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April 21, 2021

Investing in Electric Bikes For Commuting

Take your commute to the next level with a stunning electric classic ladies bike or men’s bike. Electric bicycles offer a great way to get to work on time while still avoiding a fossil fuel dependency. Explore the benefits of an e-bike commute and how to shop for a quality ride online.

Benefits of Electric Bikes For Commuting

The best electric bike for beginners offers a comfortable way to get to work and back home. Heading to work on two wheels offers a great way to avoid using fuel and harming the environment. Two-wheeled commutes also give you the opportunity to fit a workout in your busy day.

Of course, there are limitations to a traditional bike commute. If your workplace is miles away, you may not have the stamina or the time to pedal your way there and back day after day. Most cyclists have to switch to a car commute if they sleep in or need to be to work early.

An electric bicycle balances a great pedal workout with a quick commute speed. Hit top speeds up to 28 miles per hour as you pedal and have a 500-watt motor assist your efforts. The best electric bike under 1000 offers pedal-assist mode up to 40 miles, which means you could ride up to 20 miles to work and make it home before needing a recharge.

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Many cyclists struggle with daily commutes that involve hills. Don’t let a little elevation force you to travel to work in your car. Switch over to the full electric mode on your electric bicycle to easily cruise up a hill. This powerful motor may use more power going up a hill, but it gives you the strength you need to crush your commute.

How To Choose Your e-Bike

What’s the perfect electric bike for you? Choose a bicycle with the following features:

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Powerful motor
  • Ergonomic riding style
  • Ride to fit your body type
  • Stylish look

Not all electric bicycles offer the dependable power you need. Choose one with a 250-watt motor and lithium-ion battery for reliable performance. Consider a 500-watt option if you’re traveling long distances or commuting across hilly terrain.

A motor and battery are the most obvious features to compare with electric bikes, but don’t forget your own comfort. A comfortable commuter bike needs to have an ergonomic riding style for your height and body type.

Consider electric bikes for tall riders if most bicycles are too short for your frame. A beach cruiser is a great electric bicycle frame style, because it balances the pure speed of an electric motor with the comfortable positioning of a cruiser. Hybrid e-bikes are also popular because they can take weekend adventures on dirt trails. This gives you more excuses to take out your e-bike.

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Shop Online for a Better Commute

Don’t exhaust yourself on your commute or give up on cycling. Shop for an electric bike to get to work on time and enjoy the ride. Compare brands and styles to find an eco-friendly ride that fits your personality and sense of adventure.


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