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November 1, 2020

Custom Planter Boxes- Gardening with Unique Touches

Decorate your garden with custom planter boxes filled with gorgeous flowers, healthy veggies, and more.

Container Gardening With Custom Planter Boxes

Container gardens are incredible for starting landscapers, people who have narrow space, or anyone who needs to decorate their yard or porch. They can be aligned with a solo plant or a mix of plants relying upon the look you are attempting to accomplish. Standard plants for containers incorporate blossoms, spices, veggies, grasses, and succulents. Several gardeners change out the plants they cultivate seasonally to ensure consistent color throughout the year.


While choosing planters for a container garden, you’ll need to pick something that suits your taste, permits suitable sewerage, and is a fitting size and weight for where you intend to put it. Custom nursery pots arrive in a varied collection of materials and styles, so you’ll undoubtedly choose something you like.

Look at the below products list to get thoughts for making your own customize container garden-

Manhattan Charcoal Tall Trough

Manhattan Fiberglass Tall Taper

Manhattan Fiberglass Trough

Manhattan Fiberglass Cube

Manhattan Fiberglass Round

Picking the Right Container

Usage of these tips will help you to select the correct planter box:

  • It’s feasible to plant straightly into any container insofar as you make drainage holes. Make a hole in wood, plastic, or fiberglass is usually simple. You can create a drain hole in a pot by utilizing an electric drill with a masonry bit; however, work cautiously.
  • If you want to invest in a giant area, select the best container you can afford. For the same reason, go for classic shapes, styles, and grey colors that match any lawn. Shiny colored pots will limit your planting selection, and you may soon get tired of the typical type.
  • Before choosing containers, it is essential to know your home’s materials and architectural detail—fiberglass planters suits with deep brick walls. Or, for the white frontier, GRC garden pots and planters are the best. For a provincial lumber house, search out beaten copper pots or endured wooden box.
  • Try not to plant into a thin necked pot (with a body bigger than the neck), as it is hard to get a plant out after the roots of the plant have spread. That is the reason planter boxes are consistently wider at the top than the base.
  • Try not to stress over having a decorative pot for each plant. Keep the majority of your planter plants in standard dark plastic pots. If you place the decorative pots in front of the display, the dark pots go back into the background.
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Picking Plants for Your Containers


The number one key to planting in a successful pot ensures that all plants require the same sun or shade conditions and water requirements. Get recommendations for probably the best plants for pots in sun or shade. This is where Sacramento garden and tree specialists can help you make the right decision.

Shade Plants for Pots- Begonia, Boxwood, Coleus, Fern, Fuchsia, Hellebore, Hydrangea, Impatiens, Etc.

Full Sun Plants for Pots- Dahlia, Dianthus, Euphorbia Diamond Frost, Lantana, Marigold, Petunia, Pine, Sweet potato vine, Zinnia, Etc.

Flowers versus Foliage:

Try not to depend on flowers alone. Enduring container combos will, in general, accomplice plants picked for expanded blossom time (typically annuals) with plants that add glamorous foliage colors, shapes, and surfaces to the mix (regularly delicate perennials). Though one plant goes into a hang, another will get a move. Keep it smooth by restricting your choice to three sorts of plants.

Thriller, Filler, Spiller:

Don’t choose trees all the same height, size, or texture: One might be tall and upstanding (thriller); another, medium-high and mounding (filler); and the last, low and spreading (spiller), to assist the container’s edge. Other than giving you a beautiful look, this arrangement will avoid competition for space and light.

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Harmonious color combinations are a thematic initiative, and in practice, you will perhaps limit your palette to being available in your local garden centers. Yet, here are a couple of codes for spinning the flower color ring:

Pinks, blues, and purples are almost consistently viable.

Hot yellows and oranges function admirably with reds that edge on purple or brown.

White and silver go with all the fixings, as do exceptionally light yellow and incredibly flexible chartreuse.

Changeable Plants

It’s possible to add and take away plants, even in the middle of the season. Use a digging machine, create a loop around the root of the plant you need to eliminate, pull out the chamber of roots and seed mix (throw this on the fertilizer heap), and plug in your newly settled container. Within a week, the replacement will look like it was in your container from the start.

Plant in Your Custom Planter Boxes

Planting Mix:

Start with commercial, wetlands -based, soil-fewer mix, which contains much more water than fertilized soil or garden soil, and include a slow-release fertilizer. When fulfilling the pot with the mixture, leave space for water—an inch between the pot’s soil surface and border.

Plant Settlement:

If the container will remain against a wall or fence, place tall plants in the back so they won’t obstruct light and air by shorter plants. If the container moves to an open space, place the longest plants in the middle.

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Top Decoration:

If you don’t like exposed soil’s vibe in pots, top decoration around plant stems with rock, squashed shells, appealing stones, or some other swift-draining layer. So the container will look more “finished” and, besides, holds moistness.

Container Care and Maintenance


Keep in mind that pots need more water than annuals and other plant flower beds. The soil in the container dries out very quickly, simply because of the low amount of soil and the insufficient insulation, which allows the soil to warm up and moisture to vaporize faster. A soil meter can help you watch out for soil moisture levels. Likewise, you can utilize watering with a long spout or watering wand to supply water directly to the narrow pot and avoid wetting the leaves.


The nutrients are quickly washed away from the potting mix with all the water needed in the container. Plants do best with a constant supply of a limited fertilizer quantity, so their weekly supplement is much better than a one-month schedule, which is feasting, then creating famine.


Consistently cut off dead flower stem and wayward branches to keep your containers looking perfect and healthy.

Container Design and Display

Observe these points may help you display your containers perfectly:

  • Use fiberglass pots and planters made from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) with better molding. Although fiberglass pots are strong, they have the advantage of being lightweight. When large pots are needed, fiberglass pots are best used to weigh much less than stone counterparts.
  • Be conscious that the manufacturer – IOTA, for example, uses a new mold for each shape while ordering custom planter boxes. A current mold will not adapt to a unique shape for very slight changes in length, height, or width.
  • Use extra-large size planter boxes to hold large plants and trees. Extra-large sizes are reinforced with a brace for large plants and extra strength to hold trees.
  • Use small pots to create a display of changes with small plants, such as herbs, bulbs, and alpines. Single pots help you to decorate your collection quickly.
  • An annual coat of wax car polish for outdoor use is recommended for utmost protection.
  • The repetition technique is famous for interior designers, yet it works in the nursery, as well. You may put the identic plant in identic pots- a Dianthus in a Manhattan Fiberglass Cube Pot, for example, and set them on an even flat surface.
  • Use pots with even bottom like Manhattan Charcoal Tall Trough, Manhattan Fiberglass Tall Taper, Manhattan Fiberglass Trough, Manhattan Fiberglass Cube, and Manhattan Fiberglass Round will drain effectively and do not need feet to assist drainage.
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Final Verdict

Planters can easily change the look of outdoor or indoor space and improve landscapes where planting is generally unthinkable. With the help of customizing planter boxes, you have control over your container’s design so that you are not wholly dependent on store items. The customization permits you to pick the shape and size and make a delightful presentation with your own choice of plants, trees, and flowers. In case you still can’t decide what would work best for you and your space then Arlington gardening and tree care experts may have the answers you need.

That’s it. I hope you got enough ideas for gardening with custom planter boxes.


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