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February 7, 2021

Interesting Co-ord Set Ideas For Every Mood | Fashion Guide

Remember Taylor Swift matching an orange bandeau skirt with pink top while walking on the red carpet of the 58th Grammy Award? Her look set the ball rolling as she proved that one need not be always embellished for the big events.

That’s spot on! Two piece skirt set has always been women’s top pick for their wardrobe. After all, it let one relish comfort, modesty, individuality, and charm at the same time.

Indeed, two-piece or co-ord sets are becoming the hottest trend, the fashion industry is leaving no stones unturned to bring-in their ample assortments. Now, it is time for you to take full advantage of it and jazz up your look to flaunt the cute and flirty style.

Jump in to know the interesting ideas for co-ord sets that will match best to your mood!

Interesting Co-ord Set Ideas For Every Mood

  • For Sexy Vibes

No doubt, a little one-piece dress does wonder when you wish to look sexy for a date night or special occasion. But this is not just it. Likewise, hollywood celeb or fashion influencers, you can too achieve the sexy vibes by decking-out uniquely in two-piece.

For this mood of yours, it is suggested to opt for something like a halter neck crop top and skin fit pant coordinated with a pair of stilettos. The style will fit in your body like a glove, while flattering your figure. To go minimally sexy, you can complement your look with simple studs.

  • For Casual Chic Statement

While going casual for your routine, you can still be a trend-setter by cherry-picking simple yet trendy two piece sets for women. Though you might already have florals and stripes patterns in your wardrobe, better would be to choose something exclusive like an all-over tie-dye set.

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The best part about this style is that it goes well with all types of seasons. Tie-dye pant coordinated with a hoodie in fall or winters and crop top in summer is something you would not like to miss. Don’t forget to wear a pair of sneakers to be a casual chic.

  • For Pretty Party Look

Imagine having all eyes on you at the nightclub party or friendly night bash! Surprisingly, you can turn your fascination into reality with the exclusive sequin two piece pant set. This is the best choice for fashionistas who like to add a touch of bling in their look, while ditching the regular colours and plain patterns.

You can complement your look with a pair of transparent or black stilettos without much accessorizing with jewelry.

  • For Cute Charisma

In the world full of sexy stunners, there are a few girls who still yearns to look cute. It is why couture in pastel hues are taking the market by storm. You can also take such pleasure in a two-piece skirt set with a solid pattern.

Off-shoulder tops and mini-length skirts in any pastel shade will make you look as cute as a piece of candy. Thus, be ready to feast every eye in spring and summer by pairing the set with a pair of sneakers and simple studs.

  • For Fabulous Fitness Style

The world is full of fitness freaks cum fashion mongers. And, the best part is that the apparel industry has a lot in store for such seekers.

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Two piece legging sets are the best option to workout in style. Along with making you look fabulous, these also provide enough stretchability during jogging, running, cycling, or weight training. Pair it with the sports shoes or sneakers to complete the fabulous fitness style.

Ready To Ace The Co-ord Game?

Be it pant suits, legging sets or skirt-top, the world is going crazy over co-ord dressing games to achieve the modest and mesmerizing style. If you too dream to jump in the bandwagon, update your wardrobe with the trending two-piece set and be a showstopper.

Match up right to be mind-blowing!


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