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Choosing and Maintaining the Proper Pair of Kicks

Choosing and Maintaining the Proper Pair of Kicks: Taking Good Care of One of Australia’s Most Valuable Investments


In the most unlikely of situations, people have found methods to generate money, and sneaker investments are no exception to this rule. The latest investment trend is to buy the finest pair of unusual shoes and hang on to them for as long as possible, particularly among young people in Australia. But what is it about rare Jordan sneakers that makes them so valuable?


When Buying Sneakers in Australia, It’s Important to Consider the Following:

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of people who spend a significant amount of money on shoes and rare Jordan sneakers, particularly in the United States. Over time, as more and more celebrities cashed in on the trend, and since most of these shoes garnered a significant rate of return on auction and resale, an entire market for the purchase and sale of high-end luxury sports sneakers was created, resulting in the emergence of a thriving industry. Most of them were autographed by professional athletes and supported by prominent corporations, further increasing their market worth. By 2019, individuals had abandoned mutual funds and were looking at the sneaker market and its opportunities. In due course, it is estimated that the market for sneaker investments would account for a large portion of the present footwear industry, which is expected to be valued at around 1903 million dollars by 2025.


How Do You Select the Most Appropriate Pair in a Highly Competitive Market?


  1. Getting to know the individuals who are already involved in this investing industry is an excellent place to begin. Most of these folks have links to legitimate shops or bargains, which may be pretty beneficial when making a first-time investment.


  1. Instead of chasing after the latest fashion trend, choose shoes that have maintained their worth throughout time. The term “hype” refers to anything that generates a temporary surge in demand but then fades away over time. Sneakers with long-term worth can never be sold for less than a specific amount, making them a low-risk investment option.


  1. Try to get shoes worn by well-known individuals or those featured in several well-known games but not seen in recent years. Older genuine versions frequently fetch a reasonable price on the market these days, as more and more people are becoming interested in collecting antiques.


  1. Take additional steps to avoid being conned by internet forgers and counterfeits. Investments worth several thousand dollars are being discussed, so be sure that you identify the correct ones.


What Should You Do To Take Proper Care Of These Sneakers?


  • If the shoes aren’t very soiled, a simple wipe will do to get the job done. Shoe boxes should be packed with a special covering called mylar, which has outstanding drying properties and prevents the acidic chemicals in the boxes from damaging the shoes.


  • Remember to wash the soles of your shoes regularly, and feel free to use mild bleach or vinegar to clean them if they get dirty.


  • Shoe storage is provided in a room that is air-conditioned for those who have more extensive collections. All of the moisture that may potentially damage the materials existing within is removed due to this.


  • Light may also have an impact on shoes, causing a specific sort of yellowing that can diminish their immaculate appearance as well as their monetary worth. It is recommended that you store these shoes in a dark compartment and keep them away from direct sunlight, mainly if they are collector editions or rarer models of the same model.


  • Always soak the laces, clean them, and dry them; do not use bleach on them. Hand cleaning is prefered over machine cleaning because it avoids damaging the linings and stitching.


Although sneaker sales in Australia aren’t exactly a thriving industry, everything is dependent on the level of demand at any given point in time. Retroactively reintroducing previous emblems and logos and receiving endorsements from celebrities are all indicators of an impending increase in sales of such shoe versions.

Author Name: Mary Kate

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the double lace 400x300 1 - 5 Fresh Ways To Lace Your Kicks That May Surprise You

5 Fresh Ways To Lace Your Kicks That May Surprise You

If you’re a sneakerhead, you know how hard it is to get a pair of kicks that no one else has. Sometimes you have to wait hours in days (even days!) to find out they are all sold out. Another option is buying a pair online, but that’s expensive.

Finding ways to keep your sneakers stylish and fresh is tough. One way worth considering is giving your shoes a unique lace style. Believe it or not, this newest trend is starting to take off. Check out one of these unique ways to laceyour new shoes.

The Tuck Laces

The first unique way to tie your laces is by tucking them. You will no longer have to worry about tying your laces if you don’t want to anymore. Simply taking the shoe laces and putting them inside of your shoe instead of tying them is a great way to rock your new pair of kicks.

Please note that this method isn’t the best for a pair of shoes that fits you loosely so unless only do it for tight or well fitting shoes. Tucking laces in your shoes has been around for a long time and will remain around in the future. Sneakers sometimes look much better without the laces taking up space on the front of them.

Lace Your Kicks

The Tie Behind

The tongue of your shoes is a great place to hide the knot of shoelaces after tying your shoes. You can either tie your shoes in the front like normal and pull the knot behind the tongue or simply tie your shoelaces behind your tongue.

This way you’ll get the same effect as the tucked laces but your shoes won’t be loose because they are tied. Tying shoelaces behind the tongue of your shoes has been around for a long time just like tucking your shoe laces. It’s something that can be easily be executed and looks good because it allows your shoes to shine without a ball of laces getting in the way.

The Hanging Laces

Sometimes it’s best not to tie your laces but you don’t want to tuck them anywhere in your shoes. In times like that, it might be best to simply pull your laces through the holes they go in but not far enough so that they reach the ground. Leaving them hanging after they are through the hole and you have hanging laces.

This is a very popular way to tie shoes that more and more people are taking advantage of these days. It’s because it makes the shoes you do this easier to put on and wear around because no tying is necessary. You simply slide your foot in and walk out the door. Hanging laces look great and if you really want to mix it up then you can loosen up the rest of your laces and have loose fitting laces with hanging laces.

It’s a very popular style for low top shoes because it gives them more style than just pulling the laces as tight as possible and walking around. Nobody wants to pull their shoe laces as tight as they can and have their feet confined all day long. You can even tie a little knot at the end of your hanging shoe laces so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally sliding back into your shoes. The knot will get stuck on the outside of the hole and will be unable to go back into the sneaker.

Double Laces

If you’re looking to get really creative and stand out amongst sneakerheads then you might want to consider going with double laces. There are two ways to do this. You can either get two different colors of shoe laces and thread them through your shoes together or you can buy two tone shoelaces that change colors halfway up the shoe.

Either way, your laces will look cool and you will stand out in a crowd compared to someone who just wears the stock laces of a shoe and does nothing more. Double laces have become extremely popular recently and it’s easy to find two tone laces that change colors halfway up the shoes as you lace them. You can either choose to get laces that match the colors of the shoe perfectly or you can buy laces that are a completely different color. The world is your oyster but one thing is certain: You will stand out in a crowd and turn heads compared to other avid sneaker enthusiasts.

Double Criss Cross

Double criss crossing your laces all the way up your shoe is another unique way to lace them. Typically, people do cross their shoe laces as they lace up their sneakers but with this method, every lace goes in every hole making it look extremely unique and different compared to the normal method.

It doesn’t look too different from far away but if you get up close and personal with double criss cross shoes then you will see that the laces are unique looking. This method is best for sneakerheads that want to stand out while also not looking completely different from other people. You can either double criss cross with other colors of laces for an even more diverse look. It’s important to get creative with your shoe laces to see what style fits you the best.

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