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January 22, 2022

Eight Signs You Need to Call a Plumbing Service ASAP

Problems such as a loose tap, clogged toilet, or faucet blockage are pretty ordinary. Mostly, these issues can be resolved by yourself with a wrench here and a plunger there.

But, when these problems persist, or you face uncommon issues such as backflow, it’s a sign of a complex plumbing issue. In that case, simple DIY hacks won’t cut it. These signs indicate you need the skills and expertise of a professional plumber.

1. Your Drains Are Slow

Do you feel like you’re standing in a kids’ pool when in the shower? Or, does your kitchen sink keep overflowing whenever you try to wash dishes? These are signs of a larger drainage issue. Hair, debris, grease, tissue paper, and so on can collect in drains and cause severe blockage. A rodent getting stuck in the dark drain is another probable cause.

Using an old wire hanger is a temporary solution only. You’ll need a plumber such as Sewer Squad to use an auger or drain snake to dislodge the troublesome clogs. These are far more efficient than a metal stick and don’t hurt the inside of your pipes.

2. You Have Poor Water Pressure

Is it taking you more than five minutes to fill your washing machine or 10 minutes to wash the shampoo out of your hair? Then poor water pressure is to be blamed.

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You may resolve this issue by clearing your faucet’s aerator with a wire or stick. But, if the issue isn’t localized and the blockage doesn’t go away, call a plumber. Beware of trying any DIY solution, as you may end up damaging the faucet and causing a leak. There could be a blockage in the mainline too, such as the roots of a tree in your garden obstructing the pipe, which only licensed plumbers can deal with.

3. You Have No Water at All

What’s worse than getting poor water pressure? Receiving no water, of course! Unless you forgot to pay your water bill, there’s a serious plumbing issue at bay.

There could be a large blockage in the mainline or a leak that led to your water supply being shut off. Get in touch with a plumbing service, and they’ll use diagnostic tools to find the issue and treat it.

4. You’re Facing a Backflow Issue

Backflow is never pretty. Nobody wants water that’s gone down the drain and entered a plumbing system to spring back up and out on their flooring and rugs. Not only is it icky to deal with, but it often smells pungent.

Water backflow mainly occurs when your home’s water pressure drops suddenly, causing the natural downward flow to reverse. A plumber can shut off the main water valve and tackle the root cause of backflow.

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5. Your Water Won’t Heat

While it’s totally normal to run out of hot water after someone’s taken an hour-long shower with scalding water, the water should take just a few hours to warm back up.

If you run out of hot water the whole day after only using a bit, or the water’s always lukewarm, then your heater may be experiencing an issue such as a drip, overheated pipe, a faulty thermostat, or broken pilot.

A plumber can help troubleshoot and fix the problem. If the hot water runs out quicker than expected, then you may need a larger water tank. Your plumber can help determine the correct tank size for your family home.

6. Your House Has Water Damage

Treating water damage shouldn’t be put off, as even a slow leak can damage your house’s structure over time. Water damage spreads through walls fast and may cause mould growth.

Signs of water damage include blistering paint, discoloration, and cracking drywall. A burst pipe may be underground as well and can cause damage to the basement. If you spot water damage in any wall of your home, get in touch with a plumber to pinpoint the leak and treat it effectively.

7. Your Faucet Keeps Dripping

Did you know that a shower dripping only 5 to 10 times a minute wastes more than 300 gallons of water per year? That’s some good motivation to call a plumber to fix that sink that’s been dripping for a month.

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If you can’t fix a drip by tightening the tap, then there might be a break in the pipe or bracket. These breaks are caused by pressure buildup. A light drip may turn to a steady stream if you don’t get it fixed soon.

8. Your Basement Is Damp

While waterproofing and insulation can sustain damage or develop faults, it’s not always the cause behind a soggy basement. If you haven’t experienced rainfall or snow recently or your weatherproofing is intact, a damp basement means a pipe is leaking.

Calling a plumber in this instance should be your top priority. They can confirm whether the cause of dampness is weather-related or not and help find the origin of the leak. A soggy basement is an ideal environment for harmful bacteria and mould to grow.


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