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June 28, 2022

12 Incredible Facts About London England 

London is an amazing and diverse city that should be on any traveler’s bucket list. If London isn’t your final destination consider popping in on a long layover and take advantage of luggage storage in King’s Cross Station. Let Bounce hold your bags while you get out and explore some of the fun and fabulous things this metropolitan destination has to offer.

  1. There are Over 300 Languages Spoken in London

London is one of the most diverse cities in the entire world and there are more languages spoken per capita than anywhere else! This includes English (of course), Punjabi, Cantonese, Bengali, and many many more.

  1. Big Ben is the Bell Not the Clock

Take a visit to Big Ben– but don’t be the tourist who doesn’t know what that means. People think of Big Ben as the infamous clock tower seen from the Westminster Bridge; however, Big Ben is actually the bell inside the tower. The tower is known as Elizabeth Tower. You may hear Big Ben, but you won’t see him.

  1. There Are Always 6 Ravens in the Tower of London

Visit the Tower of London, built by William the Conqueror back in 1070. Here you’ll see the crown jewels and visit the site of bloody medieval torture and executions. This infamous tower will always be home to six ravens. Originally brought to the tower by Charles II these ravens offer protection to the tower. Superstition alludes that if ever there are not six ravens in the Tower the kingdom and the crown will fall.

  1. The Queen Really Resides in Buckingham Palace

Visit Buckingham Palace and do your best to make the Royal Guards laugh. However, know that although Buckingham Palace has become a tourist attraction it is still the primary residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabth II. By stopping by you’ll be visiting the home of the longest reigning monarch in British history. Have a cup of tea and toast the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

  1. London Is Technically a Forest

While Greater London is the sprawling metropolis we consider to be the city today, the actual city of London is a very small portion with only about 9,000 residents. London is home to so many beautiful parks and greenspaces including: Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, and St James’s Park to name a few. Since there is enough green space per capita this qualifies London as a forest according to UK laws.

  1. Black Cab Drivers Know Their Streets

If you plan to adventure around the city consider taking one of London’s famous black cab cars. These “cabbies” really know their streets! In fact, each London cabbie must take an extensive knowledge test of London’s streets.

  1. Traffic is the Same as it Was 100 Years Ago

The cabbies may be able to get you where you are going quicker than the average driver but London is still best experienced on foot. Due to heavy traffic and small streets the average speed for vehicles driving about the city is a measly 7mph. This isn’t any faster than a horse and buggy would have been able to get you around the city back in the day.

  1. St Paul’s Cathedral Survived 57 Nights of Bombing During WWII

The blitz destroyed hundreds of landmarks throughout the UK; but St Paul’s Cathedral managed to survive. Attend a mass at this working church or simply take in the art and architecture St Pauls has to offer.

  1. London has Over 170 Museums

Get some culture during your visit. London has museums for every palate. See modern art at the Tate or visit the Victoria and Albert Museum for a rich array of costume and dress through the ages. A museum tour is a wonderful way to spend a day in London.

  1. London Eye isn’t London’s First Big Wheel Attraction

London’s first big wheel attraction was built for the Empire of India exhibition back in 1895. The London Eye you’ll ride on your visit was added to the city to celebrate the new Millenium back in 2000 and now is here to stay.

  1. London Has More Indian Restaurants Than Mumbai

After a day full of exploring you’ll want to grab a bite before heading back to King’s Cross to grab your bags and continue on your travels. Although the array of traditional British pubs may catch your eye, consider sampling some world class curry instead.

  1. King’s Cross is Home to the Only Platform 0 in the UK

Finally, before you grab your bags from Bounce’s luggage storage at King’s Cross make sure to snap a picture at platform 0. And of course get your photo at the infamous Platform 9 ¾ made famous by JK Rowling’s epic Harry Potter Series.

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