A complete review on Wow home Internet 38648 - A complete review on Wow home Internet

A complete review on Wow home Internet

Wide open West or Wow, as it is commonly known, is an Internet service provider functional in the west and southern regions of the US. According to details from Federal Communications Commission [FCC], Wow is currently serving over 8,000,000 customers in the US alone. Wow provides customers Internet via the use of the hybrid coaxial cable connection. In certain areas, the fiber connection is also active. If the fiber connection is available at your residence, you should avail of the fiber connection instead of opting for the cable connection. The download speeds of Wow range from 100 Mbps to one Gbps.


Advantages of opting for Wow:

  • You can get 1 Gigabyte per second speed if you opt for the fiber connection.
  • Wow does not impose any data caps on its customers. Therefore, you are free to binge-watch Netflix as much as you want without worrying about the Internet getting over or extra charge in the middle of the month.
  • You can choose the monthly plans if you do not wish to opt for the contracts.
  • If you wish to go for the lowest-priced plans, you should avail of the contract.
  • If you are not happy with the services of all, you can avail yourself of the 30-day money-back guarantee option.


Disadvantages of opting for Wow Internet connection

  • Wow is currently not operable in all states in the US. You will only find Wow operable in the Midwestern and southern sections.
  • Customers have reported service interruptions. However, this is entirely location-dependent.
  • If you choose to leave the contract before the contract duration Is over, you will have to pay a termination fee.


Wow Internet service area

Currently, Wow is operable in nine states all across the US. These are Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and South Carolina. If you live in any of the above-mentioned states, there is a high chance that Wow is possibly the best option. The Internet speed is mind-blowing if you can get a fiber connection at your address. Even if you do not avail of the fiber connection, the DSL connection of Wow is pretty good. It can give tough competition to the other Internet service providers. If you are not sure about the services of wow, you can always opt for the 30-day money-back guarantee option. You should go for the monthly plans, test out the services of Wow for a few months and then decide if Wow is the right Internet service provider for you.


Plans and prices of Wow

At most places, Wow offers an asymmetrical cable connection. This means that the download speed is much higher than the upload speed provided to the customers.


Internet 100

  • 100 Mbps download speed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • The Promo rate is $20 per month for 12 months. After the promo period ends, the regular rate is $40.
  • The modem rental costs $14.00.
  • There is no data cap.


Internet 200

  • 200 Mbps download speed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • The Promo rate is $30 per month for 12 months.
  • After the promo period ends, the regular rate is $45.
  • The modem rental cost is $14.00.
  • There is no data cap.


Internet 500

  • 500 Mbps download speed
  • 50 Mbps upload speed
  • The Promo rate is $45 per month for 12 months.
  • Once the promo period ends, the regular rate is $55.
  • The modem rental cost is $14.00.
  • There is no data cap.


Internet one jig

  • 1000 Mbps download speed
  • 50 Mbps upload speed
  • The promo rate is $65 for 12 months.
  • Once the promo period ends, the regular rate is $75 per month.
  • The modem rental cost is $14.00
  • There is no data cap


During the promotional period and after the promo period ends, the prices of Wow are extremely affordable and competitive. Furthermore, the prices are not designed to push the customer into an expensive tier once the promo period Gets over. The bill will increase but not by a lot.


Despite offering asymmetrical Internet speed to their customers, Wow Internet speeds are better than those available from the other Internet service providers like Spectrum, Cox, and Xfinity. The Internet 500 plan of Wow offers upload speeds of 50 Mbps. In contrast, similar plans in Spectrum, Cox, and Xfinity offer approach speeds at 10 to 20 Mbps.


There is an additional charge of $14.00 a month if you choose to rent out the modem of Wow. However, you have the option of purchasing and using your modem. This way, you can avoid the $14.00 recurring fee. The options of no data caps, new contracts, and 30-day money-back option make Wow a very favorable Internet service provider. Thus, if you are residing in a state where wow is operational, you should check out the services of Wow first.


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Hosting the Best Summer Pool Party 400x300 1 - A Complete Guide to Hosting the Best Summer Pool Party 

A Complete Guide to Hosting the Best Summer Pool Party 

Summer is all about splashes of water and sunbathes here in New York City. We remain in a cold climate the entire year and wait for summer to enjoy and dust ourselves off.

If you’re in the same boat as I am, you’ve come to the right place as I’m going to shed light on how you can enjoy your summer to the best. One way to do that is by hosting a summer pool party for your loved ones.

Whatever you do remains incomplete without your loved ones, so why not have them over once in a while and enjoy together? It’s a pretty incredible idea. Isn’t it?

Alright. Let’s see how we can hold a summer pool party and be the talk of the town:

Choose an Appropriate Place 

First and foremost, you need to choose an appropriate space for your pool party, anywhere with a swimming pool and patio would do. If you have a swimming pool in your house, there’s nothing better than that.

If you don’t, you can always rent out a farmhouse for a day. I usually rent a farmhouse in the Hamptons, a suburb near New York City. It doesn’t cost me much and my pool parties are famous across New York. In fact, my friends wait the entire year for my summer pool party.

Decorate the Area

Choosing and renting a place is not enough, you must decorate the area and make it look like a party house. For that, I suggest you arrange a seating area for your guests. Of course, they’re not going to stay in water for hours, a seating area is a must.

Add cushions to it to give your guests an essence of warmth. Besides that, please don’t forget about the lighting. The best time for summer parties is usually in the late afternoon, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to end before the sun sets.

Hence, having appropriate lights is another mandatory thing. Simply get the area decorated with fairy lights and get a portable generator to back up the power. Oh, and add lights in the patio as well or wherever the guests would be sitting. It’s not a date night, so make sure your guests don’t have to dine in the dark.

Martinis to the Rescue

Can you have a pool party without martinis? I mean, is it even possible? Well, it isn’t. A pool party remains incomplete without drinks, so they’re essential. I usually prefer keeping martinis for the pool parties I throw.

However, it shouldn’t be all. You can offer drinks according to the choice of your guests. If they prefer vodka or whiskey, you must keep them as well. The goal is to entertain your guests while enjoying yourself with them. Hence, their likes and dislikes matter.

Some Party Delicacies 

It’s always ‘dinner and drinks,’ and never drinks alone, so you must not forget about the food. Not having something to eat, it’s the worst-case scenario. Also, nobody wants to be at a party where there’s no food.

Thus, food remains an integral part of your pool party. Albeit you don’t have to offer a formal dinner or lunch, it’s a pool party so a few delicacies are all you need. Go for things like a cheese platter, quiches, beetroot hummus, and cold sandwiches.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can offer a dessert, too. I prefer weed brownies as I believe there’s no harm in getting a little high once a year. Organic weed edibles are readily available at different online pharmacies like Greenex Farms, so it’s easier to just grab them and serve.

Bathrobes for Added Comfort  

Last but not least, if you want to make your pool party a little fancier, you should keep a few bathrobes around. The bathrobes will ensure that your guests are not roaming around in wet clothes.

It’s pretty uncomfortable to have someone sit on your couch with a wet costume. Isn’t it? So why don’t you take an additional step and keep a few bathrobes or towels for your guests? It will also add to their comfort and trust me; they’ll love you for it.

The Final Word…

As an additional tip, please ensure you have a music system and a music album prepared before the party starts. Pool parties are lifeless without music; hence, it’s also a must. If you ask me; I suggest you go for rock or pop music. Jazz and classical tunes are great, but they don’t work well for pool parties. Pool parties ought to have high music, which adds to the spirit of the party.

Rest assured, just as I promised above, you will become the talk of the town if you follow the tips mentioned above correctly. I wish you all the best, my pals. Have a wonderful day ahead, everyone!

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Gas Water Heater 400x300 1 - Gas Water Heater Venting Options – A Complete Guide
Home Improvement

Gas Water Heater Venting Options – A Complete Guide

It is important to know that interior and exterior models are available when buying tankless water heaters. It is mostly the venting that makes the difference between the models. A common question among buyers relates to venting of gas tankless water heaters.

Typically, exterior gas units feature a front vent that is not suitable for interior use. When buying a tankless water heater, it’s important to consider your family’s needs, otherwise you may select the wrong one. Are tankless water heaters required to be vented if they are installed inside?

Ventilation is required for indoor tankless water heaters. The exhaust vents on indoor models are all adjustable. Additionally, indoor models need either a direct vent or a power vent to make fresh air flow. Models with direct vents provide fresh air from outside and are easy to install at small spaces. Powered vent heaters pull fresh air from surrounding interior spaces and require that a large amount of air is available for combustion.

Gas Water Heater Venting Options

For gas tankless water heaters built outside, vents are built into the unit’s front, which means no additional vent piping is necessary. There is no need for venting with electric tankless water heaters, regardless of their location.

Proper ventilation is vital to install tankless water heaters safely and functionality. If you lack it, you may suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be extremely harmful and even fatal.

In addition to the most important factors, we’ve gathered the guidelines, which should be used in conjunction with the manufacturers’ instructions. Keep reading to learn how to set up a tankless water heater in a safe and efficient manner.

Tankless Gas Water Heaters that Need to be Vented

It is absolutely amazing how a tankless propane or natural gas water heater can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 61%. The venting must be done properly, however, to ensure efficiency and functionality as well as safety requirements. Where tankless water heaters are installed depends on the venting type; either direct vent or power vent.

Whether fueled by propane or natural gas, tankless water heaters must be vented effectively. A sidewall or roof can be used to vent them; however, you should always choose the shortest path possible. Due to the combustion fan exhausting horizontally, tankless water heaters can terminate on a sidewall.

PVC or Stainless steel vent pipes are used to vent corrosive gas from tankless water heaters so that they are not damaged. A galvanized vent from a tank water heater or furnace will rust soon when connected to a tankless heater.

Tankless Water Heater Vent Types

Tankless water heaters have a variety of vents, each with a different function, price range, spatial needs, and benefits. Tankless water heaters must be positioned correctly. Their size and placement, the need for air intake, as well as the requirements for space will greatly impact the vent selection.

Power Vent

For combustion, power vent systems use indoor air from the home, which is exhausted outside for regulation. Since power vent units have this functionality, they only require one exhaust vent. In an area with spatial constraints, these units require more space and make use of sufficient air.

Direct Vent

Units that use direct vents have two vents, one of which serves as an intake component, bringing outside air into the building and one serving as an exhaust component. 

During the installation process, direct vent units can be installed in smaller areas, such as closets, resulting in less excess air in the immediate environment. Approximately 16 square feet of space can be saved, thus making them an excellent choice if space is an issue. 

Concentric Vent

Concentric vents are two separate vents in one; one that acts as both an intake and exhaust vent.

In most cases, manufacturers offer concentric vents to get the best characteristics of both direct vent and power vent units.

In a concentric vent pipe there is a direct intake pipe and an exhaust pipe. Basically, this means that the heat is regulated by one vent or hole in the sidewall or ceiling. Also, as the air is warm and remains inside, the temperatures remain cool to the touch. 

Consequently, tankless water heaters require less space for installation. A concentrated vent is not as hot as a direct vent. 

Concentric vents offer these benefits, along with the distinction that exhaust air is contained, which means that harmful gases are prevented from being emitted into the home.

Despite their safety and convenience advantages, concentric vents are generally larger, vent pipe sizing is important to know.  The pipes are approximately 5 inches in diameter rather than the typical 3 inches. 

It’s not only quite possible but also quite easy to ensure that your tankless water heater will be properly vented. Available solutions award different benefits and are suitable for a wide range of budgets and scenarios.

In order to ensure safety, functionality, and comfort, an efficient venting system is essential. 

Do Electric Tankless Water Heaters Need to be Vented?

An electric tankless water heater is not affected by venting like a gas or propane tankless water heater. Tankless electric water heaters heat water quickly via electric burners. As neither natural gas nor propane is used, no venting is required. These factors were some of the most influential factors in the popularity of electric tankless water heaters.

The absence of venting means an electric tankless water heater doesn’t lose as much heat as its gas equivalent. Electric tankless water heaters have a far higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness than gas tankless water heaters, with an average of about 99% efficiency compared with an average of about 80% – 85% for gas tankless water heaters.

On the whole, tankless water heaters can operate efficiently and last longer if the venting is done properly.

For the tankless water heater to function effectively and safely, as well as to reduce or eliminate any possibility of danger, following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential to the installation process.

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complete tire and wheel 400x300 1 - The complete tire and wheel cleaning guide to make them stand out

The complete tire and wheel cleaning guide to make them stand out

Tire rolls every day and everywhere and these are just like your shoes. Imagine you go to a party in a gorgeous and clean dress but the shoes are dirty and have dirt marks all over them. How will you feel people looking at it and laughing?

The same is the case with your car people often took good care of their car like washing, polishing, and waxing but they don’t focus on tires because they think they will get dirty ASAP when they drive on the road.

But don’t worry today we will discuss the best procedure and technique with you so, that you can bring your car’s tires back to life and they will continue their shine for a decent period of time.

What is tire dressing?

Before we dive deep into the procedure and technique. We should know that what actually is tire dressing. Tire dressing is the formula or the mixture of two or more formulas ( containing both cleaner and shine ) that is used to restore old faded tires to bring them back to life. It mainly consists of wheel cleaner and tire shine.

Now here we will discuss the whole procedure and the best technique to apply tire dressing.

What is tire dressing

1. Get your things out

For the whole procedure, we may require some things which are mentioned below.

  1. Car wash soap (optional)
  2. Best wheel cleaner
  3. Best Wheel brush
  4. Best tire shine

The first thing that comes first that you should wash your car’s tire with water and soap.

Applying soap is optional as the main purpose of wheel cleaner is also to clean the wheels but if we wash it with soap and water and then apply wheel cleaner, it will bring extraordinary results.

2. Get your cleaner out

Now take out the best wheel cleaner and spray it over your car’s wheel and use the brush to remove any hard stuck dirt. But it should be kept in mind that the brush should not be too hard that it can cause scratches over the wheels and you end up with your ugly wheels.

Now let the wheel cleaner sit there for a maximum of 2 minutes and then rinse it off with clean water.

3. Get your bad dude to shine out

After the second step let your wheels dry and then apply the tire shine to the tires. And use the same brush to clean the tires too ( but make sure the brush is well cleaned after the wheels things being done ). Now let the tire shine sit there for two minutes and then rinse it off. 

4. Dry them out with the cloth

Now make sure that you should use a cloth or microfiber towel (preferred) to dry the wheels and tire so, that they don’t have water spots all over them.

After the complete procedure Here is some of the things you should know after being a tire guy.

Different types of tire dressing

Different types of tire dressing

There are generally two types of tire dressing which are water-based tire dressing and non-water based tire dressing ( OR solvent-based )

Here are some of the advantages of both types of tire dressings.

Advantages of water-based tire dressing

  • They are environmental friendly
  • Easy to use and can be handled with less care
  • If it falls over the user or his clothes it doesn’t cause any harm
  • Give rapid results

On the other hand non-water based requires proper care to handle as they are a mixture of different chemicals that can cause harm to the human body. 

But everything has its pros and cons as there are two sides to the mirror 

Non-water based dressing has its advantages as well like

Advantages of non-water-based tire dressing

  • They are more long-lasting than the water-based
  • Offer more resistance to the water and dirt
  • It gives better result than the water-based

If you are a car dude and can handle things in a great way it is better to go with solvent-based or non-water baked tire dressing because it offers more durability to tire shine.

But if you are new to the game and will end up ruining your clothes using non-water based it is more user-friendly.

How often you should be doing tire dressing?

It is advised to apply wheel cleaner every time you go to a car wash to show some love to your car’s wheel

But as long as it is concerned about tire shine it is enough if you apply tire shine once in two months.

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How to Find a Shipping Job on Load Board 1635415370 - The Complete Guide to How to Find a Shipping Job on Load Board
Home Improvement

The Complete Guide to How to Find a Shipping Job on Load Board

With the rise of ecommerce, there has been a high demand for a multitude of different types of workers. One of those types is the shipping job.

To find a job as a shipping job on Load Board, you will need to know what type of company you might want to work for and what skillset they look for. If you do not have any experience as a worker in warehouses, you will need to apply with some previous experience as an assistant or runner under your belt.

Load Board is one of the best places to find shipping jobs because it offers both permanent and temporary positions, which makes it easier to find a long-term job that fits your needs.

Shipping is a booming industry that offers opportunities for both entry-level and experienced workers. Employers are looking for people who can perform well at the front-end and back-end of the shipping process.

If you’re thinking about applying for a job as a truck driver, an international freight forwarder, or any other type of professional associated with shipping – this guide is for you. It will teach you how to identify what type of jobs are available in your area, how to apply and interview successfully, and what types of qualifications and certifications employers expect and accept.

As one of the fastest-growing industries, Shipping is now one of the most sought after skills. If you are looking for a job in Shipping or want to explore opportunities within this industry, explore these

–  Load Boards:  An online platform for finding job listings and recruitments. You can search by company name or to find jobs near your current location. Here you can also see the latest postings and news from companies you are interested in. Visit this link to know more: https://www.shiply.com/us/shipping-jobs

What is Load board? What are the Top 5 Things to Consider When Searching for a Shipping Job?

A load board is a website that lets you find carriers who offer shipping services to specific destinations. It includes information about their pricing, delivery times, timelines, and more.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Searching for a Shipping Job

– Location:       One of the top factors is where you want your job to take place.

– Time: Another important factor is when you want your job to start and end.

– Duration: A load board usually lists the duration of the services offered by each carrier. This is also an important factor in deciding which carrier you choose.

– Quality: You can always find out what type of quality service a carrier has with the source rating at the bottom of their profiles on a load board.

Tips to Finding a Shipping Job on a Load board

Many people are looking for shipping jobs on a load board. There are many companies that are hiring for positions that are related to shipping. The following are the top tips to finding a job on a load board.

1) Look at the location of the company. If they ship locally, it is easier to find work in your area.

2) Determine what type of work they need done, and if you have skillsets for this type of work. Remember that not every company does the same thing! Some companies only focus on international shipping, while others may just need someone who can package goods, etc.

3) Consider what you have to offer over competitors. This includes things like certification or experience levels in certain fields or even just being able to do things quickly without too.

What are a Load Board and the Importance of Loading & Unloading?

A load board is a loading dock or platform where trucks can unload and load materials. It’s a common sight in large cities and towns, but in smaller locations, it’s not always easy to find one.

Load boards are a very important part of the transportation process in cities. They help to keep traffic moving and make sure that deliveries are made on time.

A load board at a warehouse or distribution center is used by forklift operators for unloading materials from trucks, picking up pallets of goods, and loading them onto skids for transport to their destination.


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