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August 16, 2021

How To Record Bounced Check In QuickBooks – Easy Way?

Bounced checks — whether the ones you receive from clients or the ones you wrote yourself — can pass an extended manner in phrases of skewing your economic information. When you learn how to record a bounced Check in QuickBooks? you decrease the possibilities of getting your economic data to show errors.

Right here’s a step-through-step guide on how to correctly file a bounced test in QuickBooks online to make certain your economic records are properly documented.

What is A Bounced Check?

A bounced test is a check that a customer writes to you as a fee for items or services, besides the take a look at is lower back to the customer due to the fact there aren’t enough funds with How To Record Bounced Check In QuickBooks – Easy Way? in the customer’s account to cowl the take a look at. And Know more Toobiggie.

  • Or within the opposite case, it’s a take a look at you wrote to a vendor to pay for items or services, however, you didn’t have enough cash in your financial institution account to cover the take a look at.
  • In maximum cases, the financial institution where they take a look at changes into issued will pull the budget lower back from the recipient’s bank account and credit score the finances into the provider’s account.
  • Of direction, this could lead to a ripple effect of troubles for your financial institution account if your customer’s bounced take a look at makes your checking account pass into the bad.

Further, most banks fee a rate of $30 or more for a bounced take a look at. This fee can purpose frustration because you as a commercial enterprise owner don’t have any control over whether or not a purchaser writes a take a look at in order to bounce.

You have got absolutely no manage as to receiving a bounced take a look at from a consumer unless you keep away from accepting checks altogether. The important thing in dealing with bounced checks so that they have less effect on the accuracy of your monetary statistics is to make sure the bounced check is reflected properly in QuickBooks Undeposited Funds.

The way to document A Bounced test a person Wrote You In QuickBooks

Recording a bounced check in QuickBooks online entails a number of steps due to the fact you’ve got to “undo” the money you didn’t come to be receiving in numerous locations. In addition, you’ve got to account for any fees the financial institution charged your account for the bounced take a look at.

Whilst you get hold of a bounced takes a look at from a customer, you’ll want to take the subsequent steps.

Step 1: Un-apply The charge From The client’s invoice

Chances are, you’ve got already carried out the preliminary deposit against the purchaser bill. We want to ensure the client bill balance returns to a status of notable.

  • Navigate to the customer section of QuickBooks online.
  • Discover the right patron.
  • Open up the previous payment.
  • Uncheck the box to the left of the bill for which this fee turned into formerly carried out.
  • This could create an “amount to credit score”.
  • Save and near.

Step 2: Create a brand new invoice under The patron’s name To Account For The Bounced test.

We want to make certain we are able to maintain the song of bounced tests, both in the bank account and underneath the consumer name. We do this by creating a brand new bill for the authentic sale.

  • Underneath the client, select “New transaction” and “invoice”.
  • Below product/provider, type in Bounced take a look at. Create a new object, if wanted. This item has to be mapped to your checking account (the account to which you deposit tests too).
  • Update the date to the date of the unique deposit.
  • Replace the invoice quantity to encompass “BOUNCED” within the field.
  • Add the quantity of the original deposit.
  • Shop and near.

Step 3: apply unique Bounced payment To The BOUNCED invoice.

Through now, the steps we’ve taken can have put the original invoice as exceptional and reduced the deposit to your bank account ledger to zero. Now, it’s time to apply the unique bounced fee to the bounced invoice.

  • Open the bounced payment from below the consumer area.
  • Apply this charge to the bounced bill by way of selecting the check box to the left.
  • Keep and close.

Step 4: file Any bank costs Issued due to The Bounced test.

Unluckily, occasionally banks fee costs on a bounced exams. That is an expense to your business’s account and wishes to be recorded.

  • Pick “New” and then “expense”, beneath the seller column.
  • Placed the payee because the financial institution called.
  • Pick out the bank account to which the charge became charged below “price Account”.
  • Upload the data you have been charged the rate.
  • Under “category”, you’ll need to select financial institution costs & prices, or a similarly named account. If you do now not have one already set up, you may need to achieve this.
  • Within the description, write identifying data for the rate.
  • Input the amount of the fee.
  • Save and close.

Step 5: bill The financial institution charges your client, in case you So pick.

Maximum agencies will pick out to pass this rate along to the purchaser for whom the bounced check occurred. If you pick out to do this, observe these steps.

  • Go returned to the customer’s segment and locate the authentic invoice.
  • Open up the original bill.
  • Upload a brand new line to the bill with the product/provider of “bank charge for Bounced take a look at”. Create a new object, if needed. This item should be mapped to the category you chose in Step three above.
  • Resend this invoice to the customer. Store and ship.
  • If you select not to add this price onto the consumer’s stability due, just resend the bill as is.
  • In any case those steps, you’ll have resolved a bounced customer payment.

A way to approach Your customer when they Wrote You A test That Bounced

So you’ve resolved the problem of the bounced take a look at it in QuickBooks. How do you approach the consumer that wrote you the bounced check? Step one is to technique them gingerly.


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Finding out you wrote a bounced test to a dealer is embarrassing. Your patron will be even greater embarrassed if monetary problems have been guilty for the bounced take a look at it.


If this is the first time your consumer gave you a check that bounced, mercy and compassion are important. Permit the purchaser to recognize that you understand and that there are no difficult feelings.


But, if that is the second one or 0.33 times this client has sent you a check that bounced you could want to take a closer technique. If you feel cozy, you can ask the purchaser if you could assist in any manner.


In case your offers to assist are to no avail and you’ve got repeated times of bounced tests, you could need to change your coverage and ensure the fee clears earlier than you deliver your products or services to the consumer. Or require that the client pays thru a more assured approach, along with a money order or credit card.


In worst-case situations, you might choose to quit doing enterprise with that patron altogether. Dealing with a bounced check with a consumer takes a balance of grace and wisdom: grace for a one-off or quick-term situation; expertise in making sure your organization loses as little money as possible because of a client’s bounced take a look at.

How to record A Bounced test You Wrote In QuickBooks

While you accidentally write a check to a vendor and it bounces, you need to ensure you take appropriate steps to record the mistake.


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In essence, when this happens you’ll repeat the system above, only beneath the seller section and in this order:

  • Un-How To Record Bounced Check In QuickBooks? and apply the charge from the vendor’s bill
  • Create a brand new Bounced invoice beneath the carriers to Account for the Bounced take a look at.
  • Practice original Bounced fee to the BOUNCED invoice.
  • Upload the bank price in your dealer bill, in case your dealer exceeded it alongside.
  • Pay the invoice due out of your vendor while the problem is resolved and the cash is in your account.
  • When you as a commercial enterprise proprietor bounce a test to a supplier, it is able to be beneficial to name the vendor and make an apology. Each person knows that errors take place, so as long as bouncing tests isn’t a habit, maximum companies will probably forgive and forget the incident if it’s far resolved quickly.


Recording bounced tests and accompanying prices as it should be is crucial because it allows ensuring the accuracy of your bills Receivable and accounts Payable facts. Similarly, doing so offers you an accurate photo of which invoices had been paid and which have now not.



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