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March 29, 2022

Role Of DP While Opening A Demat Account

Is it possible to open a Demat account online without the help of an expert? Clearly, no. Likewise, you can’t deal straight with the market in trading, including stock exchanges (SEBI). Depository participants (DPs) have a role in this.


This mostly makes it easy for the market to administer, but it also provides traders and investors with various alternatives to pick from. Let’s start by establishing a fundamental grasp of depositories and DP.


Depository participation (DP) is an important player in India’s securities trading. It serves a crucial role in the general market economy by offering personal and institutional traders various services. This article shall consider the role and responsibilities of Depository Participants within India. Keep an eye out!


The Security & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) licenses custodial players to offer depository operations to Indian shareholders. A depository user’s job is to serve as a middleman between traders and banks, enabling securities registrations and transference.


They also provide investment portfolios, mutual investment distribution, and IPO facilitation, among other activities. DPS is crucial to India’s financial market growth and significantly enhances investor accessibility to securities.


SEBI has already been trying to improve the laws that regulate DPs to build up their functioning and protect the interests of investors.

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Depository Participants’ Roles


Depository participants, also called DPs, are companies that provide a framework for customers to exchange shares and produce periodical profit and loss reports. DPS demands fees in exchange for keeping investor securities in a dematerialized state.


A depository user’s job is to operate as a go-between between investment and your Demat account. This enables shareholders to enjoy a more simplified experience while trading shares since the DP will handle all essential services.


Brokerage firms, banks, non-banking commercial institutions (NBFCs), plus any similar type of entity approved by the Stocks and Markets Commission of India (SEBI), can be designated as DPs (SEBI). As a result, investors must examine the many DPs accessible and choose the one that ideally matches their requirements.


Open a Demat account with a DP.


Below are the advantages that a shareholder can have when they open a Demat account with the help of a DP;


  1. Without paying any customs duty, shares can be exchanged instantaneously. It lowers transaction costs and eliminates paper labour associated with securities transfers.
  2. There is a statement of candidacy mechanism for optimal protection. Just one nomination is permitted, and the candidate could also be a teenager.
  3. Some measures allow for automated execution of announcements like stock splits, consolidations, and mergers in a Demat account.
  4. When an individual’s location with a Depository Participant (DP) has to be changed, the change is made via an automated device, plus it is concurrently recorded with all businesses whose shares the investor owns. It is not necessary to communicate with each company independently.
  5. All assets in stocks, debentures, treasuries, and treasury bonds are kept in such a checking account.
  6. The DP might do so without notifying the relevant enterprises when it comes to transferring shares.
  7. With the aid of this automated device, any danger associated with physical certifications may be prevented.
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Operators of a bank, such as NSDL and CDSL, are depository partners. A bank issues them an operating permit under the requirements of The Financial institution’s Act, 1996. An individual new to the share market must approach a bank operator to open a Demat account.


The individual’s acquired stocks are stored in the custodial user’s account; however, the client retains the only principal shareholder of the securities. The bank member pays or debits the Demat and trading account when a purchase or sell activity occurs.




The importance of depository participants when you want to open a Demat account in the securities market cannot be overstated. Currently, all types of share price trading activities are carried out online, as well as the majority of a depository’s architecture is made up of computer devices. This article has walked you through the responsibilities of a Depository Participant (DP) while creating a Demat Account.


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