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September 20, 2020

How To Use Content Localization Strategies to Boost Your Local Business?

A number of online businesses are looking for effective content strategies by introducing advanced tactics that enhances business growth.

Keeping content with local relevancy helps to improve conversions and target audience intact. After the pandemic every business owner understands that need of content localization is important for maintaining growth and profitability.

Content localization, also focuses on learning about customer’s preferences, the quality of interactions with customers. To build an overall business authority at the local level and finding target markets, proper content marketing is must for business growth.

In this post, we will share tips to implement a right approach to building a proper content localization strategy.

Let’s discuss some of these approaches below:

1. The need to make local relevant content:

The world is filled with a million languages. To target a market of specific geographical location, Content should be in the native language, so that it attracts the target audience from that community, speaking that language.

Regardless of using online translators, priority should be given to the hiring of local professional writers which helps you to maintain the pitch, ultimately maintaining the business goals.

If you are localizing your content, it is very essential to research about the target audience and aware of their preferences.

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Consider promoting a product in a new country, there are various factors to keep in mind. Some of the factors that includes are:

  • Demographics
  • The Culture of the target audience.
  • Social and political influences
  • Geographic Location
  • Local language
  • The most used search engines in that location

For e.g.: In China, “Baidu” Search Engine dominates Google

Using Location signals is a best way to let search engines be aware of your Geographic Location. You should not use exact words in keywords, which spoils the reading experience of the audience.

For e.g: you will find phrases like” Best digital marketing services in Delhi” being repeated around 4 to 5 times within a content body or page.

The best practice is to use the name of the neighborhood where the business is located. Due to localization efforts, global results show a significant in-country ranking increase for relevant, in-demand, and optimized keyword-driven content.

The best practice is the use of any neighborhood synonyms, highways and landmarks to create a solid footprint around your business.

2. Keep touch with Local Experts

The best way to learn about a culture is to collaborate with local experts. They are the ones who knows about the culture, better than anyone including the best way to market and sell products in their territory.

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It is effective to hire people having proper knowledge about the culture and the local language. Collaborating with local influencers is a good way to deliver relevant, localized and accurate content for customers.

Local influencers, usually has a huge audience base and has a greater impact on them. This helps to convey the key message and selling the brand to the customers.

A local expert can make your brand flourish with human touch and gives your key message to your target customers.

3. Finding your business should be easy

Managing multiple businesses in different geographical locations and maintaining a solid online presence is not that easy. It is very important to give a proper call-to-action to get the message, or goal of the content.

For example:

  • Creating a prominent clickable button to request a consultation or appointment;
  • Embedding Google Maps or directions on your landing pages that help users find your service area;
  • Give a contact form to get enough information;
  • Add a “Call Now” button in Google My Business.

It should be convenient for users for performing the next step and taking action. They will verify your business upon its genuineness, and will trace your currently working contact number with the most updated information to search answers of their questions.

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4. Participation in Local Communities

To build trust around a community, it is very essential to mutually connect to the locals and caring about them. You should build your content with a strong local reputation around them.

There are certain things you can do to improve your business relationship with local audience. Some of them are as follows:

  • Search for a local expert in the desired region. They should have a deeper understanding of the regional market and can effectively interact with the target audience. They can also run your social campaigns and communicate directly to audience members in a language used in the area.
  • Sponsor local business events, local schools, colleges or universities. It is a proven way to mention you as a sponsor and improve brand recognition.
  • Show your utmost care and support with monetary donations in case of natural disasters or man-made urgencies.
  • Chambers of commerce can help you to boost your business referrals, Becoming a member of these kind of associations can definitely help.
  • Maintain your social presence in all the social media channels putting up engaging posts, videos, experiences to build a mutual connection to the people.
  • Start a blog and cover the topics in which your local audience shows interest. It would help you to create personal connection with your prospects by solving their queries.
  • You can offer a list of things and neighboring businesses that can be interesting for your customers to visit and encourage community collaboration.
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These are some of the things you can do in order to improve your local business relationship. Apart from that, these activities certainly helps you generate new content ideas, building relationships with local communities, enriching with fresh and newer content for people who are looking for their requirements.

5. Optimization of Localized landing Pages

Making locally relevant content is a certain something, yet it’s an altogether extraordinary thing to change over this content. Optimize what landing pages you need to generate leads. Make them concise and easy to understand.

Here are some approaches to increase conversions on your localized landing pages:

  • Adapting to the local pricing
  • Optimizing your lead generation pages for webinars, e-books and guides.
  • Providing regular discounts and offers in festivals to strengthen your connection.
  • Find your subscribers. Don’t forget to localize your subscription landing page to allow them to get regular blog updates.

So, I have covered some of the best approaches in formulating best content localization strategies. Would love to read your feedback and solve your queries in the comment section.


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