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January 21, 2022

9 best movies for sport lovers

How often do you watch a movie? Sports movies are a genre that is loved in Japan and beyond. Directors have focused on creating incredible films that have taken the world by storm. Movies have created awareness on how different sports are played and how gamblers wager on them.

Popular movies about casino such as Ocean’s Eleven, Casino Royale, and many more have depicted casino scenes promoting the gambling industry. On the other hand, sports movies have focused on specific sports showing universal stories that appeal to the audience. The best sports movies are unpredictable and adverse in their setting. Our expert, Narimi Murayama (more on his profile), highlights the nine best movies for sports lovers.

Remember the Titans

The incredible drama has football at its forefront. Remember the Titans is such a thriller for sports fanatics and non-sports alike. Remember The Titans is rated as one of the best sports movies. It features Denzel Washington, a head coach who trains an integrated football team in 1971 and leads his team to glory. The film uses drama to tackle racial issues that hold relevance up to date. Before going big, the film featured several actors, such as Ryan Gosling. Every viewer relates to the football scenes as they are easy to understand.

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Waterboy has a significant fan base despite being released in the 90s. The comedic gem features Adam Sandler, who acts as a waterboy. Bobby Boucher has anger issues that make him have bizarre skills on the field. The main character appeals as every viewer want him to succeed.

Two for the Money

Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino are the stars in this sports betting movie. It is based on a true story where a college student who was a talented footballer fell into the shackles of sports betting. This is a perfect movie for those who love online casino gaming as they can pick a lesson or two from it.Our Japanese expert Narimi Murayama believes that: この学びはすべての人に通じるもので、日本人プレイヤーが学びたいものがスクラッチカードなのか、ポーカーなのか、バカラなのかは関係ありません。

Space Jam

The classic 90s movie has more to like for every viewer regardless of their sports industry knowledge. The film unfolds as Looney Tunes recruits Michael Jordan to win a basketball game. The movie director makes it memorable and different by mixing a 2D animation. Basketball is the focused sport in the film. Looney Tunes spices it up by entertaining everybody.


Chadwick Boseman featured Jacki Robinson while playing American baseball. Before introducing MCU, Chadwick Boseman was the first black player to feature in Major League baseball. The film displays his competence as he gives an incredible performance that matches an actor of his caliber. 42 also features Harrison Ford, who fits as a powerhouse actor. The movies show that one does not need baseball knowledge to understand the film.

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It is one of the best films that draw the audience’s emotions. Some people can hardly watch the film with a towel nearby. The story is about a man with special needs and a love for sports. Cuba Gooding Jr is the titular character who becomes friends with a coach at his local high school. The coach brings him in and allows him to coach the teams. The film is based on the true story of James Kennedy.

Cool Runnings

Movie directors use a likable character to catch the attention of the audience. Cool Runnings features likable characters and creates a strong point in the film. Irv sets out to coach the first Jamaican bobsled team in the winter Olympics. The Disney film is based on a true story and displays heartwarming. The movie is available at Disney +, and it is rated as John Candy’s best on IMDb.

The Mighty Ducks

The family sports movie features Emilio Esteves as Gordon Bombay. Gordon is a lawyer who coaches a hapless youth hockey team as community service. The film is fondly remembered for having the best hearts and laughs as a family sports movie.


The film displays one of the best underdogs stories. The iconic film has a good story on boxing. The main character goes head to head with a heavyweight champion to prove his worth. The audience learns how much an individual can go when giving it all. The movie serves as an inspiration. Rocky goes through what Stallone went through before he made it in life.

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The above are some of the nine best movies for sports fans.


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