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January 2, 2021

How to Recover from Home Water Damage Disaster?

Water damage is one common challenge that may happen due to several reasons. An HVAC leak, busted pipes, and sewage backup, or a weakened roof may result in severe damage to your property. Apart from this, natural disasters such as a thunderstorm, cyclone, or flood may cause waterlogging and damage.

Impacts of Water Damage

The damage may be visible to the eyes or maybe more internal. It may not be ideal to move into the house even after the water recedes due to the following.

  • Electricity issues
  • Water contamination
  • Mold and mildew around the house
  • Insect and reptile infestation
  • Deterioration of the foundation, wooden floors, and wall coverings

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The destruction from water damage may become severe over time and make the house inhabitable. Situations like these may feel threatening and cause distress in the family. Thus, it is vital to assess the emergency of the situation quickly and act to prevent further damage.

It is crucial to be proactive and take the necessary steps. Let’s learn how to recover from a home water damage disaster and the first steps towards rebuilding a safe space again.

How to Contain the Potential Long-term Water Damage?

Any situation that makes your home unsafe and prone to damage is an emergency. The situation may arise suddenly and require you to act immediately. There may be a scope of preventing damage if you catch the receding water from pipes and weak roofs. Besides, such damage may reduce the value of your property due to irreparable damages.

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You may feel overwhelmed at the time of a disaster; however, delaying any action may lead to more threats and damages to the property. So, create an immediate plan to assess and combat the situation. Here are some essential steps to address the water damage in your home and get normalcy back as soon as possible.


Protect Yourself, Loved Ones, and Your Possessions

Water damage comes with the potential to harm your health, cause injuries, reptile bites, and infections. To protect yourself and everyone, ensure that you shut off electricity and unplug all the devices.

Besides, evacuate the house carefully if necessary. Ensure you wear rubber gloves, waterproof boots, have a first aid kit, torch, and protective clothing. While re-entering the home to collect valuable items, proceed with caution.

Take Preventative Measures to Avoid More Damage

In case of a pipe burst, shut off the valves to prevent any more water damage. If you reside in a flood-prone area, ensure that you take measures such as sandbagging and ditching. Keep an eye on leaky roofs and any signs of mold, so that it is the priority while fixing the house.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact the home insurance company as soon as possible to find about the necessary steps. This will help you get an effective water damage insurance claim as your insurance company will be a useful resource for restoring your house.

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Besides, work on a claim adjuster and estimate the cost of repairs along with the damage documentation. You may need to take photos of the damaged areas and valuables to create a detailed record.

Dry Things Out to Prevent Mold

Drying your valuables and removing water from your home may be the first thing that may help in reducing the damage. You may prevent significant damage if the water is removed within 24 hours of the disaster as it will not lead to mold and mildew.

Lifting furniture, insulating the valuables, removing rugs, and placing fans may quickly dry wet areas. As you may not be able to do this on your own, it is best to call the professionals and use dedicated equipment.

Contact Professional Services for Water Damage Restoration Needs

It may not be ideal for playing a hero in the situations of a disaster as there may be more damage than you can see. Therefore, the best way to recover from a home water damage disaster is to contact the experts in your area who can come and assess the damage as quickly as possible. You may need to salvage your valuables and leave the rest for the professional assessment.

The professionals will check the insulation, flooring, baseboards, and drywall for repairs and replacements. As moisture may seep into crevices, the experts will use hygrometers, remote cameras, and moisture detectors to see the impact of water damage. The use of recent technology and new equipment is crucial in extracting standing waters, hidden moisture, and fighting pests and insects.

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An excellent professional service will be equipped with tools, workforce, and knowledge to deal with the water damage. Look for experienced water damage restoration professionals who have 24/7 services as a disaster may strike at any time. This will increase your preparedness in such a crisis and help you feel safe. Also, make sure the repairing company takes ample time to inspect your home to develop a damage assessment and repair steps.


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