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March 2, 2021

Home Improvements to Make Before Moving to Your New Home

So you’ve finally bought a new home of your own. It’s a big milestone worth celebrating and I’m pretty sure you are excited to move in. But as most people have said regarding their home moving experience, this process is not easy as it involves a lot of tasks.

You are going to be busy with all the pre-moving tasks you need to do like decluttering, packing and finding trusted removalists to help you out. With all of these things, home improvement might be your last priority. You’ll probably think you can always do this anytime when you have already moved in.

However, experts highly recommend upgrading your home before you move in will be a lot easier, efficient and will save you money. With an empty house, you won’t have furniture to move or cover to keep away from any danger while the renovation is ongoing. And most importantly, you and your family member will be safe from exposure to hazardous materials.

So, before getting tempted to move in right away to your new home, read the list of home improvements to tackle before you move in.

Change the external locks

You and your family’s safety should be your top priority. So, before moving in you should already arrange for a locksmith to change all your external locks. No matter how trustworthy you think the previous homeowners are, you don’t know whom they have given a spare key to the home they previously lived in.

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Fix your flooring and carpets

Before your floor gets covered with furniture, it’s best you tackle your floor upgrade prior to moving in. If not, you will have to move your furniture out while doing the upgrade. Who wants that hassle? Nobody. Also, if the flooring company won’t have to deal with moving your furniture, you can keep down the cost of upgrading your floor.

Fix your flooring and carpets


Painting helps you add a personal touch to your newly purchased home. Plus this home improvement is simple and affordable to make so there’s no reason why you should neglect doing this before you move in.

When you do this prior to moving, just like floor upgrades, you won’t need to move your furniture or to cover it. Whether you are going for a DIY paint or hire someone to do the job, it will be much easier. Plus, you and your family won’t need to worry about the paint odour.

Remove popcorn ceiling and walls

If you’ve bought an older home that was built prior to the 90s, there’s a high chance it has a popcorn ceiling and walls. This style used to be very common before, but is no longer a thing now.

Plus, this type of ceiling and wall contains asbestos and other irritants which can be harmful. And though the process of getting rid of the popcorn ceiling and walls is easy, it is also very messy. You don’t want your furniture to be covered in such a mess so it’s better to have it removed before you have brought in your belongings to your new home.

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Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Just like changing your external locks, this too is very important to keep you and your family’s safety. Ensure that the alarms to your new home are properly working by checking them. Replace the old batteries with new ones before you forget doing so when you’re busy with all your post-moving tasks.


If the previous house owners have children or pets, then you don’t have to worry about child/pet-proofing. You just need to double-check to see if it’s still good. But if not, then you need to deal with this task before you move in to protect your children and/or pets from any hazards at your new home. Make sure to cover electrical outlets, install safety latches on cabinets and drawers, as well as corner/edge bumper.

Call pest control

Before setting a moving date with your chosen moving company, you should take a step to prevent termites, bugs, mice and other pests from settling in, together with you and your family.

Even if you haven’t found any pest yet, chances are they’re going to move into your home. This is even more possible to happen if your neighbours have chemical pest barriers in place because there will be no place for them to live in. So, bring in help from professional pest control and prevent any destruction caused by pests.

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Deep clean your new home

While your home is still empty, it’s better to take this opportunity to clean it. Doing so helps you see better which part of your home needs a deep cleaning. Even though the previous homeowners have cleaned it before moving out, you may still want to clean it according to your preference.

It might not have been thoroughly cleaned, so it’s better to do so. Clean the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Make sure to include cabinets, cupboards and drawers.

Thinking about these home improvements might give you some added tasks before you move in, but think of the benefits it will bring. By doing these before Upmove removalists have delivered your belongings to your new home, you will save yourself from the added effort and you can settle in right away without worrying about you and your family’s safety and comfort.


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