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March 21, 2022

How much do you know about online slots in S. Korea?

A typical casino in South Korea will have different categories of online casino games. However, if you are keen, you may find that slots take the lion’s share and may constitute up to 70% of the games you will find on its catalog. The beauty of slots is that you do not need to help with any special skills or spend a lot of time learning how they work.

Luck is what determines if you will go home richer or with empty pockets. What do you need to win at slots? Our South Korean online casino expert Wang-Mi Sun, elaborates all the details you need to know about online slots in S. Korea.

They come in different types

A close look at the slots in online casinos in South Korea will highlight that they are not all the same. You will find the following are the different types of online slots in a typical casino:

Progressive slots

If you are lucky to hit a winning combination on such slots, then you will go home with a lot of money. Progressive slots continue increasing in value if a winning combination is not hit. The biggest prize is the progressive jackpot in such slot machines.

Video slots

They are the most common types of slots you will find in a casino. They come with a minimum of five reels and are now known for their high-level graphics and imagery.

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Classic slots

They are the oldest forms of slot machines and mimic those of the old days. Most of these slots don’t have bonus features and use regular symbols such as fruits and diamonds. They are fast-paced and will have three reels most of the time.

Branded slots

They are the latest category and have contributed a lot to the popularity of online slots. You will find football-themed, basketball-themed, and movie-themed slots in this category. People from all walks of life can thus enjoy spinning reels on slot machines with a theme related to the real world. Our South Korean casino expert, Wang-Mi Sun, says, “개발자들이 다양한 테마를 채택하는 것을 보았을 때, 무료슬롯게임의 인기는 역시 우리가 함부로 무시할 수 없는 것입니다”.

How they work

Are online slots rigged? This is a very common question that will always ring on the minds of beginners on online slots. It is okay to be paranoid. However, you can only answer this question once you understand how these online slots work.

Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator is software that ensures that all the results in a slot machine are random and independent. You thus don’t have to worry about thinking that the operator can manipulate the machine as long as they have purchased their games from reputable sources. Independent companies always test such games to ensure that RNG is in place and works as expected.

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Return to Player percentage

You may have heard people say that the “house always wins”. Should you be discouraged because you can never defeat the machine? No. You must understand the RTP, which simply shows how much the machine will pay when you win. RTP will never be 100% because the house must always have an edge. It thus means that when you stake $1000 on a slot with 96%, you can only expect to have $960 in the long run. You should thus ensure that you select slots with high RTP if you want to increase your chances of winning.

Most come with bonuses and promotions

The online slots space in South Korea is somehow competitive. It thus means that various online platforms have to look for ways to ensure that players keep coming back. Free spins are one of the approaches that such platforms will always employ. You may also find some giving free spins for specific slots. You are also likely to see free spins given as a reload bonus. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the wagering requirements before claiming those free spins.

Understanding the above factors makes it easy to determine which slots fit you and which do not. Typical South Korean casinos have hundreds of slots, and you must exercise responsible gambling to become a winner.

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