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February 21, 2022

Perks and Ideas of a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Massage chairs are a great way to relax and enjoy a massage at home. Today, high-quality massage chairs are equipped with a variety of advanced features such as S-Track and L-Track rollers, casters, automated programming, airbags, multiple massage techniques, and gravity-free positioning.

Weightlessness positioning is one of the most popular features of zero gravity massage chairs, but what does “weightlessness positioning” really mean and why is it such a coveted feature?

What is Weightless Positioning?

The position of Zero Gravity is inspired by scientists because it mimics the location of astronauts jumping into space. The Zero-G position used by scientists was carefully designed by engineers to evenly distribute weight throughout the body. During the launch, the astronaut’s body is exposed to great stress and pressure as it leaves the Earth’s atmosphere. Sitting in a reclining position can withstand weightless pressure and minimize pain.

How does Zero Gravity Reclining Work?

So how is weightlessness transformed into a full-body massage chair? When the weightless mode is selected, the massage chair places the user in a reclining position where the thighs are relative to the back for maximum comfort and minimal pressure. Weightlessness or zero gravity usually has two stages – in the second stage, the user is further returned and the legs are placed above the height of the heart. Through this, the blood flow will increase, which can also help the body and heart.

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Zero Gravity Chair for Outdoors

As the name implies, these are chairs intended for outdoor, patio, and backyard use. Usually, these are minimal chairs that resemble a stationary hammock. It doesn’t have much cushioning or looks, but it’s convenient for relaxing in the garden on weekends.

Indoor Weightless Chair

These chairs are much more feature-rich than outdoor chairs. They are available in different trim levels, colors, fabrics, and structures. They are often similar to reclining chairs, but with more features than traditional reclining chairs.

What Are The Benefits Of Weightlessness Positioning?

All the features built into the full-body massage chair are designed to provide optimal comfort and peace of mind to the person sitting in the chair. Weightless positioning in particular offers many good body benefits, including:

  • Weightless positioning reduces back pain

People put pressure and stress on the spine all day long. Weightlessness can relieve back pain by relieving the strain on the user’s spine.

  • Zero gravity also increases blood flow

When sitting in weightlessness, the user’s feet are at heart level, increasing blood flow throughout the body. It can help the heart, muscles, and arteries. Not only does increased blood flow help us feel healthier, but people will also look healthier because increased blood flow helps the skin.

  • Zero gravity can also reduce swelling
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Weightlessness helps reduce swelling as blood flows through the body.

  • Zero gravity can help to breathe

Lying flat on the surface can make breathing difficult. Weightlessness supports the body and helps open the airways. Weightlessness can help people suffering from asthma and sleep apnea.

  • Zero gravity maximizes comfort and relaxation

All of the above benefits help the body achieve optimal relaxation and comfort. This is, it is recommended for people to invest in zero gravity massage chairs.


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