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July 20, 2021

5 Questions to Ask While Picking the Right Leather Phone Holster

If you are in the market for a leather phone holster, there are lots of different features you need to take into consideration before making your purchase. Do you know what type of leather you are getting? Is it actually leather? What color do you prefer?

Do you want to wear the phone holster on your belt / hip or do you want to carry it in your pocket? Should this be from a big company or do you want something handmade from a smaller operation. 

When we answer these questions, we figure out whether we want a leather holster, what type of leather we need, and most importantly – who we should be getting the leather from. Let’s get started…


Question  #1 – Handmade Leather Phone Holster vs. Mass-manufactured?

The first question is basically “do I want leather?” or “do I want something that looks like leather?” 

If you’re just looking for something that looks like leather, there are lots of inexpensive fake-leather cases for you. Just search Amazon. These cases are mass-manufactured overseas and will likely get the job done for a short period, but the lack of quality will break down over time and you will be left with an ugly deteriorating phone holster that needs replacing very soon. 

The benefit of leather in general is that it is a durable product that can last a lifetime when treated well. Instead of thinking “I need a new case for my phone” you could be thinking “I need a new phone for my case” because a good handmade leather phone holster will outlast any phone on the market today. 

Where you wear your case is just as important as how it’s made. Most people choose to keep their phone in their pockets. Some people wear them attached to their hip or belt. Ultimately, what you do is a matter of choice. Here are some pros and cons of each carrying method: 

In the pocket: When carried in the pocket, the thinking is that the phone will be protected from the elements. There is no rain in your pocket and it is not fully exposed to the elements. There are however keys in your pocket that can scratch your screen and lint and dust that can clog up your charging port or speaker. How many times have you seen a fresh scratch on your screen and wondered – “how did this happen? I never took it out?” The simple answer is it probably happened in your pocket, where you thought your phone was safe.

On your hip: When you carry your phone on the hip or belt in a handmade leather holster case, you have the easiest access to your phone. If you are a bluetooth headset user, answering a call is as easy as pressing a button and talking.

This is great for business people or anyone on the go who wants to make using their phone as simple as possible. Also, even though your phone is exposed to the elements, a solid leather holster will keep you phone protected and looking as good as new at all times. Basically, the leather will take the beating for your phone and unlike the phone, will look better with age and use.

Question #3 – What type of leather?

There are many different types of leather and figuring out which is the best for you can be difficult. In general, the most important thing to make sure of is genuine leather. When you are buying leather, many items that look and feel like leather are actually a composite material that has very little leather and lots of filler. These products will break down over time. 

Genuine leather on the other hand will absorb the natural oils from your skin. The colors will deepen over time as patina sets in, giving your phone holster a rich and broken-in appearance. This means the piece will look unique based on your specific use of the product. 

Basically, all real full-grain leather will share these properties and finding the right one depends mostly on your budget and personal preferences. 

Question #4 – What color works best for me?

Picking the right color is a personal choice and depends more on what you wear. With leather, it’s best to match like-colored leathers. Are you wearing leather shoes? Do you have a leather belt on? If you do, it’s important to make sure that those leathers are of a similar quality and color. 

Black leather shoes might look great, but wearing them with a brown leather belt is a no-no, especially in a formal setting. If you have decided that you want to be wearing your leather phone holster as a hip piece attached to your belt, you will want to make sure that leather matches the belt leather that you are wearing. Some companies like Embrazio sell matching phone holsters and belts to make this decision easier. 

If you have decided to wear your holster in your pocket, matching matters less, but you should still be aware of the general guidelines, especially if you ever plan on taking your phone out to use. 

Question #5 – Where to buy?

There is no shortage of businesses selling leather phone holsters online and in stores. A simple Amazon or Google search will bring up thousands of results. Selecting the right one can be difficult, but assuming you asked yourself the right questions ahead of time, this should help narrow the results. 

We’ve been very impressed with the offerings of US-Based Embrazio for leather phone holsters. The offer their products in multiple sizes, which makes them great for all phones. They come in multiple colors, meaning you can pick the right one for the right outfit. Their products are handmade in Mexico of full-grain leather, so you know they are built to last. Lastly, they’re beautiful and blend timeless styling with modern needs. 

Simply put – they’re cases designed to outlast your phone and look good while doing it. 

We hope that this information can help you make the right decision for your leather phone holster. You spent a lot of time picking out your phone, why stop there?

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