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Home Decor Is Being Reinvented by Fashion Brands

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Fashion brands respond positively to customers about the seamless shopping experience and their desire to live like while on vacation. 

In modern society, with the growth of social networks, finding trends and inspirations is simple for not only fashion but also for home interior design help. Here’s a great article for you on: Modern Home Decor Trends 2021 Revealed: Top 10 Most Popular Interior Design Trends, released recently by Floately, a series of products with creative lighting ideas and levitation concepts. In the past decade, many fashion houses have made the home department a big part of their brand, vying into the interior design game. 

Home decor is a key market in establishing a luxury lifestyle image and building brand loyalty. Likewise, customers today love a convenient shopping experience and make the demand for products that can elevate their living space.

Fashion Finds A New Home

Expanding to the home accent category is a smart decision to spark joy for both businesses and customers. For the customers, their buying trip is now extremely convenient as they can browse for both apparel and home products in one spot. This strategy delivers a seamless shopping experience, especially in the chaotic world today. 

It is such a secret scheme and opportunity for brands to build foot traffic, both offline and online. The goal of businesses is to grab the customers’ attention to stay at their store as long as possible; They will most likely increase sales and also to satisfy the visitors.

Some of the fashion brands that have merged over to home lines are Zara, Calvin Klein, Anthropologie, Versace, Fendi and Louis Vuitton. If clothing may be a bit hard to buy as a gift, then home decor is an easier choice, as we don’t have to worry much about sizes, materials, and age. 

Consider Anthropologie: As a lifestyle brand, they do a great job by attracting many different customers, by offering home products for kids, teenagers, and Millenials. Anthropologie provides a versatile selection across many demographics, all while upholding their brand image and values. By offering home merchandise, fashion brands have a good reason to bring their image to a wider group of consumers.

Compared to other merchandise, customers keep home accessories nearly forever, so there’s no concern about storing away those seasonal favorites. Plus, the sustainable value of keeping an item around for good is becoming more and more invaluable.

Home Decor Is Being Reinvented by Fashion Brands

It’s Not A Trend, It’s A Lifestyle

Furthermore, with the rise of technology, it is not hard to find new ideas from all over the world to refresh the living space. Social networking has been an integral part of our life for nearly twenty years. Whether they’re influencers or not, almost everyone wants to seek ways that can elevate their lifestyle by using online resources. 

The most popular site for inspiration to this point is Pinterest. A huge amount of Pinterest users not only use it for inspiration but to actually inform and carry out their fashion or home purchases. It’s one of the most valuable marketing channels a lifestyle brand can use! 

People desire to turn their home into a resort-like destination—which is fair, who doesn’t love vacations, especially in quarantine? From such demand, fashion brands offer unique designed home decor that distinguishes them from traditional homeware brands. 

Along with a specific theme that can also help the customers to transform their home into a whole new look, such as Bohemian, Art Deco, Eclectic, Mid-Century Modern or Minimalist, and the list goes on because of the internet, consumers have been depending on social media to find creativity and bring it to their homes. Not to mention, fashion designers and brands utilize this technology intelligence to forecast market demand effectively and efficiently.

Similar to fashion, a home is a place that reflects a person’s personality. An empowered person is not afraid to express themself. They create a dreamy residence that matches their house to their fashion sense. By decorating the house with products that match our personality, it adds values and endearment. All of this to say, fashion brands move into home decor to encourage self-empowerment. They do this simply because, if the number of influential people increases, the more success it will bring to businesses. 

More than that, if a home product is from a fashion brand they love, they will value it a lot. Think about a brand loyalist. It is difficult to convince them to go to another brand once they are a true fan. This is an approach that brands use to build stronger customer loyalty and for customers to cherish their homes more. 

Branding Does The Work from Home

As this world develops nonstop, doing and having what we love is called fulfillment. The mission of businesses is always to satisfy the market demand by delivering what they best can. 

Customers today have countless marketing values. They are inspired by Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube, while interacting with their favorite brands. Thus, modern-minded people have a chance to boost their interest in creating a lifestyle that is considered as successful living. 

In the long run, the home decor market has a high potential for fashion houses to merge into. Not only can their image be brought to a larger target market, but businesses can gain customer loyalty. 

As for the customer, a residence that is beautifully decorated. invokes staycation vibes, and looks like it’s popped out of a page of Domino or AD is and will be a trend that’s here to stay.

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