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October 6, 2021

Apartment Safety Tips You Should Know

Apartment safety is a big concern for those who live in an apartment building. This article will discuss some of the most important things you should know to ensure your and your family’s safety. Check out these apartments for rent in santa clara ca .

Check out these safety tips that you should know about.


  • Lock all windows and doors even when you are home and awake. Always use double cylinder locks if they are available to reduce the risk. The same goes for sliding glass patio doors that can be opened with a simple piece of wire. You should not leave your spare keys under the mat or in a planter box outside. Criminals may find them while canvassing your neighborhood.


  • You should talk to your neighbors and let them know that you are new to the apartment so they can help if something happens. People living in cozy areas such as Prose Manor do not interact with their neighbors more often. It is advisable to get to know a few people in the areas, especially when you move into a new apartment. When possible, be sure to get their phone number so you have someone who will be able to reach out for help.
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  • Never open the door for strangers, especially after dark or when no one else is home. Do not allow strangers inside your apartment, even if they claim to be there by mistake. If someone insists on entering the building against your will, get out immediately. If you are suspicious, call the landlord or building manager using a phone number posted on their front door. Let the apartment management verify who they say they are before allowing them in. Never prop the door open for people, even if they say it’s okay. Even a few seconds is enough time to let someone come in and rob your apartment.


  • Safeguard personal information at all costs. If you receive calls from people asking you to contribute money towards charities, do not give out any personal information. Never give your personal details such as social security numbers or bank account details over the telephone. Never leave personal information where strangers can access it. Ensure that children’s homework papers with such details are safe. Lock up documents with sensitive personal information to avoid moving out doing major spring cleaning. Do not leave personal information written down on pieces of paper or anywhere that criminals could find.
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  • Don’t leave valuable objects in plain sight near windows where they can be seen from outside. Never leave valuables such as laptops unattended on tables visible through windows facing the street, no matter how brief. Criminals target apartments with expensive items like TVs or laptops. Always lock up any valuables, including electronics, jewelry, and others.


  • You should always carry pepper spray or mace with you when walking home from school or work late at night. This will help you feel safer. Don’t use your phone or wear headphones so you can always hear what’s going on around you.
  • Always walk near well-lit streets with other pedestrians around. Criminals are not likely to approach you because they know witnesses could call out for help on your behalf if something happens! Keep track of where police stations are located within the city in case worse comes to worst.
  • Call 911 immediately if something happens, especially when people are held up in an apartment building for any reason.


  • Install a security system in your apartment. You should be proactive instead of reactive. Use security systems like alarm systems with motion detectors. If anyone tries breaking into your apartment while you’re away, it will set off loud alarms immediately. If possible, make sure you have cameras installed outside near your front door, so you’ll be able to see who comes and goes even if they don’t ring the bell. This way, at least you can get a good look at someone’s face or their car before letting them into your apartment building. Use deadbolts on all exterior doors, even the front door, if possible. Do not use locks that can be picked by burglars or broken off from the outside using simple tools.
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Closing Thoughts


Make sure that your balcony has a sturdy railing and a barrier between the edge of your balcony and any open space. Install window guards so young children cannot fall out of open windows onto balconies.


Author name- Hannah Gilbert


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