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February 10, 2022

6 Top Trendy Goth Styles This Spring

News flash: the 90s and early 2000s goth trends you love are back and better than ever before. Your love of gothic attire is now even more creatively defined and ready for the spring season.

Here, we break down six top goth styles so that you can plan your outfits accordingly. Read on if you’re ready to style outfits that keep you stationed as queen of that cool spring breeze.

1. The Cat-eye Sunglasses

Make your mysteriousness even more evident with cat-eye sunglasses for this spring. We’re talking black shades with pointy edges that make you look like you’re some version of a cat, librarian, and pinup model all at once. It is undoubtedly an acquired aesthetic, but it is a fashion trend you need to follow.

Plus, your catlike sunglasses will pair effortlessly with anything you can wear. Style your pastel goth outfits, gothic blouses, and military jackets with these sunnies, and you’ll have everyone saying meow at the sight of your gothic style this spring.

2. Felt Hats With Messages

If you’ve ever wanted to say what you’re thinking without saying it, there are ways to do this that go beyond body language or shamelessly watching reruns of Daria. Get your own felt upturned hat with a creative, thought-provoking message inside.

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Go crazy and add your own leather hatbands to make your felt hat unique. In a quick search online, you can find vegan felt hat options with clever sayings like “morbidly inclined.” We are inclined to purchase that one.

On a whim, when you need rainy day fashionwear, let everyone know to keep their distance in the most subtle, fashionable way you can with a thought-provoking felt hat.

3. Spandex Shorts Are Back

The 80s called, and they don’t want their spandex back anytime soon. So, that means you’re free to ride around town in stretchy, mid-length spandex shorts. Pair these with oversized band T-shirts, and you’re looking good as hell for those Spring concerts. Wear these shorts under your pinafore if you’re the type to incorporate layers. Show pants to your boss by telling them, no, they’re not the only option.

4. Lipstick In Muted Tones 

Lip gloss has officially left the building. Dark lipsticks have been a staple for gothic styles since forever. We know this, but trends are still changing with these classic components. Now, go for muted tones like matte purple and muddy gray to decorate your frown the way you, and of course, Beatle Juice intended.

Lipstick In Muted Tones

5. Chunky Punky Sandals

Your combat boots and spiked heels are still great, but trade hardcore footwear for chunky, punky sandals with the warm weather coming out. Go all out with square, oversized buckles and if you bear your toes, paint those nails black to complete the look. Grab some fishermen sandals and keep your puppies strapped in place if you want to rock.

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6. Dark Academic Styles

Wear your plaid skirt and moody blazer to dress like the broody student you are. Dark academic styles are in, leaving you to tread carefully on the line between hipster and goth. Pair your basics with vintage cardigans and sweaters to make this look super thoughtful and well-coordinated.

If you were wondering, yes, knee-high socks are always the answer. Pair them with your stockings or directly over your legs. Both styles are absolute must-haves for this spring, and you can’t go wrong.

The Bottom Line

This spring’s goth trends mix classic staples and new takes on old classics. Mix and match to find the best options for your style. Now, go play dress up. You’ve goth this. Get it?!


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