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August 20, 2021

12 Indo-Western Desserts/Cakes For All Occasions

In the discussion of the east or west, we usually concur, why not both? The mix of amusing things from the two sides of the world is a wonderful end. You can tell it for accessories, garments, & desserts as well! Many Indian desserts have things that arose because of this astonishing fusion – Indo-Western! Many such Indian sweet dishes have been made by the recipes from the west for a deliciously fresh product & are even of course nowadays in marriage receptions and parties happening during the country. The most marvelous halwais (confectioners) in India have been toying with this for a long time & so various fusion Indian desserts have been made! So, if you have a sweet tooth, you will cherish a large number of these fusion cakes & desserts. When you order a birthday cake online or any other dessert from online stores like the ones we have lined up, it requires a blissful experience! Let’s get begun with the list of fusion Indian desserts!

Butterscotch Sheera

This is a pretty fast recipe. It is easy but delicious. Butterscotch toffee is made & sheera is made and they are placed together. Easy as that. The great thing is, it is very delicious.


Mango Cheese cakes Bhapa Doi

Bhapa Doi already savors the divine. But this occasion makes it silkier, more palatable, and more flavorsome by adding a few mangoes to it. Follow the Holy spice box to make your fusion bhapa doi.

Mango cakes

Gulab Jamun Cheese cakes

Gulaab Jamun is apparently the most beloved treat. Indeed, even selves who are not much of a dessert eater, fancy Gulab Jamun. Cheesecake is a similarly popular western sweet. If you are seeing to make something delicious that people will love, blending the most popular sweets of the East & the West will do the voodoo! Online cake delivery in Hyderabad is available. Also, following the wrong recipe can change the dessert into a terrifying one. So, make it perfect.

Vanilla Flavored Pista Rasmalai Cakes

A delicious cake made with vanilla, & pasta and flavors like ras malai will make your birthday party unforgettable. Visitors will go all gaga about the delicious cake.

Thandai Mousse Cakes

When there is a cake on your plate with a heavy coating of thandai syrup and mixed cream and you can’t get up those crunchy pistachios embellishing on the top, how will you deny it! Worry not, Meal Planner Pro will lead you with your baking.

Choco Gujiya

This isn’t precisely the dessert combination you will be seeing to serve at a party or event. But imagine that laugh on the face of your cherished ones when they get to consume something other than the popular Indian sweets. Go with the chocolate cinnamon gujiyas. They will have milk solids interior & a chocolate spread. You can put in nuts as great. Add some cinnamon sugar for a fabulous flavor.

Apple Jalebi

Apple jalebi is truly what it looks like. Jalebi out of the fruit infusions! Also, it is not your typical jalebi, it is salutary. Thus, for the ones whose health specialists have recommended avoiding jalebis, this one’s for you. An apple jalebi at supper opposes the cholesterol off. Let’s suppose if it’s your 1st marriage anniversary party, then serve this yummy dessert to all the health-conscious visitors along with the 1st-anniversary cake at your party & observe their delicious reaction!

Oats Sesame Ladoo

These power balls are an astounding snack for children. With the crunchiness added by almond pieces, the ladoos are packed with protein, fiber, and iron that make it super salubrious with flakes of fun.

Kiwi Barfi

We have kesar barfi, pista barfi, & kaju barfi! We all enjoy these yummy sweets. So, another taste couldn’t do any harm. All in all, what’s your view about kiwi barfi? There can be two contrasting ways to make kiwi barfi. One way is to separate chunks of kiwi inside an average Kaju barfi. The other way is to get the essence of kiwi & make a barfi out of it. In any case, you just gave the delightful Indian dessert a western touch.

Kaju Katli Chocolate Cakes

A cake that bites like Kaju Katli, isn’t it fascinating? You can never deny a Kaju Katli chocolate cake that dissolves in the mouth.

Mango Phirni

This isn’t too difficult to even think about picking off. You can do this without any recipe. The crucial thing is, you want mango mash, & different ingredients for phirni are there previously. Mango isn’t much of a western fruit but carrying it in our traditional Indian phirni makes it delightful. Who doesn’t cherish phirni? What’s more, who doesn’t love mangoes! We suppose no hands are in the air.

Kesar Badam Cup cakes

cup cakes

This is once again, understandable. Anybody who can make cupcakes will know how to include the flavor of saffron & nuts. Don’t enhance the flavors. Saffron has a very robust smell. Go for the correct amount, just a dash, & you are golden.


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