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October 18, 2021

7 Signs Your Bathroom Needs Remodeling

If your house needs a bathroom makeover, it is usually easy to detect. If your bathroom makes you feel comfortable and has plenty of space, then you probably don’t need to give it a makeover. On the other hand, if you notice any of the seven issues below, then your bathroom could use some updating.

1. Your Bathroom is too Dark

If you do not have natural light in your bathroom, then you may want to consider painting and adding some new tile or decor. A mild update can change the whole look of your bathroom and make it bright and more appealing.

Also, consider using colors other than white such as light gray and yellow, to simulate more sunlight if you have little to no natural light.

2. The Plumbing Needs an Update

If you notice recurring problems in one of your bathrooms with the plumbing, bathroom remodeling is necessary. Many times, it includes more than just ascetics but also replacing old plumbing. For example, you may want to replace pipes, fixtures, or even the toilet and bathtub.

3. Your Bathroom Looks Old

If you don’t like the one in your bathroom because it is older than a modern-looking bathroom or it hasn’t been changed for many decades, it is probably time to have your bathroom remodeled.

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This is essential, especially if you are considering renting or selling your home. Potential buyers and renters typically look for bathrooms that are more modern and updated. Consider replacing fixtures and lighting as well as painting.

4. The Bathroom is not Functional

You may want to consider updating or remodeling your bathroom if it isn’t as functional as you want. Consider adding better storage and even moving components of your bathroom around to allow for better flow.

It is also essential to have a large amount of room for a luxury bathroom. Sometimes you can reconfigure a larger bathroom by taking out space from an extra closet and expanding.

5. There is a Mold Issue

Sadly, sometimes a bathroom remodel is because of a health hazard. For example, if you have mold in your bathroom and it is large, you may have to strip the bathroom down to the inner walls or studs to destroy the hazardous mold.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all of the mold, you will need to rebuild your bathroom again. If your bathroom is not modern, this is a great way to install fixtures and modern components to your bathroom.

6. There is a Lack of Storage

If there is a lack of storage in your bathroom, you may need to rebuild it to store all of your bathroom items easily and still be comfortable. Whether you have a small amount of room or you take out a tub and use the space to add an extensive amount of storage, there is usually a bright and modern and storage solution for most bathrooms.

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First, consider how much storage you need versus how much storage you have. Then, look at your bathroom and figure out what you can take out and put in to give you the storage that you want. You may not need to remodel your bathroom at all, but only add certain storage, such as a ladder shelf that goes over the toilet.

Also, you can add baskets and open shelving under the sink to give you more places to put things. Finally, if you have a wide bathroom, you may want to add a rolling cart to put essential items next to the shower.

7. The Grout Makes Your Bathroom Look Dirty

Dirty grout may make your whole bathroom look like it is dated and dingy. If you have tried to get your grout clean with chemicals and bleach and it still doesn’t come clean, then you may want to consider new tile. New tile and grout will give your bathroom a fresh look, and you can also decide on new colors if you’d like to change it up.

Consider changing fixtures and paint as well to give your bathroom a whole new look.

There are many reasons to remodel a bathroom. However, if you feel like an update is necessary for you or to attract potential buyers, it is crucial to make a list of everything you’d like to change so you are prepared when asking contractors for quotes for your remodel.

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Author name– Hannah Gilbert



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