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May 1, 2021

7 Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog While Camping

Get prepared for all the fun as you are planning to take your fuzzy pet along on your camping trip. Camping can be a great way to improve your bond with your pet dog and providing him with the exercise he needs.

Pet owners can also introduce the pooch to new activities by taking him on a camping trip, which in turn keeps him both mentally and physically stimulated.

Activities to do when camping with your dog

You can keep your dog entertained for hours by playing the catch with a ball or a toy. By taking your pet along with you on a camping trip, you can ensure he has the “best day ever.” Make sure you plan the activities so that you are well-prepared with any accessories needed. The most important would be looking at fair sized 2-person camping tents for you and your pooch. In addition to prepping for all the fun you will have with your pup, you should prepare for any accidents. Packing a first aid kit and purchasing dog insurance will give you peace of mind while you are out adventuring with your best friend.

If you are planning to go camping with your dog for the first time, you certainly need some help. We have thus created a list of 7 fun activities you can do with your dog while camping.

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img 6241ed4db3ddb - 7 Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog While Camping

1.  Hiking with a game of discovery

Enjoy a joyous experience with your dog on your next camping trip. Dogs, unlike humans easily detect interesting things when walking or during hikes. Your pet not only gets thrilled with every new smell he sniffs but feels like a winner when he finds something. All of this is a treat to your eyes and adds a pinch of adventure and excitement to your overall trip.

Pet owners also find new personality traits in their pets when outdoors. Ensure you carry all the needed supplies when you are hiking or walking long distances with your pet.

img 6241ed51d93e4 - 7 Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog While Camping

2.  Go for a run

Most of the campsites have amazing trails, and you can go for a quick run if you have a high-energy dog. Once you are back at the campsite, make sure to check the pup for any scrapes or cuts.

In case you have a small dog that does not show much interest in either walking or running, you can always choose a carrier backpack for your dog. While you enjoy the trail, your pet can enjoy the amazing view of the outdoors.

3.  Canoeing

If you have a very calm and quiet pet, you can try canoeing. If your pet can resist water, this is one activity you both can enjoy. But, this will not be a good option if your pet does not like water or does not sit still for long. You do not want to experience the capsizing of the canoe with your pooch overboard. For some extra safety, you can even consider getting a pet life jacket for your dog to wear when on a boat or canoe.

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4.  Take a look around & Play Fetch

This might sound like a very normal thing to do, but once you reach the camping site, you can allow your pet to take a stroll around. By doing so, you are enabling him to get used to the surroundings and this makes him feel more comfortable.

Once your pet feels comfortable at the camping site, you can always play the classic and the most favorite game of fetch. If you haven’t carried a toy, that’s alright! You can always use a stick in place of a ball/Frisbee.

5.  Hide and seek

If you haven’t played hide and seek with your pet yet, you are indeed missing out on a lot. You can hide behind a tree or a bush and allow your dog to find you. This game is a lot of fun during fall, as the trees are green and bushy with a lot of leaves, giving you a lot of places where you can hide.

One thing to keep in mind when playing hide and seek is to make sure you do not move away from the camping site. The last thing you want to happen is your pet getting confused and you end up seeking.

6.  Try swimming

If there is a pond, a lake, or any other water body nearby the camping site, you can try swimming with your dog. You can not only swim around but also splash water and have some fun. You really need to make sure that the water is clean and clear. If there is a swimming pool, you can even play fetch in the water using a floating toy.

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7.  Bubble or a scent game

Bubble games with your pet can be both fun and exercise for your furry pet. You can pick the best from the pet-safe bubbles that are easily available online. Blow the bubbles into the air, and your dog can try to burst them using his nose and paws.

Another fun game you can try along with the bubble game is the scent game. You can hide some treats in and around the camping area. You can then create a pattern using a scent so that the pet understands what the game is all about. Your pet will for sure love the challenge, especially when there are some treats and toys involved. You need to do some shopping for these items before you go camping, but you and your dog will for sure have a great time together.


Pet owners can indulge in various activities with their pets when on a camping trip. You can try simple games like tug of war, just take a nap or capture some amazing pictures of your pet.

Whatever you do, do not forget to prepare well for the camping trip, so that the dog does not get bored, which is mostly the case with high-energy pets. When you spend the day outdoors keeping the pet busy with activities, it is quite rare for him to get bored, and you can witness a much calmer evening, thanks to the fresh air and all that exercise.

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And if you’re hiking or biking, make sure your pet can keep up with you. A simple way to do that is by keeping your pet charged with protein-rich fresh dog food. There are plenty of vitamins and nutrients there that will allow them to keep up with you for the day. So even if you spend your outdoor trip doing physically demanding activities, they will remain energized. Of course, remember to give them some treats here and there to reward them for their hard work!


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