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September 15, 2021

Ceramic Coating: What You Need To Know

Few things make your car look aged and dilapidated as peeling paint and colossal  rust stains across your doors, hood and roof. Protecting the original coat or any  new colors you have added is imperative if you want your car to look as new as  the day it rolled off the assembly line; your car is, after all, an extension of yourself  and how you present your personal style to the world.

When you’re looking for a long-lasting candy-coated shine that lasts on your car, there aren’t many options that can hold a candle to a professional ceramic coating. Acknowledged as one of the best options for keeping your vehicle looking fresh and clean, the cost of this service is often felt to be well-worth the results. Here are four benefits to applying this treatment.

What is Ceramic Coating For Cars?

Ceramic coating is a chemical bonding process that creates a new layer on top of your existing paint job, meaning there’s no harm to your car’s current coat of paint.

A professionally applied ceramic coating is one of the most sought-after, effective  means of protecting your car’s exterior from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the  sun as well as the general wear and tear of time. It is an ideal way to keep your  car’s paint job looking glossy and like new. Its hydrophobic nature is compared by  many to a lifetime of surface wax, repelling water-based contaminants with ease and  allowing dirt and debris to slip right off with a quick rinse.

Damage and rust  brought about by chemicals from the road, atmosphere and those produced by  other vehicles is more easily resisted by your vehicle, as the chemically-bonded  ceramic coat protects its surface from all manner of threats.

While not making  your car immune to such damage, the ceramic coating will also help your vehicle  resist basic scratches and other contact damage that could otherwise mar the  surface of your vehicle.

Ultra-violet radiation emitted by the sun is one of the primary culprits for paint  and surface damage to your precious vehicle, and the benefits of a professionally applied ceramic coating include securing additional defense against the ravages of  the sun’s rays against a coat of paint. Heat damage on your car or truck will be a thing of the past, helping your color to continue to burst forward and resist fading over time.

4 Main Advantages of Ceramic Coating

  1. Better yet, it’s a permanent layer meaning you’re one and done when you have it applied. You will never have to worry about follow-up coats down the line.
  2. This new layer protects your paint from a slew of outside elements including harmful UV rays, which can eat away at paint and give your car that unwanted sickly, rusted appearance. The glossy coating will keep your car looking fresh and like new for years to come!
  3. Being hydrophobic in nature and lasting for years, this chemically bonded layer makes an amazing alternative to waxing and allows water-based grime and debris to bead up and slide right off the surface. A quick rinse and you’ll be right as rain, simplifying future car washes.
  4. With the added protection to your car’s surface, this extends the life of your paint job and can thus help maintain your car’s value over the years. Keep your vehicle’s appeal bright and clear with a ceramic coat!


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Ceramic Coating: What You Need To Know

Ceramic Coating: What You Need To Know
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