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May 19, 2021

Importance Of Personality Development in Early Childhood

As parents, you’re aware that so much development takes place very early on in children, whether it be physical development and growth, developing their mental faculties, learning knowledge and new skills and much more.

One thing that’s very important at a young age is personality development. Every child has a different personality, but why is personality development important and what can you do to have a positive impact on your child’s personality?

Let’s find out.

Why Personality Development Is Important In Early Childhood

Every parent wishes for their child to not only be themselves and an individual, but to grow up with a personality that’s stable and well-balanced. Much of this personality development takes place when kids are really young, including their perceptions of life around them.

As mentioned in the introduction, so much of a person’s life is dictated by their development when they are very young. For example, a kid who is regularly surrounded by happy and positive people is far more likely to develop into a happy and positive adult.

How a child’s personality develops can also have an impact on them socially, and this impact could last for the rest of their lives.

Development in Early Childhood

What Does Personality Development Involve?

Let’s now discover what personality development actually involves.

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Much of a child’s personality development can be dependent on their surroundings, the people and things they regularly interact with that shape their budding personalities. Relationships play a major role in the development of one’s personality and this can even be the case when we’re adults. This is why it’s vital to form good, positive and strong relationships with the right people and why, as parents, you need to be role models for your children as far as personality development is concerned.

Parenting is never easy and no one was born an expert, but let’s look at some things you can do to help develop a well-rounded personality in your child.

Keep in mind that every child is unique. While you want to raise your child the best way you can, understand your child’s individuality, what their strengths and weaknesses are and be responsive to them.

Children should always be encouraged to play and be active. The busier children are with various activities, the more their true personality will evolve and come to the fore. Not only do their little personalities develop, but so do their minds and bodies through playtime. Some things playtime can teach is teamwork, how to problem solve and settle disputes, decision making, becoming more creative and more. Children will learn how to stand up for themselves and may even develop leadership qualities.

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Children often imitate parents and other siblings, so it’s important that everyone in the household sets a positive example as much as possible. Things like politeness, patience, being positive and sharing are all vital characteristics for children to emulate.

Allow young kids to develop their own personalities, rather than trying to forcibly shape them or label them as something they are not. Don’t refer to them as shy or bossy and so on, as they may then try to behave that way even if their personality may have developed in a different direction.

Further to this point, don’t try to make your child a personality image of yourself. If they end up with a similar personality, it’ll be because that’s the way things were going to pan out naturally. You want to retain the individuality every child has in them and allow them to simply be themselves.

Early Learning Centres Are Perfect for Personality Development

Early learning centres are fun and educational on many different levels and they can be fantastic places for young children to naturally develop their own individuality and personality. This is achieved through a variety of activities, which also include socialising with their peers and their educators.

Australia has early learning centres all around the country. To find one near you, just go online and do a search for your region. For example, if you’re in Killara in NSW, try searching for:

  • Childcare Killara
  • Killara daycare
  • Early learning centre Killara
  • And so on…
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In Conclusion

By understanding a little more about how personalities develop, you’ll then know how to develop the most positive and well-rounded personality in your child.


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