their energies and the best potentials to achieve their objectives. Do consultancy with home building experts and make sure which patterns and work plans can be approached and how to get satisfied to achieve your objectives to proceed with smart feature plans and make sure about online fast accessibility features.

Almost everything depends upon the priorities and the proper response and can be approached easily to achieve your objectives to build custom homes. Selections of the top-of-the-line building materials are totally depend upon the interests levels of the people. Builder of luxury custom homes use their creative minds to explore unique ideas and then to proceed with the step by step integration of plans and make sure how to match with your preferences and how to show your interests to proceed on behalf of the reliable and fast accessibility features.

Get free quotes from a free consultation and proceed with an instant and reliable source of action plans regarding online and fast accessibility resources. Home construction experts always do analysis and verify the best available action plans which can be explored through instant and smart feature explorations. Make sure which strategies and the parameters can be approached and how to achieve your objectives to take the right time action plans on behalf of the available plans.

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A Haven For Ultimate Luxury Seekers 400x300 1 - Dubai – A Haven For Ultimate Luxury Seekers

Dubai – A Haven For Ultimate Luxury Seekers

Explore the sparkling shores under a constant sunlight with the splendor of towering architecture and you will embark how luxurious your holiday experience in Dubai is.

Whatever preference you have, Dubai has a lot to offer from a range of boutiques, bars, fine restaurants, amazing modern art and magnificent architectural sights. Let’s have a look at what kind of lifestyle or a holiday experience you can have here.

A Luxury Lifestyle

For tourists who wanted to spend more than anyone can, Dubai offers an avenue for never-ending journey to luxurious experience. From lavish hotels to extravagant shopping malls and gigantic sky scrapers, Dubai prides itself for being a destination where the rich and famous meet.

Exciting Leisure Activities

Dubai is one of the most sought after destinations when leisure is what you are looking for. There are a multitude of fun-filled and exhilarating activities waiting for you. The beautiful beach offers a wide range of engaging water sports and activities such as ship wreck dives, snorkeling, parasailing or dinner cruises.

Other great adventures that you might consider are spending a relaxing moment at the golf course in one of the high-end communities across the city, taking rollercoaster ride of sand dunes, or discovering the desert safari experience that’s one-of-a-kind. If you think that Dubai only caters adventures under the sun, you are definitely wrong. There are also wondrous winter sports that you can explore at the fantastic Ski Dubai. It’s a unique indoor ski resort that you’ll find nowhere else in the world.

A Lustrous Façade

Even if you explore Dubai for its external beauty, you’ll have a lot to witness. The city offers some luxurious beauties with unique architecture and has some manmade marvels like the biggest Crystal Lagoon of the world which will leave you stunned for sure. The glistening beauty of this Emirate goes far beyond and you’ll surely be mesmerized to look at everything it has to offer.

A Vacation Palace

When you’re in Dubai, experience a holiday spent in something more like a palace. Hotels are designed with glossy and contemporary touch where interior décor boasts everything from precious Bedouin style suites to classy neutral taste of Armani Hotel Dubai.

The One & Only Resorts at Palm Dubai offer a fantastic beach living nestled in the artificial archipelago of the city known as the palm Jumeirah. The hotel caters a one of a kind luxurious experience with its verdant landscape, sparkling shoreline and crystal clear waters.

The One & Only Resorts pampers your holiday with enchanting swimming pools, private beach with glistening pearls of white sand, lavish spa, and fascinating ocean view as well as the sumptuous dinners prepared by Michelin starred chef.

Culture Rich City

Despite the city’s bustling and luxurious modern living, you can see another side of the Emirate that classifies it as a place rich in culture. The old town will unveil some astounding cultural sights and you can witness an amazing traditional living experience here. This is where the Bastakiya District is which is home to traditional buildings and the Dubai Museum.

The streets are filled with ancient architectures, restaurants serving appetizing cuisines, lively bazaars and art galleries. The old Dubai also provides a unique experience visiting the Jumeirah Mosque abound with rich Islamic architecture and it’s the only mosque in the city that welcomes non-Muslim guests.

Pampering Like Nowhere Else

Dubai has a marvelous range of spa treatments where exclusive pampering experience awaits you. Enjoy a royalty bathe at the Assawan Spa which is tradition-inspired retreat or the Ice Igloo and rainforest Rainroom of the Amara Spa for those looking out for a unique experience. In fact, Dubai has a lot more to offer and it’s just that you have to keep exploring.

Everything luxuriously unique can be explored in the wonderful city of Dubai. What are you waiting for then? Discover and unleash wonderful experiences at Dubai!

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Hiring a Luxury Personal Driver 400x300 1 - What to Expect Hiring a Luxury Personal Driver for a Corporate Event

What to Expect Hiring a Luxury Personal Driver for a Corporate Event

Nothing should take away from the pure pleasure of being enveloped in a high-end exotic car while en-route to your much-anticipated corporate event.

While your transportation may be top-of-the-range, the caliber of your personal driver is just as vital to your overall experience.

What can you expect when hiring a chauffeur for an up-market function?  Private car service near me is a common search phrase when we want to hire a personal driver online.

We’ve noted the essential elements that a superior personal driver should offer when transporting you and your peers. Keep reading below to learn more.


When attending a corporate event, professionalism is key. We expect that your personal driver will be perfectly attired, well-spoken, charming, and respectful.

They will react to situations in a calm and measured manner, putting the client’s interests first, and maintaining an air of dignity. Their communication will be clear and concise and will cater to the preference of each person.

No doubt your clients, colleagues, and competitors will be observing you closely. Therefore, choosing the most appropriate vehicle, perhaps one of these cars for the occasion, and having a professional driver in control is imperative.

Luxury Personal Driver


Providing a punctual service is not-negotiable for a luxury personal driver, and you would expect them to be ready before you are. If you are visiting a new city, you should be able to count on your chauffeur company to offer travel times. They can then arrange your pick-up and drop-off accordingly.

A punctual driver eliminates stress for their clients. They allow for a peaceful trip in your luxury car to the venue, arriving unflustered and in good time.


Respected chauffeur companies ensure that their drivers maintain the highest level of privacy. Confidential company information or other material may be exchanged between parties. If this happens during their transportation to or from an event, a professional driver will never disclose it.

In some cases, the driver may find themselves a reluctant observer to some rather personal matters during their shift. However, a mature professional remains unobtrusive. They quietly follow the requests of their client, providing they are not breaking the law.


The best personal driver will have an in-depth knowledge of the area in which they operate. They will be able to take the scenic route or the most direct route depending on your preference. They will also be aware of any roadworks, detours, or other factors which may affect the travel time to your event.

A well-informed driver will also be able to take you and your colleagues to those hidden gems after the event is over. Perhaps the cigar bar with no signage, or the underground cocktail lounge that only the locals know of.

Enjoy Your Luxury Personal Driver

Whether you’re opting for a supercar rental or a more discreet corporate car, a professional personal driver will enhance your overall experience. You can, and should, expect to be indulged.

Stay with us for more thought-provoking articles on current trends, lifestyle, and tech.


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Luxury chauffeur hire while in Dubai 400x300 1 - Luxury chauffeur hire while in Dubai

Luxury chauffeur hire while in Dubai

If Dubai had a second name – it would be luxury. Living in Dubai means living the much-aspired quintessential global lifestyle. Dubai has carved its niche as THE ultimate destination to fly in to. Whether you arrive in Dubai with family, as a solo traveler, or as a businessman – the city will not let you go without getting a taste of its tempting lifestyle.

Be it the architectural marvels, the cosmopolitan culture, or the diverse cuisine – Dubai is designed to simply blow your mind away at first sight. From endless choices, while shopping at the world’s biggest mall to relaxing at the Burj Club; From visiting, paintings & sculptures art festivals to getting an adrenalin rush at the Grand Prix Formula1 races; From a dune bash in the desert safaris to spending a quiet evening walking the coast of Jumeirah; Dubai can cater to all the indulgences of an epicurean.

As a thriving hotspot of complex economic activities, Dubai sees countless business executives closing important deals every day. The city is fast-paced, and people are constantly moving from point A to point B. Traffic in Dubai during the peak hours in the morning and evening can make navigating the city perplexing even for the most experienced drivers.

hire a luxury chauffeur

Money is precious, but time is finite.

Luxury chauffeur service Dubai is a popular option for moving about in the city. Hiring a luxury chauffeur service is – as the name suggests not only highly comfortable and plush – it is also the most professional and hassle-free way to commute within Dubai.

Money is important – but as they say – the time is more valuable for it cannot be purchased back with any amount of money. And that is exactly the idea behind the luxury chauffeur hiring services. For a premium price – the luxury chauffeur hiring services let you buy the priceless peace of mind in the midst of traffic woes.

Some things remain the same – the mark of a high character.

Lifestyles have changed rapidly over the years. What has not changed is the mark of a man’s character. From the olden days -ensuring timely arrival for the appointment has been the mark of the high character of any man.

From impromptu shopping plans to attending business conferences, from a quick trip to catch-up with friends to long-distance travel to relatives – a man who arrives on time is well-respected by society.

Do you really need to hire a luxury chauffeur while in Dubai?

For those who like to arrive in style and on time – yes. People are increasingly valuing their comfort and mental well-being over being a mere navigator behind the wheel.

Life is a matter of principles. The average man buys things and commodities with the money. The intelligent man buys experiences with the money. A luxury chauffeur service is an experience you can buy that is irreplaceable and unparalleled.

What else is on offer when you hire luxury chauffeur services in Dubai? Let’s see:

A pleasant ride!

Looking for convenience at your doorstep? From being a businessman who earnestly prays to avoid the traffic chaos to an overseas tourist who has landed for some leisure time – with the luxury chauffeur hiring service, you are guaranteed a peaceful and satisfying commuting experience while in Dubai.

An exclusive treatment!

A little “me-time” pampering never hurt anyone. Each ride is designed to maximize your personalized tastes and requirements. The regal experience is bound to calm your mind, body, and spirit. Cozy and stylish sedans with friendly yet professionally- trained chauffeurs ensure you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can pick from the sedans, SUVs, exotic cars, or limousine as per the occasion and the number of commuters.

The on-demand availability!

Luxury chauffeur services aim to be at your beck and call. The luxury beauties are available on an hourly basis (half day 5 hours/ full day 10 hours), and the charges are inclusive of fuel and Salik (toll) charges. If you are someone who enjoys total control – you are bound to delight in the experience of these services.

Dubai is truly the land of endless choices and premium experiences.

Luxury chauffeur services provide a wide range of luxurious sedans and SUVs, including -Executive Sedan, Standard Van, Large executive van, executive SUV, 14-seater vans, chiller vans, mini-buses, coasters, and exotic cars. What will you pick? You can choose, depending on your mood and the occasion. There’s a perfect fit for every event.

Luxury chauffeur service is suitable for all – from foreign visitors in Dubai to business tycoons shuttling between different conferences to even families heading to destination vacations.

The well-trained and experienced drivers are experts at navigating through the city. An easy, traffic-free route to a destination is analyzed before picking you up, and hence the driver is able to drop you at your destination in time. Moreover, assistance is also provided to elderly clients with mobility issues.

Hiring luxury chauffeur services has to be your top option to travel within Dubai as you get:

  1. A wide range of branded cars: An extensive collection of luxury cars for every occasion makes it extremely easy for you to pick your favorite. Selecting your personal preference from a Mercedes, Volvo, Hyundai, Toyota, BMW, Cadillac, or a Rolls Royce can be effortless.
  2. Premium facilities: Get the maximum bang for your buck. When you pay a premium price, you are in for exceptional, first-class treatment. To mention a few features – each car is well air-conditioned, equipped with GPS, posh leather seats, Bluetooth, and offers complimentary packaged bottle waters and wipes and tissues.
  3. Clean and sanitized traveling: Commuting in times of the covid pandemic requires that extra care. The luxury chauffeur services ensure that the passengers are 100% safe and risk-free. The vehicles are thoroughly disinfected and sanitized and ensure compulsory masks for drivers.

Dubai is a city that should be reveled in every moment. Hiring a premium luxury chauffeur service to travel across Dubai practically guarantees that. The sun-soaked idyllic city is the hub of possibilities – only if you make the right choices!

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