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March 24, 2022

How to Select a Memorial Tree

The concept of memorial trees is growing in popularity. More people are becoming aware of the harm that traditional burials have on the environment. Others appreciate the idea of leaving behind a lasting memory that creates good in the world. Find out more about memorial trees and how to choose the best one for you.

Choose the Tree that Matches Your Personality

The best memorial trees reflect your personality traits. There are many types of trees to choose from. Some change with the seasons, with their leaves turning a vibrant hue before falling and then reemerging in the springtime. Others produce gorgeous flowers or grow strong and solid.

Select a tree that embodies some of your best qualities and serves as a gentle and beautiful reminder of who you were. Your loved ones can find peace and comfort by visiting your memorial tree and remembering the most cherished aspects of your personality. Some popular trees to choose from include:

  • Cherry Blossom for optimists
  • Ornamental Pear to signify hope and resilience
  • Crepe Myrtle for creative types
  • Flowering Gum for those with magnetic charisma
  • English Oak for the strong and highly intuitive
  • Magnolia to convey grace and beauty

Explore the many options and look deep into the meaning of a particular tree. Find one that has qualities that you resonate with strongly.

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Consider the Location and Climate

The location where you plant your memorial tree will affect the type that you can choose. Each tree has specific climates and hardiness zones where it will thrive. Do your research and speak with a representative from Mornington Green for recommendations and advice.

Their knowledgeable staff can help you make the right selection that represents the qualities you wish to focus on. They can help you choose a tree that will grow strong for years to come and provide a peaceful place for your loved ones to visit while creating a legacy for your memory and energy.

Stick to Your Budget

The cost of your final wishes should also be taken into consideration. You must select a service that is within your financial means. Final costs can be prohibitive and leave your loved ones with a burden when deciding how to honour your memory and wishes.

The idea of becoming a tree and leaving a positive impact on the environment is a lovely concept and one that deserves careful consideration. Green burial is an affordable and eco-friendly option. When you choose a memorial tree, the cost of ongoing care and maintenance is included.

Your tree is also protected by a conservation agreement that dedicates the land for this purpose in perpetuity. Speak with a Mornington Green representative to learn more about the costs of memorial trees and to find out if this is the best fit for you.

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Create a Lasting Legacy

The concept of burial as a tree can bring tranquility and calm to a difficult subject. Discussing what becomes of you after you pass can be hard to face and talk about with your loved ones. When you choose to be buried as a tree, you can focus on the positive aspects of leaving behind a legacy you can be proud of and one that is beneficial to the planet.

Traditional burials are not only expensive, but they take up large areas of land, and the chemicals used to treat and maintain the memorial parks cause harm to the environment. Cremation has less of an impact but still has negative effects. Human ashes have a high pH and salt content that lacks nutrients and is detrimental to the earth.

Treated ashes, on the other hand, are processed in a unique way that detoxifies and creates living molecules. These ashes can provide nutrients to help your memorial tree grow and thrive, giving your life deeper meaning even after you are gone. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the environment while creating a gorgeous memorial to your life. You can select your tree as soon as you decide on your final arrangements and watch it grow and develop. Loved ones can visit your tree after you are gone and find solace in witnessing your living memorial.

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Memorial trees are an excellent option for anyone who is environmentally conscious. They provide a private place for family and friends to come to remember you and a final arrangement that is as unique and wonderful as you.


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