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August 25, 2021

Guide For Buying New Alloy Wheels For Your Vehicle

In a vast market that contains innumerable alloy wheels, finding the right one can be a hassle for car owners. There is a wide variety of models, sizes, makes and shapes along with materials to select from while purchasing a new set of alloy wheels for your vehicle. Car owners can always consult an expert technician who can help guide them towards the perfect set of wheels, but they themselves should possess some knowledge about the product they purchase in order to avoid any trickery. 

What are alloy wheels? 

Alloys wheels are created with the help of materials such as aluminium or magnesium. They are lighter and stronger compared to the traditional steel wheels and help improve vehicle control as well as fuel economy. Nowadays, Alloy wheels are installed on high-range models along with premium car manufacturing brands such as Audi and BMW. Apart from improving the look of your vehicle, alloys also help in- 

  • Performance: The lightweight body of alloy wheels produces less weight on the coil spring present in your car and offers enhanced grip and traction while manoeuvring. Furthermore, alloys also improve steering control along with cornering abilities at high speeds in comparison to normal steel wheels. 
  • Rust Proof: Alloys are corrosion-proof, making them suitable for car owners living in coastal areas where the high rate of salt in the air can often lead to early surface corrosion.
  • Aesthetic: The design of alloy wheels improves your vehicle’s looks majorly and makes it look affluent and elegant. 
  • Weight: Alloy wheels are much lighter in weight compared to traditional steel wheels. The unique manufacturing process of alloy wheels allows them to be lighter and helps in improving fuel economy along with effective braking and acceleration.
  • Enhanced Disc Brake Performance: Alloy wheels have the ability to allow better air circulation near the disc brakes, making them dissipate heat faster and assist in improving the driving performance. 
  • Better Tyre Options: There is an extensive range of alloys on the market that can be installed with an assortment of tyres to choose from. 


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Top-Alloy Wheels Brands To Choose From – 

AEZ Alloy Wheels

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Buying New

AEZ has more than 20-years of experience in creating premium-quality alloy wheels with attractive designs and superior product quality to numerous customers across the world. AEZ offers a wide range of alloys that are perfect for improved appearance and performance. From SUVs to sedans, AEZ provides the best set of alloy wheels UK for all types of cars and makes. 

DOTZ Alloy Wheels

DOTZ is well revered for offering stylish and elegant looking alloy wheels to thousands of vehicles in the EU. Created with premium-quality materials, these alloys wheels are available for any kind of vehicle and model. Not only do these alloys improve your vehicle’s looks, but their strong and sturdy build makes certain of increased life span and enhanced performance of your vehicle. 

MOMO Wheel

Founded in 1964, all Momo alloys are passed through rigorous tests to ensure that they follow the highest standards of production and offer the best driving experience to customers. MOMO has been constantly offering the finest alloys on the market through continuous reach and development. MOMO alloy wheels are well stylized and make your car look luxurious. Furthermore, the lightweight ability of these alloys allows them to contribute to lowering fuel consumption. 

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Alloy wheels can bring a lot of benefits for drivers. The biggest benefit is obvious as soon as you see them on a vehicle. They make your car look more prestigious, upmarket and premium. With some alloy wheel designs, your vehicle will also seem more agile and dynamic. However, it is important not only that you consider the benefits but also weigh-up the disadvantages before you choose this type of upgrade.

Calibre Alloy Wheels


Calibre contains an extensive assortment of alloy wheels that offer a sporty, elegant, and modern look. These high-quality alloys are created with state-of-the-art tools and technology to provide the utmost precision and accuracy. 

After spending your hard-earned cash on some shiny new alloys, you want them to look good – really good. But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the wheel design is “off” or an aftermarket fitment just doesn’t fit together as well as it should

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If you need some additional information regarding alloy wheels or are still unclear about different brands, then contact an experienced/certified professional, who can suggest the right solution according to your requirements. 



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