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Why Basement Finishing is so Important in Chicago

Almost all private homes in Chicago have a basement. Most of them are used as a utility room, garage or storage room. Often the necessary, and sometimes not very necessary, things, boxes are put there. Gradually, the basement turns into a cluttered storage of unnecessary things. But if you think about it: the basement is an additional area that can be used with great benefit.

Finishing a basement in Chicago is an effective way to make not a basement but the whole home more extended. You just need to show your imagination, think over a pleasant design, “do it yourself”, and the basement will turn into a functional room.

If the ceiling in the basement is at a sufficient height, then the basement can be changed into almost any room, even a living room. Based on this, finishing a basement in Chicago is becoming more popular. Many homeowners strive to change their basement and make it a cozy place for a comfortable pastime.

Living Spaces

Here are some ideas for finishing a basement room into a cozy and useful living space:

For connoisseurs of good wine in the basement of a private house, you can equip a special wine cellar with a large number of shelves and wooden tubs.

A good ventilation system will allow you to organize a gym at the bottom of the house. If the area allows, the space can be divided into zones using partitions. A small pool or children’s playroom can be placed next to the gym.

Avid party-goers can put a bar counter in the basement, cover the walls with noise-insulating material, install a high-quality audio system and invite guests at least every day. Light music and a disco ball will turn this room into a real mini-club.

Basement Finishing is so Important

Movie fans and gamers will be delighted by the media center located in the basement. You can hang a large screen on the wall, put a game console next to it, and hang three-way speakers around the room. Free space can be filled with comfortable armchairs, sofas and low tables, and the floor can be covered with a warm and fluffy carpet. This room will become your favorite place in the house.

What can Be Placed in the Basement of a Private House

Be sure basement finishing and remodeling is an effective thing. Having planned the interior of the basement in a private house, you can turn it into a useful and cozy room:

In the basement, you can equip a sports corner for children, a games room and even a gym.

If space permits, you can set up billiards.

The basement can be turned into a home cinema, you don’t even need to arrange additional blackouts. Hang a large screen on the wall, place a good audio system. Arrange comfortable sofas or armchairs, a couple of low tables. Place a warm and fluffy carpet on the floor.

It will become a favorite resting place in the house. By the way, you can arrange comfortable hand-made pear chairs. Quite stylish and budget. Take basement finishing services in Chicago and implement all the ideas you have.

If you like company, music, parties, then the basement is perfect for this. Cover the ceiling and walls with soundproofing and install the audio system fearlessly. Complement the interior with a bar, adjustable lighting, install a laser projector. The result will be a mini-club, or something like this.

If you are a wine connoisseur, arrange a wine cellar. Place shelves, wooden barrels. If the room is large enough, a frame pool can be installed and hardened all year round.

In the basement, you can place and equip a study or bedroom.

Small Design Tricks

When decorating the walls, use wallpaper with a vertical pattern. This will visually increase the height of the ceiling. The basement will appear higher.

Choose furniture that is not very bulky, sofas with low backs. Small tables, soft, but not large chairs. You can make a stylish table from pallets.

Mirrors can visually enlarge a small basement space.

The basement of a private house, with the proper approach, can be turned into a cozy and useful room. Go for it and you will succeed.


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Why Finishing a Basement in Chicago is Needful 400x300 1 - Why Finishing a Basement in Chicago is Needful
Home Improvement

Why Finishing a Basement in Chicago is Needful

Basement is in almost every house, but often the owners do not pay much attention to its design. All the old things that are unnecessary are in the basement.

Many Chicago citizens depreciate the importance of their basement, but to no avail. Living space for Chicago is valuable, so the finishing a basement in Chicago is absolutely justified both in terms of comfort and financially.

The basement will significantly expand the living space, to place the room you dreamed of. There is one more advantage we should consider finishing a basement in Chicago makes the whole house more attractive. This is proved by the increased price of the house itself. In case of sale the house will cost more.

How We Can Change Our Basement

If you have a basement, it can be turned into a cozy room, office or even a wine cellar. It only takes a little knowledge and skills in design.

It is worth showing a little imagination and ingenuity, and even an ordinary basement can be turned into a pretty room, where there is space not only for old things.

Basement Design

Basements often have no windows. Therefore, when arranging the basement, it is important to arrange good lighting.

Most often, the basement is given an unenviable place of storage or technical premises. Although, with the right approach, you can place a lot of interesting things here.

Everything will depend on the size of the room, as well as the wishes and hobbies of the owners themselves. In the large basement it is easy to place several pantries or cabinets where old things will be stored, there will be a place for a game room, laundry and even a swimming pool.

Basement Design

Most people try to choose a light color for the walls, this is partly correct, as such shades really expand the space visually. For the basement, where artificial lighting predominates, it is necessary to choose warm shades, as cold ones make the room gray and gloomy.

If you feel sorry for throwing away old things, you can make a basement in the style of Provence.

Keep your Basement Clean

There is hardly a person who likes clutter, so even the basement needs cleanliness. It is desirable to equip a place for storage of old things so that it is possible to find the necessary things easily.

This design is typical of the villages of Provence. Rustic style is quite appropriate for the kitchen and basement laundry, it is also suitable for dressing rooms, pantries, work areas.

Definitely basement finishing and remodeling in Chicago as well as in all America is becoming increasingly popular. The basement becomes a full-fledged part of the house, the condition of which does not differ from the condition of the whole house.

If there is a lot of free space in the basement, then why not equip here, for example, a home theater, gym or games room?

In this case, you should take care of good ventilation and heat. People who will be in the basement for a long time should not feel any discomfort.

Make Your Basement Comfortable

Dampness is also harmful to our health and technical equipment, so it is necessary not only to insulate the room, but also to use anti-fungal materials when performing finishing works.

Minimalism Style in Your Basement

If you want to arrange a home theater in the basement, then keep minimalism.

When designing a home theater, minimalism is quite appropriate. In the viewing area it is enough to place a sofa and a few armchairs, and a coffee table on which you can put a cup of coffee or tea will not hurt.

It is good to hang family photos, posters with your favorite movies or actors on the walls. Such an improvised gallery will fill the space and emphasize the idea of cinema, in addition, the room will not seem too empty.

It is desirable to divide the gym into zones: in one part of the room to place exercise machines, in the other – to equip a place to rest. If the owners are fond of billiards or tennis, then without a game they just can not do.

The green color of the billiard table goes well with brown and yellow shades, this must be taken into account when decorating the floor and walls of the room.

Summing Up

Basement remodeling and finishing is a great solution that will allow you to enjoy life without leaving home.

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