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Is a Smart Garage Door Opener Worth It?

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Technology has advanced so much that we can seamlessly rely on it and worry less. Anyone who has a habit of forgetting things knows the feeling of keeping the garage open and traveling back to close the door. We can take advantage of an intelligent garage door for convenience and safety.

The smart garage door opener enables you to open the garage door without touching single physical buttons. It takes the technology to the next level and lets your smartphone work as a door opener. Also, the sensor fitted to the garage door senses your car and opens without lag and delay.

You can as well set security features like scanning the vehicle and authenticating it to open the garage door. The wirelessly integrated door opener works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

Mechanical garage doors are vulnerable, and anyone can get past its entrance. If you recently picked up a new car, you will certainly love the investment and guard it against damages and theft. If you are looking to buy a car, you can get plenty full of used car options in the market.

The advantage of buying a used car comes with depreciated value and a wide variety of models to choose from. Before you make up your mind to make a purchase, get a comprehensive Revs Check history report of the vehicle.

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A well-conditioned used car performs seamlessly as you would expect with the new car. A history report provides you an insight into the financial status, written-off details, and stolen report of the car. From now on, you will not fall into the trickery of a bad dealership.

 Garage Door Opener

Reasons you should install smart garage opener right now

Remember the last time your mechanical door’s battery went off, the number of times you forgot to close the door and have to run back to shut it. Having an intelligent garage opener leverage your freedom and safety. Here are five reasons you should think about while installing a smart garage opener in no time.

1. Open and close the door anytime from anywhere

You can use your smartphone to control garage doors, hence the smart garage opener. The smartphone and the system inside the smart door synchronize with each other allowing you to open and close it from anywhere.

Imagine all you wanted to make your home a smart home is now complete with the intelligent garage opener’s installment. Moreover, the system alerts you if the door is opened for too long and asks to close it. You are risking nothing when you don’t forget to close the door.

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2. It keeps track of people

Do you worry if your teen goes home in time safely? The smart garage door can log the information of people coming and going from the garage and notify parents.

You can open the door in a single tap if a babysitter arrives home, but you are far away. The smart door can authenticate and authorize people and let the trusted one in.

3. Security

Suppose you live in an area where there occur frequent break-ins and robbery. It would be best if you had taken precautions before you become a victim. If you have an attached garage and most comings and goings are done through the garage, the smart garage opener ensures home safety.

Every day millions of home deliveries get stolen. With a smart door, you can set a voice command to ask a delivery boy to slide packages into the garage, and later you can close it with your smartphone.

4. Fewer accidents

The mechanical doors require carbon monoxide and smoke to operate. Excess of these gaseous particles can cause adverse health issues.

The intelligent garage can sense smoke in the garage and alert the owner to take immediate action. The traditional garage door opener also requires batteries which sometimes can short-circuit and fire the garage. On the other hand, smart garages lessen accidents as they are in an electrically controlled environment.

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5. Temperature alert

A smart garage door opener not only opens and closes the door but also alerts the owner if things are cold or hot inside. The temperature monitoring sensors inside the garage are great during winter and harsh sunny days. Too much cold or too much hot is terrible for automobiles; thus, the smart garage door opener helps maintain them.

Now you should have a couple of reasons to install smart garage door openers in your house. The technology lets you take complete control of your garage and ultimately helps to secure from break-ins.

You can connect the smart garage door opener with your smartphone and the smart home toolkits like Apple Home pod, Google Home, Alexa, and many more. Having a smart garage door opener finds peace of your mind the next time you forget to close the garage.

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