Butcher Block Vs Granite 400x300 1 - Butcher Block Vs Granite: Pros and Cons

Nowadays, homeowners have plenty of options for countertop materials. However, butcher blocks and granite are tough competitors in this list. Granite is popular for its aesthetic and durability, whereas butcher block counters are easy to restore and offer your kitchen a classic look. Want to buy a brand new countertop for your kitchen, but can’t decide which one makes an ideal choice? If yes, this post is for you. Here, you will learn everything about butcher block vs granite – Pros and Cons to make an informed decision. For further details about kitchen countertops, visit https://www.caesarstoneus.com/blog/solid-surface-vs-quartz-countertop-key-differences-you-need-to-know/. Butcher block countertops: ...Read more

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