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August 2, 2021

Important Tips to Increase Deep Sleep For Overall Wellness

Moreover, the brain waves slow down giving it a name of slow-wave deep sleep. However, this phase lasts for a very short time. But there are ways to increases deep sleep phase.

Very minute changes in your routine have drastic effects on your deep sleep phase. That is what you’ll be reading in this article. Let’s dive a little deeper into the matter. Read on.

yoga to sleep fast

Simple Tips to Increase Deep Sleep Phase

1. Regular Workout

There is nothing secretive in having a daily workout session. Studies show that regular exercise helps you fall asleep. Furthermore, sweating caused by regular workouts removes any toxins embedded in your body. Hence, to increase deep sleep phase, you should include regular workouts into your routine.

2. Practice Yoga

The simplest and most effective way to increase deep phase is to practice yoga. Not only it helps you find the core of your mind and body but also channels energy in your body. Moreover, people practice yoga to sleep fast after a tiring day.

What you should do is include different elements of yoga for different days. This way, you explore different dimensions of your life along with working on your sleeping patterns. Practicing yoga also mends various sleeping disorders.

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3. Minimize Coffee Intake

Caffeine is the number one element that keeps you awake throughout the night. So, if you want to experience a deep sleep and increase deep sleep phase, you should avoid having caffeine before going to sleep. Make sure you don’t have anything having caffeine in it at least 7 hours before going to sleep.

In case you feel the need to have something to remain awake, consider having lemon water. You can also add honey to it if you like it sweet.

4. No Alcohol Before Sleep

Even though alcohol helps you fall asleep, but, the problem arises with remaining asleep throughout the night. Hence, it is recommended that you should avoid alcohol intake before going to sleep. It is because the sedative effect of alcohol wears out after your body is done processing it.

In turn, your body feels restless, tired, or worn out once the alcohol effects go away. Thus, you end up waking up in the middle of the night. Hence, it abruptly interferes deep sleep phase. That is the reason you tend to have a hangover or you wake up feeling tired or flushed out.

5. Relax Your Body & Mind

A busy day routine squeezes every pint of energy from your body. Hence, you might fall asleep faster but your body or mind does not get complete relaxation. As a result, you don’t experience the deep sleep phase much.

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That is where making a relaxing routine for your body or mind helps you out in a long run. It releases all the mental and physical tension from your body. Hence, you easily curb the sleep anxiety that gives you access to the deep sleep phase. So, to increase deep sleep phase, you should incorporate a relaxing routine in your life.

6. Convert Bedroom to Sleep Haven

The environment in which you sleep has a major role in deciding how well you’ll sleep. So, to increase deep sleep phase, you should modify the environment of your bedroom. Use curtains to curtail any bright light coming your way. In case your room is hot and dry, adjust the ventilation accordingly. Or, you can use an air conditioner to get rid of the heat or humidity.

Moreover, make sure your room is clean and has a sweet smell. Get rid of extra things in your bedroom to make room for peace, gratefulness, and growth.

7. Listen to Binaural Beats

Do you love listening to music before heading off to sleep? If yes, add binaural beats to your playlist. One ear tone is slightly different than the other ear tone. Make sure you hear tones lower than 1000 Hz.

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In a Nutshell

Implementing all the above-given things into your routine improves your sleep quality over time. Sleep is the most important element for overall wellness. Many ignore it and take it for granted. So, to ensure you live a healthy life, increase deep sleep phase by making smaller modifications in your life. In turn, you’ll enjoy deep and long-lasting sleep.

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