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December 4, 2021

3 Jobs Worth Checking Out if You Want to Work in Medicine

The field of medicine is vast and varied, and not everyone who enters it seeks to become a doctor or surgeon. There is plenty to do in medicine, from office support staff to the nurses that support the doctors and surgeons.

If you’re looking to go into a medical degree or certificate program so you can start working in a reasonable amount of time, know that there are many, many medical jobs that are attainable for the average person.

Every medical office, every surgical practice, every dentist’s office needs support to carry out their duties. So, which jobs might be right for you if you want to work somewhere in medicine? Here are three good ones to consider.

Clinical Medical Assistant

First up is the role of clinical medical assistant, a job that necessitates directly assisting doctors and nurses with in-office administrative duties. Clinical medical assistants might help doctors in the exam room, notate patients’ medical histories, give shots, take blood pressure, and schedule future appointments with patients.

These tasks are vital in any office; take this position away, and a practice would quickly fall into disarray. Best of all, clinical medical assistants can work just about anywhere medicine is practiced, from hospitals to private practices to emergency clinics.

Medical Coder

Medical practices would also be nothing without their proper coordination with insurance companies and patient billing. Medical coders are another role that’s always needed anywhere medicine is performed.

Coders need to be trained in proper and updated medical coding so they can record the procedures and other activities that doctors and nurses perform in their practices. These codes are a shorthand way of telling insurance companies how to charge the patient and what to cover on their own.

Medical coders can find work anywhere, as we’ve mentioned, so if it sounds interesting to you, then pursue this job.

Surgical Technologist

We finish up with the well-paying role of a surgical technologist. In this job, you would prepare and basically manage an operating room ahead of and after patients. It would be your job to ensure the OR is sterilized and cleaned before a surgery or procedure and have the room fully stocked with all necessary supplies.

Surgical technologists also work directly with patients and doctors, helping to disinfect a surgery site on a patient and to dress the surgeon for surgery. You may also work directly with the surgeon during the procedure itself, so this job is for those who like being close to the action.

Each of the roles we have described here comes at medicine from a different angle, but each is vital in and of itself no matter where the job is performed.

If you know that the medical field is for you, and that you want to spend your career helping patients and doctors to have an easier time of things, then you might want to consider these jobs here or any of the other available ones in the industry.

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