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List of Trending Live Chat Room Applications for Android or iOS


If you are looking for the best and latest live chat room application for your Android or iOS. Then you are right to visit this page. 

We have used several chat rooms from major companies like Facebook and WhatsApp, but sometimes we just want to look into newer platforms and establish new friends with new people.  

In this article, we will be discussing some of the good ‘get to know other people’ chat applications. There are 10 different chat rooms with different features. 

Here is the list of trending live chat room applications that are suitable to Android or iOS users. The list is not in order of ranking and popularity. 


This application is only available to iOS phones and users. You can make new friends using your iPhone and iPad in an exciting experience. 

FunPokes is known for its “Chat for Strangers – Random Video Chat” with over 1,000 people that are ready to communicate with you as well. Just a few minutes from installing this application and you can have the most exciting conversion. 

The application features thousands of users, age filter in users, private chat room, creates a phonebook for your selected connections, live or realtime chat, video chat, and photo sharing. 

Star Rating out of 5: 4.1 

Reviews: 11K

Age Restriction: 17+

File Size: 56.5

Price: Free


This application is available for Android and iOS phones and users. It is a great application to meet new friends, especially now that everybody is practicing social distancing. 

Omegle is known for its random selection of people to talk to ‘one-on-one’. To keep users safe, chats are anonymous, all personal information is kept private, unless you share your who you really are, and if you don’t feel like chatting anymore you can stop at any time. 

The application features 100% free video call to random people, high quality video call, and user friendly interface. 

Star Rating out of 5: 2.6 

Reviews: 633

Age Restriction: 18+

File Size: 7.50 mb

Price: Free


This application is available for Android and iOS phones and users. It’s best for finding people that you are interested in. There are over 500k people waiting for you to build a wonderful connection. 

Element is known for its beautiful and elegant software design with awesome features. You can make friends with positive and proven results. When you are able to match, you can start to chat with no strings attached, there are also online games and quizzes to make user interaction more engaging and fun. 

The application features advanced online tools for communication, encrypted message, secure file sharing, video chat, and user friendly online tools. 

Star Rating out of 5: 4.0 

Reviews: 2K

Age Restriction: 12+

File Size: 27 mb

Price: Free


This application is available for Android and iOS phones and users. It’s a good platform to establish communication with some random people. 

Mico is known for having interesting live streams, stranger chat, entertaining photos, and live chat. In particular, the application allows you to communicate to people with different languages without having a problem. 

This application features live streaming, live chat, share moments, group live chat, and real-time translation. 

Star Rating out of 5: 4.5 

Reviews: 704K

Age Restriction: 18+

File Size: 52 mb

Price: Free


This application is available for Android and iOS phones and users. It started as an alarm application that offers call service to random people to wake you up. Now, the application give you more, you can ask for opinions, suggestions, and requests.

Wakie is known for the use of live feed boards where the requests are being posted, you also have the freedom to hide or show your personal information. 

This application features creating topics you want to talk about, call to people all over the world, an environment where you can be yourself, special gifts for compliment or gratitude, and clubs or groups for deeper connections.  

Star Rating out of 5: 4.1 

Reviews: 79K

Age Restriction: 12+

File Size: 18 mb

Price: Free


This application is available for Android phones and users only. It’s the only application that supports video chatting features. 

It is known for having similar features with ‘Tinder’, where selecting people can be done with a swipe of your finger. 

This application features free live video chat, live voice chat, text chat, direct video call, select region, select geder, supports fast internet access, safe community, and meeting new people all over the world. 

Star Rating out of 5: 4.3 

Reviews: 369K

Age Restriction: 18+

File Size: 34 mb

Price: Free


This application is available for Android and iOS phones and users. This is a free application with over 5 million downloads in the App store. It allows you to search and establish communication with a new person, anonymously. 

RandoChat is known for its app registration, you don’t need to make a user ID or register your email ID. You can easily download the app and start chatting. 

This application features random or anonymous chatting, no registration, auto delete messages after sending, hides your IP address or location information, and maintains a peaceful environment. 

Star Rating out of 5: 3.3 

Reviews: 58K

Age Restriction: 18+

File Size: 8.2 mb

Price: Free


This application is available for Android and iOS phones and users. Its one of the attractive chat room applications that has a clean design, with over 5 million downloads in the App store. 

Whisper is known for having a huge community that shares their real thoughts, inside scoop, and advice. 

The application features a wonderful online community of users, raw experience, and live chat room. 

Star Rating out of 5: 3.7 

Reviews: 228K

Age Restriction: 12+

File Size: 16 mb

Price: Free


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If you will ask which among these applications would be the best, then we would suggest that: for Android users, Holla would be suitable to people that are new to this type of applications, this also means that it would be best for all. If you are an iOS user, then you should try Omegle or FunPokes.

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CQA Test App on Android 400x300 1 - What is CQA Test App on Android/FAQs And Troubleshoot
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What is CQA Test App on Android/FAQs And Troubleshoot

What is CQA Test App on Android? What are the effects and function in the Androids? The following will quench your desire to know more. CQA test app is simply a quality of monitoring app that is mostly used by Android and Motorola phone developers or manufacturers.

This application cannot be uninstalled but can only be disabled by the user through specific procedures. The App is used to identify production strengths and weakness of the device through evaluation techniques, below are the helpful facts on What is CQA Test App Android.

Importance of CQA Test App on Android

CQA Test App is as essential as any other app in your Android. The only difference is that it’s not entirely disclosed in the main menu contrary to other Apps like the camera. It should always function quietly in your mobile; however, if the App shows up on the main menu, then this calls for immediate action by first reading the displayed section carefully.

Your phone developer, on the other hand, can chip in and have access to all device system information. However, this should not get you worried about your privacy since personal details are excluded from the data.

The App is paramount in the Android since the developer will frequently utilize the App as a tool to monitor the functionality of the Android. Therefore, it’s supposed to run in the background of your phone. Secondly, CQA test app is also used to monitor the functioning of some external components including microphone, loudspeaker, Bluetooth and even if some sensors are functioning well such as touch screen.

CQA Test App is also used by the device developers to make sure that each information included in your phone is up to the necessary Androids guidelines. On the other hand, the App is a determiner on the future android phone models and a total improved aspect which many companies use.

CQA Test App Malfunctioning

Fix CQA Test App Malfunctioning

Once the App appears on the main menu of your device, it may cause some malfunctioning of your phone device which may include, mostly the home button or the recent apps may not appear on the screen, unable to receive incoming calls or the camera may not open even after pressing the power button, you need not worry the following includes guidelines on how to fix your problems,

  • Back up your phone, the highly recommended solution is to back up your device at first to secure necessary information from losing it.
  • Try to force stop the CQA test App; this is archived through, clicking the setting app in your android menu. Then scroll down for app management option tap for more options on your right corner of the device, find the CQA test App choice then finally click force stop and you will have done an excellent job and also saved your Android.
  • A hard reset, this is the process which is believed to work best, you first click setting App on your android main menu. Then back up process follows, it necessary to hit the factory data reset option for your successful procedure. After that, permanently delete all your data along with android settings.

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding the CQA Test App includes,

Can you Uninstall the CQA Test App Safely?

Most of the people would opt to uninstall the CQA Test App permanently of which is impossible, and according to mobile experts, it’s highly discouraged since removing the App may, later on, create issues in your Android and maybe lending to more significant harm, therefore, keeping the App disabled like any other app when not needed is the right option, and also you will be able to get extra space on your device

How can You Download Latest Version of CQA Test App?

If you want to download or install the CQA test App then as per mobile experts, this App is pre-installed with the phone upon purchasing.

You are advised not to delete the App since it is harmless to your phone. Ensure it runs on the background, as stated earlier. This is the only way to know if the device is running safely.

Can you Force Stop the CQA Test App?

Forcing the App to stop is much possible by merely tapping on the setting app on the device then hit the app option followed by clicking clear cache, then reboot process.

What Does the CQA Test Stand for?

The simple way to define CQA is Certified Quality Auditor, and some auditing standards are employed.


In some cases, the developer may temper with the standard functionality of the phone during testing the software apps of the Android hence causing abnormally in the device. You do not need to employ the procedure discussed above, and you will be useful to enjoy your device.

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