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July 26, 2021

What Are The Best Ways To Develop An On-demand Custom Bike Taxi App?

There were days when public transportation was the more affordable and convenient way to travel. But then, transportation apps for ride-hailing services were introduced, which seems to be more affordable. Thus, the scenario of taxi booking and cabs were changed. 

Globally, ride-hailing apps are performing well in the market. Then, people thought of the need for an alternative to these taxi apps. When traveling long distances, people might take a taxi cab. But for reaching a nearby destination, taxi cabs are a bit too expensive. Hence, the concept of bike taxi apps came into existence. 

Bike taxi apps are quite common and popular in metropolitan cities. People prefer booking their bike rides to reach their destination in a short duration. These apps are very much prevalent in various top metropolitan cities.  

Ideas and trends are never like before. They are abundant in numbers. All you need is to grab the existing situations to grow your business ideas. To help you a little about bike taxi apps, I have thrown light on developing a customized bike taxi app. I hope you will have a better understanding of this. 

How are bike taxi apps booming in the market?

Ride-hailing apps are the most promising way of transporting. Over time, people started feeling it too much to afford for them to reach a nearby destination. Generally, cars charge a lot more for maintenance than bikes. So, the cost for the rides will also vary. 

For a destination not so far from their place of origin, hiring a taxi will cost more. But then, if they opt for bike taxis, it will be fine for them to spend. 

When analyzing the demand for bike taxi apps, the Asia Pacific region records the highest number of users. The convenience of commuting and their low-cost fares have made people go crazy over these bike taxi apps. The bike taxi market in the Asia-pacific region is forecasted to register a CAGR of over 25.0 percent during 2020-2025. 

How does a bike taxi app work?

A bike taxi app revolves around two people- the drivers and the users. The users can find their bike rides through the app by entering their location details. I have listed out the clear-cut steps involved in riding in a bike taxi app to have a clear outlook. 

  • The users can download their app from either the Play Store or the App Store. Followed by that, they will create their profile with their username. 
  • The app will verify the users, and after that, they can proceed with booking their rides. Firstly, they will enter their location and drop-off address in the app. 
  • Once an address is entered, the app will search for rides near the pick-up locations. 
  • The app will circulate the order request to the nearby drivers. So, the interested drivers will accept the ride request. 
  • Once the drivers accept the ride request, notifications carrying details about the ride will be sent to the users. 
  • At the end of the trip, the users will pay for the ride and rate their rides. 

Steps to develop an on-demand bike taxi app software 

Over the years, taxi booking apps were quite popular among people to schedule their rides. Now, it’s time for entrepreneurs like you to think beyond. The next app to go on trends are the bike taxi apps. 

Investing in bike taxi app development will surely be one of your biggest moves towards your business. There are several app development companies that are into cloned app development. You can approach them for your bike taxi dispatch software. One best thing is that you can customize the app the way you want. 

Enticing features to include in your on-demand bike taxi app. 

A well-functioning bike taxi app should have the following features, 

Easy booking 

Long haul booking process will not attract more users to your app. So, implement easy booking steps where they can book their rides swiftly. 

Flawless tracking system 

A perfect bike taxi app should have a perfect tracking system. This will help the users to track their rides and know their exact ETA. 

Rate and reviews 

To make your users feel comfortable with your app, the only way is to let them share their thoughts. So, provide an option for them to rate their experience with the rides. This will help you run your business in the long run. 


This is one of the important features of an app, and one cannot miss including this feature in their apps. The app should notify its users about their trips and other alert messages. 

Multiple payment options 

Post-covid people are increasingly preaching about cashless transactions. So encourage your users to opt for the same. You can also provide a list of options like card payments, net banking, mobile wallets, etc.,

Wrapping up,

Even though the restrictions are lifted in many countries, still people are conscious about taking up public transportations. If not public transport, then what will be their mode of transport? Absolutely, they depend on transportation apps to schedule their rides. Bike taxi apps are the emerging options among people to book their rides. 

For entrepreneurs like you, this opportunity is like the icing on the cake. You can grab this chance to launch your bike taxi app.

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