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September 2, 2021

7 Smart Moves That Could Make Moving Houses 10x Easier

Moving is an integral part of our lives. When you want to upgrade your lifestyle, you take specific steps to make it possible. It could be buying an automatic car, having the latest smartphone, or moving to a new home. But moving to your house of dreams can be a stressful and daunting process if you do not plan it properly. If you do not want to feel overwhelmed by the entire procedure, you must breakdown it into small tasks. It will help you set priorities and make your move smooth.

Once you get the legal ownership of your new home, start planning your move right away. You have to keep an eye on different factors from packing to transport to avoid any obstacle during the process. Also, you should take feedback from the people who have shifted to a new space recently. You will get to learn valuable things from their experience. Anyways, let’s find out how you can quickly move to a new house.

  • Get Self Storage Facility

Getting a self-storage unit impacts your moving process positively. It helps you avoid the hassle of packing the unused stuff and taking the unnecessary burden to a new home. It enables you to reduce the clutter by creating more space for the items that you need regularly.

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You should do proper research about the self-storage services in the state or region where you are moving. For example, if you are moving to Prosper, Texas, then you may consider services of self storage prosper texas to safely store your furniture, appliances, or any other stuff. You should survey to find the perfect services according to your location, needs, and budget.

  • Create a Schedule

Making a schedule helps you keep track of everything. Without a proper timetable, you can quickly put things off with a panic. Such carelessness can cost you a lot, and you will eventually realize that you are not ready yet for a moving day. To prevent the last-minute scramble, you should analyze how much time you have left to move and act accordingly.

It is highly recommended to start your preparations at least a month before moving to your new property. You should create a checklist so that you do not go off track right from the beginning. It will also make the final moving days less stressful.

  • Pack Only What You Need

While moving, you will realize that you do not need plenty of stuff any longer. You should take a good look at your closets to see what you have to pack and what you should donate. There is no point in keeping an attire that does not fit you any longer. Giving it to somebody will only add value to their life.

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The same applies to all appliances or furniture you do not want to take to a new house. You may place the ad to sell the unwanted stuff. It will also help you manage your moving budget efficiently. Taking such items to a new place will only increase your load. Packing stuff smartly saves your time, energy, and cost and makes moving much easier for you.

  • Pack “Unpack me First” Box

It is essential to pack one box separately that you will need to spend one first night in your home. You should label that box as “open me first” or whatever seems convenient. But you should be able to spot that box instantly. You have to pack all the personal items in that box, including towels, toothbrushes, bedsheets, chargers, toiletries, medicine boxes, and similar items.

It is crucial to pack such a box because you will already be mentally and physically drained when you reach home. So, with that condition, you would not like to bear the hassle of unpacking all boxes to find your mobile phone charger, toothbrush, or any such thing. You may also keep that novel in the box that you are not done reading yet. It will make your first night memorable in your new home.

  • Label All Boxes

Moving is not just about taking your stuff to a new place. The real task begins when you enter into a new home with tons of packed boxes. To make your moving more accessible, you should clearly label the boxes with rooms they belong to. Unpacking boxes in a suitable space will help you avoid shuffling. You should use color codes to label boxes.

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For example, if you carry ten living room boxes with you, use a yellow marker to mark these boxes. It will help you identify that boxes having yellow marks belongs to the living room. By doing this, movers will unload boxes at the exact spot, so you do not have to put in the extra effort later on.

  • Make a List of All Boxes

To keep track of all your stuff, you should make a list of boxes. Mention the box number on each box, and then note down in your list each box with a number that what a particular box contains.

For example, if you have marked number “3” to the box containing dining room items, you should create the summary of contents accordingly. Also, note down the exact number of items in every box.

  • Maintain Right Weight of Boxes

You should understand that even if you are taking professional services, they are still human. So, keep the weight in the box according to its limit. Try to pack heavy items such as books in a small package. It will make it easier to carry and to move it from one place to another. You should keep fragile items in small boxes and light ones in large containers to maintain the standard weight of boxes.

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You cannot make your moving process smooth overnight. It requires solid planning and preparation to avoid any unpleasant situation at the last moment. You also have to pick the right moving services, and for that, you have to do proper research according to your requirements and budget. A perfect move makes a significant impact on your future life in the new home. So, start your new life in a hassle-free manner in your dream house.


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