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February 1, 2021

Creating Functional Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

The traditional Chinese practice of feng shui centers around helping people find peace and harmony within their environments. When we’re at peace with our surroundings, the theory goes, we become at peace with ourselves.

In practice, feng shui involves arranging and designing living spaces that create balance and harness energy. Often, we think of it as a design principle to apply to spaces where we want to relax — such as the bedroom or living room — but it can go just as far in environments like the bathroom.

The problem is that the bathroom brings with it some limitations in terms of arrangements and design. Unlike a sofa or desk, you can’t simply grab a friend and move your toilet, shower or vanity to the spot where it harnesses the best energy. But there are still some really great things you can do to bring this ancient Chinese philosophy into your home.

From decorating with harmonious scented candles to rearranging a few key accents, we’ve got some great ways to make the bathroom more feng shui friendly. The best part? These ideas don’t require you to gut the whole thing and drop thousands on a remodel!

Creating Functional Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

Position Your Mirror to Face the Door

Part of feng shui is improving the flow of chi or qi — the positive, vital energy that relates to all living things and the universe — and feng shui experts emphasize the importance of keeping it flowing throughout the house.

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One of the best ways to ensure that the chi doesn’t get trapped in the bathroom or flushed away is to position your mirror so it’s facing the door, reflecting good energy back into the house.

Tidy Up as Much as Possible

Dirt, grime and clutter tend to attract and compound negative energy, so you want to make sure your space is designed to stay tidy. Don’t leave anything out on the vanity or other surfaces unless it simultaneously serves a purpose, is aesthetically pleasing and brings you joy.

For example, a decorative reed diffuser or candle can contribute to the look, feel and smell of your home, so it probably won’t attract any negative energy.

Get Organized

In the same vein, even the clutter behind closed doors can attract unwanted negative energy, so you want to lay a good foundation for organization with things like drawer organizers and liners.

Use plenty of cute containers and baskets for all the essentials — towels, bath bombs, bubble bath, extra toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. In other words, don’t just throw everything into the vanity and expect the good energy to flow.

Make It Smell Nice

Bad bathroom smells equal bad vibes. A candle’s throw (that is, the way it distributes throughout your home) can actually act a whole lot like your home’s energy — flowing throughout the space, getting trapped in certain areas and passing through others with ease.

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Take cues from this and learn how to make your house smell good without oversaturating small spaces like the bathroom. Make sure to use scents that inspire you and bring in good energy. Stick to natural, soothing aromas like lavender, cedar, eucalyptus, vanilla and clove. Remember to always use safe, natural candles — preferably made with soy wax, which burns much cleaner than paraffin — to prevent bad energy from accumulating in the space.

Decorate with Symmetry

Symmetry is an important concept in feng shui because it helps your space — and, in turn, your mind — reach a place of perfect balance and harmony. When your space feels out of balance, you may feel unfocused and uncalm.

A great way to bring symmetry into the bathroom is to flank the sink with matching décor items. Whether it be decorative candles or fresh flowers, accent in pairs for perfect symmetry.

Keep Doors and Drawers Closed

We’ve already mentioned that the bathroom can be a bit of a chi-suck, and the last thing you’d want is for the good energy in your home to get trapped in the bathroom.

Closing the door, drawers, the shower door and even the toilet can help ensure that the good chi doesn’t enter the bathroom and get trapped there (or get flushed away). Keeping drawers and doors closed also helps with mental clarity, since it helps keep the space looking tidier.

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Bring in Some Houseplants

Who says the bathroom isn’t a great place for houseplants? Plants are living, breathing things that can help purify the air and purify your mood. Not only can they make you feel joyful, houseplants can also eliminate allergens, bad smells and mold from the air.

This makes them perfect for damp environments like the bathroom, especially when your goal is feng shui. Just make sure your bathroom has ample natural lighting!

Open the Windows or Install a Fan

Anything you can do to prevent the chi from stopping in the bathroom is a win for feng shui. If you have a screened-in window, keeping it open can help encourage the good energy to flow freely in and out of the bathroom.

If a window isn’t an option, try to keep the fan on to help keep the energy moving. Good air flow in the bathroom can also help prevent mold, mildew and bad odors.

A great way to improve your life is to focus on positive self-care and healthy habits in every area of your life. The bathroom is one of the primary hubs of self-care, so you want to make it a space where you actually want to spend time. These great bathroom feng shui tips will help ensure that the energy flows so you feel joyful and peaceful in your home!

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