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August 14, 2021

Follow these hacks and keep your bedroom clean and tidy

We all make efforts for our house to be clean and tidy. Sometimes, we are so occupied with our work that it becomes difficult for us to take care of our house and bedroom and become a mess.

Many people especially focus on their bedrooms as they relax and spend most of their time.

The bedroom cleaning hacks

The bedroom is one of the most preferred places in a house, and many of us find various ways to keep it clean and tidy. You can look for various ways to decorate your house so that it remains neat and tidy.

Some people borrow unsecured personal loans to buy expensive decorative items to enhance the look, but with the mess and dirt around, it does not solve the purpose.

But not every time you can decorate your house to maintain its cleanliness. You have to find other affordable ways to keep it neat. Find out various cleaning hacks to convert your messy bedroom into a cleaner space.

Easy bedroom cleaning ways

1. Stack vertically bedroom instead of horizontally

You may have been stacking clothes your whole life and are now a pro, but slightly changing your approach will leave you with ample and cleaner space.

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Instead of stacking your clothes horizontally, you will find more space in your closet if you keep them one on another.

Vertically putting your clothes will help you find them easily, leaving no scope mess when searching for them.

When stacked horizontally, there are more chances of the crease of the clothes getting spoiled. In a vertical setting, your clothes are likely to get creased.

To follow a vertical arrangement, you can look for many ways and hacks to fold your clothes. Folding the clothes in the right manner will leave you with more space and hence lesser chances of mess.

2. Stack your bedding in pillowcases

After a while, organizing your bedding sets can be difficult, and they can get mixed up.
In this case, the organization gets difficult and leads to a shabby and dirty space. You can organize your bedding sets by folding them nicely and putting them into their pillowcases.

Keeping your bedding sets this way will ensure cleanliness. Also, it will be easier to find out which sheets do you want at one glance.

3. Use a window squeegee with a vacuum cleaner

If you have a cat or dog as a pet in your house, you would be dealing with a lot of pet hair on a daily basis.

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Mostly, you can clean out all the pet hair with a vacuum cleaner, but sometimes, few strands can be embedded in the carpet, which becomes difficult to clean and wipe off.

One hack is using a squeegee to clean up the hair you use for your windows cleaning. Also, you can use rubber gloves as well, as they will have the same cleaning effect.

Post this, and you can again use a vacuum cleaner and get rid of the pet hair. Before cleaning your windows again with a squeegee, clean them thoroughly to increase their effectiveness.

4. Use the coffee filter for TV cleaning in bedroom

Your TV may get dirty from time to time and needs cleaning. Cleaning it with a cloth may not be effective. If you do not wish to spend on buying expensive cleaning wipes for your TV, you can follow the simple hack of using a coffee filter.

A coffee filter does a good job of cleaning your TV screens. While cleaning a TV, is it important to avoid putting scratches on the screen. The coffee filter cleans the screen without causing any scratches to the screen.

5. Learnt the art of folding sheets

You may feel that what is the art behind folding a sheet? But there is an efficient way to fold a sheet to occupy lesser space and not get crumpled.

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Folding properly will make the sheet more concise. You can look for ways to fold your sheet crumple and lines free.

6. Store bulky clothes efficiently in bedroom

If you keep all the stuff outside, it will occupy a lot of space, and there are high chances of messing it up while finding a product. At the time of need, you may not be able to find it out, leaving you frustrated and angry.

A good way is to store your bulky clothes in a vacuum pack. This will save you a lot of space, providing you with extra space to store in other essential things. This way, you can keep the winter clothes away until it approaches again.

7. Remove carpet stains with a home solution

Over time, you may realize that your carpet is getting dirt despite taking a lot of care. It may accumulate a lot of stains with your daily activities, which is natural.

Many people have expensive household items, and carpet is one of them. There are many expensive carpets that people buy to beautify their houses.

Some people borrow installment loans for bad credit to decorate their house with unique and expensive items. Buying an expensive carpet requires maintenance too.

If it gets dirty, it will not appeal to people anymore. To clean your carpets, you can make your own solution at home and clean your carpets easily.

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Add water and white vinegar in a 3 to 1 ratio. Once this solution is prepared, you can spray it over all the stains and see efficient results.

Once you spray the solution, put a damp rag on the stain and iron it. Remember to iron it no longer than 30 seconds.

Once you take off the damp cloth, the stain should come out with the damp cloth keeping your carpets clean and tidy again.

8. Keep your bedroom window sills clean

You may regularly clean your windows but keeping the window sills, and the tracks (where the window opens) can be a difficult job as your hand may not reach up to that spot.

One easy hack to clean these tracks is to use an earbud and dip it in white vinegar. Then use this east bud to swab away all the unreachable areas.

While you are cleaning these hacks, keep a dry cloth handy to wipe the dirt side by side.


Some people must be aware of these tricks, while some may not. Also, these tricks may seem a little orthodox, but by applying these tricks, you will actually get results and a cleaner and tidier house every day.



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