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August 10, 2021

How Instagram Influencers Are Fueling A Change In The Fashion Industry?

Fashion marketing has evolved from billboards and TV ads to online influencer marketing. When it comes to shopping decisions, influencers play a crucial role. They help the young generation lead the fashion trend. 

The popular social media platform Instagram is pushing brands to advertise their products on its platform. It offers them unique business propositions like the ‘shop the look’ option by a simple tap on the photo. Also, influencers help brands by promoting products and getting them to sell directly on Instagram.  

The statistics on the fashion industry show a growth thanks to the internet helping spread the word about brands and fashion. Revenue generated by the fashion industry is estimated to reach over $850,000million in 2021. By 2023, 24% of the total market revenue in fashion will come through online sales. With the fashion industry estimated to have an annual growth rate of 7.31%, fashion brands are flocking Instagram to promote their wear.

How Instagram influencers are bringing a change in the fashion industry


Instagram occupies the top slot for influencer marketing. It attracts the maximum marketing spend when compared to other channels like YouTube or Facebook.

The influencers on Instagram know their exact job. They get customers to buy the products they endorse. Instagram posts are the most preferred format for advertising, followed by Stories and videos. Also, brands are increasingly tapping the potential of micro-influencers and Nano-influencers to do the advertising job. These influencers are getting high engagements through unfiltered content that gels well with the followers.

Brands are discovering authentic ways to deliver immediate results through Instagram influencer marketing. They are pursuing partnerships with influencers in the relevant niche. This helps them to align their business objectives and diversify their bets.

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Let us see how Instagram influencers are fueling a change in the fashion industry-       

  • Helping brands discover new audience

Brands collaborate with influencers after carefully studying their reach and follower demographics. With influencer marketing, fashion brands tap into the user base of influencers. It is a new market for brands and followers too. Influencers are the source for bringing new unexplored audiences to the brands. They help spread the word about the brand and lure their followers to get sales.

  • Guiding fashion brands to know their audience preferences

The benefits of influencer marketing for brands are manifold. While the main aim may be brand awareness, it also helps brands know their audience preferences. The brands analyze the follower needs through the comments received on the influencer posts. The likes of the post also help them measure the likeability of the product.    

  • Generating a need for products

The posts of fashion influencers on Instagram are filled with visually appealing images. Also, their quick sense of fashion and style appeals to their followers. They promote the brand products in ways that generate a positive response. They combine the product into the images in such a way that it does not look forced. This non-obtrusive style of endorsing products generates a need for it. 

  • Making the brand more approachable

Brands find it challenging to build a rapport with the audience. On the other hand, Instagram fashion influencers are perceived to be friendly and more welcoming to their followers. Brands use this power of influencer marketing to approach followers and forge long-term relationships. The influencers endorse products authentically. They start a talk of the brand among their followers. Undoubtedly, it encourages a sense of community around the brand and connects it to the audience.

  • Helping brands to compete in the fashion industry

The fashion industry is ever-evolving. New trends are introduced every day. Thus, brands constantly need to showcase their fashion strengths by highlighting their USPs. This gives them a chance to stand out from their competitors. Instagram influencer marketing offers brands an opportunity to gain an edge in the market by approaching followers with new products in fashion and lifestyle.

How can fashion brands use Instagram influencer marketing to leverage their profits?


Live sessions– Influencers collaborate with brands and host live sessions for followers to offer fashion tips, product use demos, tutorials, question & answer, etc.

Stories– Instagram Stories helps influencers to showcase brands through images and videos. Influencers can make the Stories more appealing by the use of filters, music, and stickers.

Giveaway contests– Offering free goodies in exchange for following and tagging brands is one way of increasing the follower count. It also increases brand awareness.

Product launch– Brands rope multiple influencers to announce new product or edition launches through posts, Reels, and stories.

Sales– Brands can get more customers to upcoming sale events by working with Instagram influencers and spreading the word every day till the sale ends.

Unboxing products– A popular aspect of Instagram influencer marketing is the unboxing of products. Influencers unwrap packets and reveal the product inside to let the audience know how the product looks.

Fashion tips– Influencers use clothes from fashion brands to style in different ways. It has put the spotlight on fashion reusability and finds a place among eco-friendly fashion lovers.

Brands need to be careful when investing in Instagram influencer campaigns. Because it is costly when compared to other social media platforms. An effective campaign with relevant influencer collaboration can get good results. If your content lacks creativity or if the choice of influencer is not correct, your campaign suffers. The best way to overcome this challenge is to hire the services of influencer marketing platforms.   

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How does an influencer marketing platform help fashion brands increase brand awareness?

An influencer marketing platform acts as a mediator between the brand and the influencers. Through this platform, brands can search for influencers who fit their target audience niche. Also, these platforms help brands promote products through influencer marketing. It designs conversion-optimized campaigns for brands to get expected results.  

Fashion has become the mainstream on Instagram. Instagram influencers have brought about a massive change in the fashion industry by sharing their styles in collaboration with brands. It is the world of fast fashion and easy purchases. The Instagram influencers are putting authenticity to fashion brand advertising. Undoubtedly, they are the flagbearers of a revolution in the fashion industry.


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