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February 14, 2021

Alternative to Skin Icing using Ice Globes

We can all agree that 2020 was not exactly the year of results. Sadly, with all the shutdowns and uncertainty this year, some of our self-care goals were unachievable.

Many of the external stress factors also impacted our skin, to say the least. So, we learned to adapt to the new norm by improvising our health and wellness from home!

Combating Stubborn Skin Problems

None of us have the exact skin type nor do we have the same skin concerns. Whether your problem areas involve wrinkles, enlarged pores, or redness, each of these skin concerns are normally treated individually.

However, what if I told you that there’s a way to combat these challenges all at once? Believe it or not, a simple, cost-effective device to treat the most stubborn skin problems exists!

In the year of DIY at-home facials, we launched a spa-inspired beauty tool that is used for skin icing facials. Frioz, which means freeze, uses an ice to face stimulation method. Similar to rubbing an ice pack on an injury, you’re soothing the nerves and putting them into temporary hibernation!

These facial cooling globes are a 5-in-1 beauty tool set that

  1. Stimulates blood circulation
  2. Reduces puffiness
  3. Reduces breakouts
  4. Shrinks enlarged pores and
  5. Instantly lifts saggy skin and helps sculpt the face
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Why Choose Cooling Globes Over Other Facial Techniques

Traditional Skin Icing Method Upgrade with Cooling Globes

Sometimes, classic beauty techniques produce better results than modern practices. Like the old-school skin icing cold-spoon beauty therapy, cooling ice globes are a sophisticated play on this classic therapy which is known for effectively reducing under-eye and overall facial puffiness.

This popular cold facial method has been used for decades; the reason being, ice on face benefits our skin by causing cold blood to rise which naturally soothes and tightens the skin. Think of the rosy cheeks you get after a brisk winter walk. Believe it or not, that is a sign of a healthy glow!

Why Choose Cooling Globes Over Other Facial Techniques?

Facial massagers are rising more than ever, especially as we transitioned to quarantine life. While many of these beauty tools are used to improve circulation, most are not intended for cold facials which can significantly benefit us more than your average jade roller. Skin icing provides similar benefits of ice globes but also has its disadvantages.

Why Choose Cooling Globes Over Other Facial Techniques

When direct ice to skin contact on the same area is placed for too long, there is a possibility you are damaging skin cells. Rather than sticking ice cubes on the skin, we highly suggest using a beauty tool such as the Frioz Ice Globes for facials. These skin icing globes are designed to remain ice cold throughout the facial massage, while providing all the same benefits of ice cube facials.

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How to Optimally Use Cool Globes for Ice Facial

Believe it or not, there are a handful of people who use facial massagers incorrectly. To avoid stretching your skin, Sonage Estheticians recommend the following routine: 1) Start by cleansing your face with Sonage Hydrating Cleanser. Pat dry. 2) Spritz your face with the Soothing Mist. 3) Follow with two pumps of the NMF Hyaluronic Serum.

Now, glide the Frioz Icy Globes with circular movements along the contours of your face, along the chin and jawline, up the cheeks and along the forehead and the nose and your under eyes. The facial icing benefits will produce smoothed fine lines, reduced pores, and stimulated blood circulation for that natural rosy cheek glow.

For optimal results, place the globes in the fridge for 15 minutes prior to use. The cold temperature of these cooling facial globes is what prompts tighter skin and gives an instant glow. This magic at-home facial tool contains freeze-retaining fluids which keeps it ice cold for longer facial massages.

5 Benefits of Using Cold Facial Globes

  • Stimulate Blood Circulation

One of the major ice-on-skin benefits using the cool globes is that it combats clogged lymphatic fluids. These clogs are what causes inflammation, swelling, redness, skin abnormality, and more. Releasing them will produce healthy drainage and get the blood flowing properly again.

  • Reduce Facial Puffiness

Facial puffiness is the worst! It happens to many of us, especially in the mornings. As mentioned earlier, swelling is due to poor lymphatic drainage which can be caused by multiple factors. Luckily, skin icing with cooling globes is one of the most effective techniques to help de-swell naturally.

  • Chill Angry Breakouts

Skin icing is known to help soothe the redness of pimples and irritated skin. We recommend using the cold facial globes on blemishes until numbing occurs to reduce initial inflammation.

  • Shrink Enlarged Pores

Massaging cooling globes on skin also reduces the appearance of enlarged pores by unclogging them from excess sebum.

  • Lift and Sculpt Face

Sonage ice globes are also formulated to help lift saggy skin and sculpt the face. It’s freezing temperature creates a firming effect from the ice that slows signs of aging.

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