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Certifications That Every Auto Body Shop Should Have

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The profession of traditional automobile body repairer is changing rapidly. Traditional mechanics are being replaced by maintenance specialists trained in the use of increasingly sophisticated technologies. There are many technical training courses in repair trades, but the most recognized ones are the I-CAR Gold Class Certification, ASE Certification, AAA Approval, and A+ Rating with the BBB.

Auto body repair requires diversified knowledge (electricity, electronics, etc.) and excellent manual skills.  Professionalism leads to workplace success, a high professional reputation, and a high level of excellence and work ethic. Respecting deadlines and quotes are also particularly important. Finally, professionals must keep themselves constantly informed of technological developments in the vehicles industry.

Auto body shop Saskatoon is a market leader in the field of collision repair services, auto glass services, paintless dent repairs, and SGI accident claims. They are SGI accredited Elite auto body repair shops that manage everything on your behalf, using best repair practices, cutting-edge equipment, and repair material technology.

Their certified auto body technicians follow industry best practices and continuously deliver exceptional car repair services and vehicle maintenance. They are regularly being tested and evaluated to ensure they are perfectly familiar with the latest makes and models, vehicle construction materials, and specific repair procedures.

I-CAR certification

I-CAR (Auto Collision Repair) is an international, non-profit organization, providing certifications for auto collision repair shops and their technicians, focused on the training and evaluation of auto repairs, and maintain the highest standard in the latest technologies and equipment while maintaining the highest safety standards. 

I-CAR certification

I-CAR training can be executed in the form of traditional courses ordistance learning. Individuals can earn Platinum recognition by completing a series of role-related courses, and body shops can obtain Gold recognition by retaining qualified personnel updating their skills on a yearly basis. I-CAR certification represents the highest level of excellence, skills, and training in this business.

ASE certification

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a certification presented to automotive technicians that demonstrates their skills and expertise in the automotive repair and maintenance industry in parts of Canada and the United States. It is a non-profit, independent organization founded in 1972. to assist consumers needing

to differentiate between competent and potentially incompetent automotive technicians.Some of the ASE certification exams include the Damage Repair test, the Automatic Transmission/Transaxle test, General Motors Parts Consultant test, the Engine Repair test, and the Structural Analysis.

Through testing and certification of repair and maintenance professionals, the organization aims to improve the quality of the repair and maintenance of vehicles.

AAA Approved certification

Established in 1975, AAA Approval amplifies a certain level of professional standard for service and is one of the highly respected in the business. AAA Approved auto repair has earned its reputation by constantly providing high-quality products and services to the benefit of its members.

Nowadays, there are more than 7,000 AAA Approved repair facilities through Canada and U.S. with the highest service standards including knowledgeable, trained, and certified technicians, used vehicle parts that meet or exceed original equipment specifications, facilities that are clean, comfortable, and have access to and knowledge of proper tools.

BBB certification

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, non-profit organization focused on improving the trust between businesses and communities, whose main role is to promote fair and ethical business practices and investigatingcustomer complaints of dishonest business practices.

In the auto repair industry, BBB certification proves immaculate reputable business that cares about their relationships with our customers providing not only the highest standard in auto repair services but also making customers satisfied through the entire process.

BBB assigns ratings from A+ (highest) to F (lowest) using information from public data sources and directly from businesses. When deciding on the grade, BBB takes into consideration the proper auto body shop licensing, the transparency of business practices as well as the amount of time in the business.

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