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Trendy Formal Dress Ideas

What’s the best way to cap off the school year or university semester? With a school formal or university ball, of course! Now that the hardest part’s over, it’s time to let your hair down—or style it in an up-do—and look your very best with your besties and classmates. It’s time to let loose and dance the night away!

The great thing about high school formals? They are named for their dress code and are ergo self-explanatory. “What is the dress code of a formal?” said no one ever!

If you’re attending a university ball, the dress code will be similar, if not the same. Think of either event as clubbing in a ball gown—minus the excessive alcohol consumption and making out.

If you’re in need of some trendy formal dress ideas, you’re in luck. Show up in one of these gorgeous garments and you’ll easily earn a nomination for Best Dressed.

The Nevali Gown in orange

The Nevali Gown in orange

Made from eye-catching satin fabric, the orange Nevali Gown is a crisp, vibrant sunset in garment form. How can a gown be so form-fitting and yet flowing at the same time? From its fitted top to its ruched drape from the waist, this gown finds your best features and lengthens your stance. Wear this one if you want to shine bright like a sunstone.

To complete the look, wear jewelled high heels, as well as some gorgeous earrings—either floral or jewel drop. Don’t be afraid to choose gems as vibrant as the Nevali Gown herself!

The Agostina Gown in black

The Agostina Gown in black

If classic and understated is more your jam, the Agostina Gown may be for you. Think of it as a little black dress with a maxi-length extension! From its sweetheart neckline to its tasteful side slit, this gown makes for a traditional interpretation of a formal dress code—or the picture-perfect fit for a black-and-white ball.

The Agostina Gown would be well offset with some vibrant, jewelled heels or earrings. Its sparkly belt is a finishing touch you are free to remove, depending on the look you are going for.

The Carola Dress in mauve

The Carola Dress in mauve

Image: Alamour The Label

You may have outgrown (or be in the process of outgrowing) high school, but that doesn’t mean you need to outgrow pink—or any variations thereof. Introducing the Carola Dress in mauve. Iridescent and slightly transparent, this feminine frock is frilled from the tippity-top to its tutued A-line skirt. Wear this one and create ripples not unlike those of a peony flower, maintaining a more subtle tone all the while.

This understated mauve complexion could use some extra sparkle. Complete the look with vibrant (or golden) jewelled earrings and sequin-studded high heels. If you’re really digging the pink theme, why not double down with a pair of rubellite earrings?

The Petra Dress in white

The Petra Dress in white

Want something textured without the ruffles? The Petra Dress in white is downed with 3D florals, adding visual interest to this otherwise blank canvas of a dress. It is fitted to your figure and finished with a sweetheart neckline and lace-up back. And because it’s white as snow, this renders it another classic, understated option perfect for a formal or university ball. It would be perfect for girls with darker hair and a sunkissed glow.

How would we accessorise this dress? With white, strappy heels and similarly neutral earrings—be they floral or jewelled. You could also contrast the white altogether with a splash of colour. You do you!

The Dione Gown in wine red

The Dione Gown in wine red

Let’s finish with something satin, stretchy, and seductive: the Dione Gown in red wine. This may be a little risqué for a high school formal; on the other hand, it covers everything from the bust down—and with its majestic mermaid cut, this even includes the feet.

The ideal blend of fitted and flowing, this gown clings at the waist and cascades down to create a mermaid silhouette. The Dione Gown forgoes the classic mermaid train, but this compromise means you can maintain the look without tripping yourself up on the dance floor.

Let’s dance!

When choosing something for a formal or university ball, you want to dress to the nines but choose something you can still move in. As touched on above, this means dresses with tripping hazards—aka mermaid trains—are out.

Apart from that, choose something tasteful that leaves just the right amount of skin on display. Be mindful that you’ll be in a school or university environment, and so you’ll need to dress a few tiers classier than you would at a club or pub. Save the mini dresses for your 21st.

Finally, take note of the dress code. A black-and-white ball, for example, may require something classic and monochromatic—and we have you covered here. You’re welcome.

If the dress code is more liberal, then dress to the nines in something long, lavish, and oh-so you. Whether you’re marking the end of semester or the end of the school year, there’s no doubt that you’ve earnt this event. Celebrate in style!

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Buying a Party Dress 400x300 1 - 4 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Party Dress

4 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Party Dress

Are you looking for a party dress for your upcoming event? Well, it can be challenging because the market is flooded with many party dresses of different designs, colors, brands, and many others.

However, you must be able to choose a perfect dress that will enable you to rock your function and turn people’s heads. The good news is that there are important things you need to look at before going for a given party dress and these will enable you to make an excellent choice. Following are the important things to consider when buying a party dress.

1. The Type of Occasion

You need to examine the type of event you are buying the dress for because this will determine the kind of dress you need to buy. Remember if you choose the wrong dress for the event you will look out of place.

So consider the function you are going for and choose the best-fit dress. For example, long party dresses are always good for wedding and prom parties but long and skimpy dresses are great options for a night out parties.

2. Examine the Color

You need to consider the color of the dress you want to buy and if it will match your skin tone. Well, your skin tone is also considered when choosing a party dress because if you pick one that doesn’t match your skin tone, then it won’t look good on you.

This means you have to look at different color options of formal dresses online in Australia that match your skin and choose from them. You can either look good in cool or warm colors however, there are some people with neutral skin tones that can look good and match with booth cool and warm-colored dresses.

3. Your Body Shape

Your body shape is another important factor you need to consider. This is because various dress fashions fit differently on various body shapes. So you have to look for a party dress with a design that will look good on our body shape.

If you have a pear-shaped figure, A-line dresses are the best fit for you and if you have a wedge figure, flattering dresses and high-waisted style dresses are the best options. Moreover, if you have an apple figure, you should consider buying empire waist dresses.

4. Cost and Versatility

You need to first put your budget in mind before going for a given party dress. This is because it helps you to choose a party dress you can afford that won’t strain your budget. Best of all, there are many party dresses of different prices and you can’t fail to get one within your budget.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, it is better to choose a party dress that can work for you at other events. You can choose one with neutral colors and designs that won’t be easily noticed by others when you repeat it.

Choose the Best Party Dress

Use the above tips to be in a position of choosing the best formal dresses online in Australia for your upcoming event.

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Green Bridesmaid Dress - Green Bridesmaid Dress

Green Bridesmaid Dress

Talented engineers comprehend the ordinary wonderfulness and minimized classiness of this tone and a short time later well in imparting rich plan taste by various light and faint green bridesmaid outfits, without misrepresenting style. One of the enjoyments that energetic women have when masterminding their weddings is picking the bridesmaid dresses that they may need their wedding party to adorn. green bridesmaid dress. The surface, style, plan, and shade of the dresses ought to be pondered when purchasing bridesmaid outfits. Splendid sunlight, thrived plants, free and stimulated personality – They are about summer, a notable season to hold wedding administrations. Since they are for the most part found in a gigantic number, the bridesmaid dresses immensely influence the concealing reach and style of your administration. Since the time you were a young woman, pink has reliably been connected with feeling and dreams. green bridesmaid dress. So by and by you are getting hitched and Cinderella no longer gives off an impression of being a dream to you. Many love birds mess around with themed weddings. A themed wedding service and gathering can likewise add your own creation towards the strategies, and proposition a particular in addition to extraordinary enormous day experience. With regards to inclination and plan

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