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May 23, 2021

Fuel Performance Guide – How Does Cetane Booster Work? 

Cetane is an extremely powerful energy compound that is often assisted with the quality of a fuel source. This compound is very effective when looking at the initial ignition of an engine and has proven to dramatically help on cold days.

If a fuel source has a low cetane count it can lead to longer ignition delays and in some cases, it can even lead to the production of black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. 

What Are Cetane Boosters? 

Cetane boosters are a solution that can be applied to fuel to help boost overall performance. Designed to improve cetane rating from between 4 – 8 after a single use, these products offer a whole range of benefits to vehicle owners and are fast becoming the go-to for both the domestic and commercial market. 

Fuel Performance Guide

Benefits of Cetane Boosters 

Applying cetane to a fuel source is an extremely cost-effective way to improve low-quality fuel for a vehicle. Enabling vehicle owners to unlock the full potential of their cars.

Cetane boosters act as supplements for vehicles helping to give the engine all of the essential compounds needed to function to its highest of standards. 

Improves Vehicle Economy 

The key selling point of cetane is the fuel economy it offers to both domestic and commercial vehicles. As the cetane count within the fuel (the compound which provides power) is improved your vehicle can get the most distance out of every litre of fuel consumed. Diesel cars are traditionally considered to be very inefficient, but with added cetane, you can get a lot more distance out of the money you put in. 

Reducing Harmful Emissions 

When you see dark and black some being emitted from the vehicle this is often down to incomplete combustion. This smoke is very harmful to our health and will often impact fuel efficiency.

Using cetane to improve the quality of the fuel is a great way to avoid incomplete combustion, therefore, preventing the production of harmful emissions from your vehicle. 

Improving Vehicle Ignition 

On those cold winter mornings, your vehicle will often take multiple attempts to get the engine started. This comes down to there not being enough cetane available within the provided fuel for your engine to get started.

Applying a cetane booster is similar to that first cup of coffee in the morning, it gets the engine rocking and allows you to start functioning correctly no matter how long and cold the night has been. 

How Does Cetane Booster Work? 

Cetane boosters work in two ways. The first of which is that it provides your vehicle with an added powerful compound that improves the overall quality of the fuel-making your car more fuel-efficient and powerful when operating.

Secondly, the cetane boosting solution will often include extra lubricants which counter fuel drying effects and allow your vehicle to effectively feed the fuel from the tank to the engine itself.  

How Do You Use Cetane Booster? 

To use a cetane booster simply add to the fuel tank then top up with new fuel. Fuel tanks being treated should be at least 10% full. Usual dose at 1:1,000 to 1:500 depending on the quality of fuel and performance increase required.

The booster will then evenly mix in throughout your fuel helping to improve the overall quality and upkeep the performance of your vehicle. 

Where Can You Purchase Cetane Boosters?

Cetane booster solutions are available from most online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. You can also find cetane boosters in local car part retailers and even your local garage.

These forms of solutions are widely available and are relatively well priced when you take into consideration the long term saving you when applied to a vehicle, 

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