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November 25, 2021

Is Glass Partition Safe or Not?

Glass is an excellent material for office or apartment decoration. However, it is very rare that a designer who deals with offices will lean in favor of glass. Many are afraid that glass has no strength, but these fears are in vain because modern glass is very durable and can withstand even a blow with something heavy.

An example of such impact resistant glass is offered by CommercialGlassPartitions.com, the company manufacturing glass partition walls for offices. Today, the article will focus on the strength and safety of glass office walls.

How Safe Are Glass Partition Walls For Offices?

In order to understand how safe glass partitions from CommercialGlassPartitions.com are, you need to consider the physical properties of glass:

  • The density of glass depends primarily on its chemical composition. The most durable are those types of glass partitions, which contain lead or bismuth oxide. The question immediately arises as to whether it is possible to increase the strength of the glass? The answer is yes, you can. One way to increase the strength is by hardening the glass using ion exchange.
  • Glass hardness. This physical property depends on the impurities in the glass. Quartz glass has the highest hardness. It is usually used for office partitions.
  • Low temperatures can affect the fragility of the glass: they prevent it from resisting external influences. This problem can be solved by adding bromine to the glass composition.
  • Glass also has aesthetic properties and can even become a marketing element, so it looks good.
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Having understood the physical properties, it is important to understand that glass is not a crystal vase, it can be quite durable. Glass partitions are completely safe for the office or home, especially if they are equipped with such property as impact resistance.

In Which Office Areas Should Be Installed Glass Partitions?

The question of where to put partition walls for the office is still relevant now. The most popular options are a relaxation room or a conference room.

The main rule: everything should be beautiful behind the glass. That is, you cannot put up glass walls and still leave a mess inside.

What Size Should Glass Be?

Another important point is the size of the wall. Designers provide many options for decorating your office. One option is to make the meeting rooms completely glass, or you can highlight a wall or element by making glass inserts.

CommercialGlassPartitions.com offers a wide variety of glass office partitions.

The highest bidder you will be asked for is a three-walled glass system, which goes up to $ 4,500. However, it is fully justified by the quality. The company also provides the ability to customize the walls: choose the size and color that you like. The company also gives the opportunity to make partitions according to your dimensions.

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Glass partitions are a wonderful design element for offices. Such walls can attract attention and even cheer up. You can order a single-walled glass system or customize it yourself: choose the size, color, and even the thickness of the glass.


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