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December 23, 2021

Buying Your First Diamond Ring

People should take pride in the smallest moments in life because all of them are achieved by some efforts you put in life and some sacrifices. Buying diamond jewelry for you should be a moment of utmost pride as well.

This is because you thought of investing in a diamond and then saved pennies out of your hard-earned money until you had your desired amount. Not everyone can do that, and you should be proud of it.

People usually opt for diamond rings as their first pick. It can be anyone buying it. A girl for herself or someone else, or a boy buying it to propose to her partner, gifting it to his mother or some other special woman in his life.

However, while buying a diamond ring is exciting, you should know some background on diamonds as well. This is because sometimes some shopkeepers can fool you. So do your homework well before buying a diamond ring for yourself.


Things to ensure before buying a diamond ring:

Diamond rings are some gorgeous pieces of jewelry and are loved by women worldwide. However, while it is gorgeous for sure, it isn’t something which you can invest in without saving some money.

Hence, when going out to buy a diamond ring, your importance increases tenfold, considering the money you are putting out. It leaves no chances for error, so make sure you know what you want and what to check before putting your money out on the table.

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  • Budget: 

Before making any heavy investment, make sure you set a budget for yourself. Making a specific budget and knowing how much you can spend on a particular item makes it easy to narrow down your choices and choose accordingly.

However, don’t worry, thinking that if you have a low budget, then you will get a diamond of some lower quality. That is not the case because you can get some great diamond rings in your required budget.

So, save up, make a budget, head out to the mall and buy that diamond ring you have been eyeing for so long.

  • Cut makes the difference:

When out diamond shopping, make sure to take in the 4Cs of diamond under consideration. The four Cs are color, cut, clarity, and carat. However, out of these four Cs, the cut is what happens to be of most importance.

A nicely and perfectly cut diamond makes the ring appear not only beautiful but bigger than its carat size. Moreover, the perfect cut will also diminish the flaws in color or clarity, if any. So make sure you keep your cut standard high and get the best diamond on the rack under your budget.

If you are buying it for your man, make sure to see which is the ring finger for man the cut will look great in.

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Apart from the cut, there are other Cs that you should consider as well.

  • Clarity and Color:

While diamonds have grading scales that differ in color and clarity, only a diamond expert can distinguish them through his naked eye. Hence, when out to buy diamonds, we prefer you evaluate the clarity and color on your own rather than a grading scale.

If you want a colorless diamond, choose one that appears colorless through the naked eye and isn’t reflective. If you want a colored one, choose a colored one visible through your eye. Judge the clarity on the same basis. Any diamond whose blemishes are visible through your eye is a no-go; however, others can be compromised on.

  • Carat:

If you are planning on getting married, there are other expenses to take care of as well other than a ring. So it doesn’t matter that you have to buy a full-size diamond to get married. Your significant other loves you and will marry you nonetheless.

The best tip to buy a diamond ring on a budget is to give up on a few carats. The rings’ price increases gradually as the carat increases, hence cutting down on the carat and improving the cut. Improving the cut will make the carat and ring look bigger itself. It’s a trick that will help you a lot.

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Moreover, you will have to find men’s diamond wedding bands that would go well with your wife’s ring as well, so plan your budget accordingly.

  • Ring Style:

While the centerpiece in the ring, which is the diamond, is very important without a doubt, the ring style matters a lot as well. The diamond, though, is the most prominent aspect; the ring style will enhance the appearance of the diamond even more.

Hence, if you have a certain type of ring style or metal in mind, you must choose your diamond accordingly and if you have a diamond choice that you really want to opt for, then choose the ring style that goes well with it.

All this may look like a lot; however, if you really want your ring to look perfect, doing some research and making the right choices will help you get the best diamond ring out of the lot.

  • Early Shopping:

This advice isn’t for everyone, but if you are planning to propose to your girl for marriage with a gorgeous diamond ring, then hear us out.

Making your way to the mall a few weeks before the proposal and checking out all the rings within your budget is the best option. Not only will it help you buy the best ring you will be content with, but you will also remain calm which is impossible in last-minute buys along with the proposal nerves, got it?

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Diamond rings for sure are a great investment, and hence you should be certain about even the smallest things before you make your buy.

It takes a lot of your money, and hence make sure you know the tiny bits of details beforehand. If you planned on buying a ring and weren’t sure about all of this, we are glad to help.



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