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July 16, 2021

Make Your House Great With These AC Tips

Have you ever wondered how to make the most of your home air conditioner? Worry not for there are tips and tricks to improve its work efficiency. Whether you’re using one unit for the entire house or a separate air conditioner for each room, it’s essential to know some pointers when it comes to increasing the overall performance of your AC.

By ensuring that your AC is functioning well, you’ll be able to enjoy numerous benefits. You’ll see a reduction in your utility bills.  Also with a prepaid power plan and competitive rates, like the Ambit energy rates, you’ll always be aware of your electricity use and costs, prompting you to limit your AC use when it’s unnecessary.You can also get to enjoy the right temperature you need from your AC. All these and even more perks are possible when you keep your AC well taken care of.

To do that, here are some invaluable tips worth considering:

Make Your House Great With These AC Tips

  • Clean Your AC

The first thing you need to do to ensure your AC will perform adequately to your family’s needs is to ensure its cleanliness. It’s best to schedule a regular time to clean the entire unit. Don’t limit cleaning only to the places that your eyes can see.

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If you’re familiar with the parts, ensure that even the hidden details and areas can be cleaned too. With a small brush, vacuum your AC unit’s fins. However, be very careful as these fins are fragile and easy to bend. It’s appropriate to know how to remove them accordingly, so read your manual’s instructions first.

Make sure you clean all around the condenser unit too. Cleaning and clearing away debris will optimize the performance of your AC unit. If you’re not confident about doing the cleaning, though, it’s best to leave this task to be performed by a professional like DM Select Services – Ashburn Air Conditioning Service and others located in your area.

  • Make Use Of Any Shade

Leaving your doors and windows open could result in the conditioned air in your home escape. You may not realize its significance, but this will result in your AC working harder to generate cool air, but you won’t ever feel it in your living space.

If it’s hot outside, keep your curtains and blinds closed to keep the warmth from entering your home.

Filter Changes Once per year

This is one of the most common myths and is likely to have arisen from keen salespeople telling you how great their systems are and how little looking after they need.

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The simple truth is that the filter captures dust and other particles. On a standard system it will need change 3-4 times a year. If you don’t change it the dust builds up, blocking the filter and cause the air conditioner to strain. This shortens its life and increases the risk of it breaking down.

Additionally, if you have a HEPA filter you should be planning to change it every 2 months. So search for air conditioning repair Denver CO to come across the best service in town

  • Utilize A Programmable Thermostat

Today, programmable thermostats are said to be an absolute necessity in the state of AC technology. You can set a programmable thermostat to automatically lower the temperature when you need it most and save money while reducing your cooling costs without having to monitor the setting constantly.

  • Check To Ensure That Your AC Pipes Are Unclogged

Air pipelines should be free of obstructions. In the case of an inefficient AC, it’s always a good idea to double-check the intake and discharge piping before considering replacing or repairing your AC unit. Sometimes, debris and clogs are the reasons why your AC isn’t functioning efficiently. Make sure that the intake isn’t mounted above another vent as hot air can come out and enter the air conditioner.

  • Consider Using An In-House Fan

For more than a century, fans have kept indoor spaces cool. This conventional method still works for your home. Attics cooled by fans are said to pull cooler air from outside. Air then travels through attic vents and is pushed into the house through open doors and windows.

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A rapid air exchange removes built-up heat and creates a pleasant breeze. This can take place within seconds. Even ordinary fans can replicate the roles of ventilating and allowing air to move freely everywhere without keeping your AC on for long times.

  • Regularly Clean Or Change Your Filters

Your filters need to be replaced if you want to ensure your AC function smoothly. While this seems pretty standard, you should never forget to change your filters about once a month when you’re frequently running your AC at home. Dirty filters are believed to influence the capacity of how excellent your AC can be.

  • Turn It On Low

Keeping your AC unit in a low setting is said to be the best if you plan to keep it on for long. It’s believed that frequently switching your AC on and off can affect its performance and increase electricity bills. Follow this tip and it’ll save you energy and money too.

  • Ensure That Your Home Doesn’t Have Leaks And Holes

Another valuable tip to ensure your AC’s quality is at its best is to check your home’s condition. Look out for some holes because those will significantly impact the performance of your AC. Check your ventilation areas and other hidden corners of your home to check if there are spots where air leaks. Have them concealed to not allow conditioned air from escaping.

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Your air conditioning system doesn’t have to cost a lot to maintain. Maintaining your HVAC system in top working order and knowing how to repair each part will help you stay relaxed and comfortable any time you need to.

Regular maintenance and using the tips described above can save you money and reduce the chances of experiencing a problem with your system. When your AC is running well, you’ll have a more comfortable home for you and your family.


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