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August 22, 2021

Remote jobs: our new future?

Remote work is a way of interaction between an employee and an employer, in which all activities are carried out online. Due to the recent events related to the coronavirus epidemic, working from home has become a common practice and a necessity that saves many businesses.

The most common cases when a team (or part of it) needs to work remotely:

  • Personal circumstances of employees such as illness, maternity leave, or the need to work on vacation.
  • Quarantine.
  • There is no physical office.

According to surveys among many users, more than 55% of employees do not mind continuing to work outside their offices after the end of quarantine. Employees increasingly expect employers to work remotely.

Pros of remote job for business organizations:

At the same time, remote work has a number of advantages for both employees and company owners:

  • Flexibility. Completing tasks is usually not limited to working hours.
  • Mobility. Hiring new employees gets cheaper and faster.
  • Reducing the cost of sick leave. Even if the employees are ill, they can continue to work at home without spreading the illness.
  • Saving on rental and office expenses.
  • The stable business operation even in times of pandemic.
  • The ability to attract employees from other cities or countries to work in the company. You can hire real professionals, no matter where they live.
  • Workerswho work from home tend to be more productive. After all, remote work attracts people capable of self-organization who know how to take personal responsibility.
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Cons of remote job for business organizations:

  • A lack of skills among some employees.
  • The need for external access to company resources can lead to data loss, confidential information, and cyber-attack.
  • Technical inconsistency of employees’ equipment.

The most popular professions for working remotely are IT specialists, tutors, call center operators, SMM specialists, copywriters, designers, journalists, designers, and quality assurance engineers. However, employees with other professions can also find a remote job. Today, we will talk about the most popular remote professions.

  1. Foreign language tutor

In our world, a large number of people desire to learn a new foreign language. As a rule, a new foreign language opens lots of new opportunities for people. It is needed for students, travelers, and people who regularly come into contact with different foreign partners. Nowadays, you do not need to attend school or offices to learn English or other foreign languages because lessons can be conducted via Skype, Google Meet, Viber, and other platforms.

  1. Copywriter

While being a copywriter, you have to write lots of unique texts for different blogs and websites. Experts consider this kind of job to be the best example of remote work. There are several types of copywriting: rewriting (when we paraphrase other articles to write one unique) and general copywriting (when we write the article from scratch). They have a number of differences and require different levels of knowledge from the employee. The remuneration for work is entirely different and depends on many different factors.

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The most essential qualities required by a copywriter are:

  • High literacy level.
  • The ability to express thoughts adequately.
  • Patience and perseverance.
  • Excellent writing skills and sentence structure.
  • And the crucial thing is to write honestly and clearly.

The fact is that articles should be not only correct in terms of spelling and grammar but also be relevant to the topic. If writing is your passion, and you are ready to write lots of interesting articles, then a copywriter career will be very promising for you.


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